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ryu: 2015-08-22 08:41:42 am
ryu: 2014-02-18 04:16:18 pm
ryu: 2014-02-18 04:15:44 pm
just got demon's souls. so far i've beaten the first boss and at least checked out all subsequent areas. i'm enjoying the game, although it's not quite what i was expecting. i thought this and dark souls were straight up action games :/

does anyone know if the prisoners in the tower stage can be killed without some kind of penalty? they're really annoying. i'm also wondering if the water veil spell can be used to move through the dragon's breath in the castle stage
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Dood Trigger™
They are more methodical than the usual action game, yeah. Lots of planning and spawns memorization.

You can kill those prisoners with no punishment. The NPCs that you want to avoid killing are usually pretty easy to identify. As a general rule, leave the Nexus NPCs alone.

Water Veil reduces all fire damage, pretty sure the dragon's fire is included. It won't straight up stop all fire damage though. You can stack other fire defense boosts (rings, armor, etc.) for even better results. This works for any kind of stat/property in the game. The HP regen items stack, attack boost items stack, etc.
They are more methodical than the usual action game, yeah. Lots of planning and spawns memorization.

that's certainly true, but i was thinking of how they're actually action rpgs. because of that there's pretty much zero difficulty in my eyes, since it's actually hard to manage losing (soul) progress. :/ that and you can always grind.

thanks for those hints. the prison will certainly be more fun to explore from here on out
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Da Dood: 2014-02-18 05:39:01 pm
Da Dood: 2014-02-18 05:37:36 pm
Dood Trigger™
Grinding alone is not enough because you need gear to be powerful. You'll notice soon that your early weapons deal less and less damage, regardless of your Soul Level. Grinding will give you defense and endurance, but you still need to learn the levels and enemies to do well.

The prison area is really good. Feels like a Silent Hill place.

What areas have you beaten so far? EDIT: Uh, never mind, you said you beat the first boss. The first area of each world is generally manageable, just stay away from Valley of Defilement until you have enough poison resistance (and decent fire/magic weapons).
heh, thanks for the warning. i was actually planning on starting with the valley of defilement...
... wow, i managed to miss the cling ring. maybe now that i got this thing i might be able to make some decent progress. i've been stuck in the same stages for a while now.
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ryu: 2014-02-21 11:52:27 am
beat the 2-1 boss. progress! btw what's the best way to deal with those crystal lizards? i tried shooting one with arrows, but it got back up and ran away before i could finish it off
Dood Trigger™
Haha yeah, the Cling Ring is very useful, that's why they show it to you every time you die and pass by that gate. Another ring that you may want to grab in 1-1 is the Thief's Ring. It delays enemy aggro by a significant amount.

In fact, the Thief's Ring is great if you want to kill the crystal lizards. They won't notice you until you're really close, so just run and land a few hits. Melee stunlock should prevent them from running away.

Good job beating the 2-1 boss. That one took me quite a while the first time through. If you're having trouble dealing damage in general, I recommend visiting 4-1 briefly. There's a weapon there that is fairly OP early on called Crescent Falchion. You'll have to deal with the skeletons to grab it, so if you really want that weapon, I can suggest a couple effective strategies.
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ryu: 2014-02-21 12:25:47 pm
the thief's ring has been with me since my first visit to 1-1. it's indeed pretty nice. that boss took me a while too, although i looked up a strategy on the internet. i probably would have gotten it by myself if i had tried using a ranged weapon on my own though.

my next destination after restocking on health items is 4-1 anyways. with the cling ring i'm fairly confident that that area shoulnd't be too dangerous to explore. besides, i've got my body back too. i've gotten up until the first foggy "gate" of that area before a couple of times, those skeleteons are my favorite enemies so far.

that said, what's up with those foggy areas anyways? they seem to disappear after you walk into them once, and the game doesn't even show any fog to begin with.. :/
Dood Trigger™
The fog gates have something to do with summoning people and invading IIRC. Summoners and summoned players are limited to an area between fog gates, maybe to prevent them from beating the whole level for you.

They're also helpful guides to know where you're supposed to go, 'cause some of these areas can get quite open and confusing.

If you can deal with the skeletons (hint: block with your shield!), 4-1 isn't too bad. Good luck!
just cleared 4-1. expoloring that place is lots of fun
Dood Trigger™
Nice. Yeah, Shrine of Storms as a whole is a great place.

I'm just playing random games until Dark Souls 2 arrives, nothing big planned for the next couple weeks. Right now I'm cruising through Parasite Eve NG+. You destroy everything in this game's NG+ except for that damn final boss...
damn, 3-1 is huge :/
2-2 was a real pain. i couldn't find a way out of the tunnel maze and had to consult the internet to figure out the shortcut to get to the boss
Dood Trigger™
And the boss is even harder than the stage, haha. I had to consult a guide for the shortcut too. Did you beat 3-1 after all?

I finished Parasite Eve in 6 hours. I still haven't touched the Warehouse or the Chrysler Bldg. yet, good incentive for my next revisit. I also want to farm junk for Wayne's uber weapon.

Killed final boss on my first try

Wait, no, I died at the goddamn chase sequence. Who dies there? DUDE

Quote from Poision Envy:

This is the greatest thing.
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ryu: 2014-02-24 05:52:50 am
ryu: 2014-02-24 05:52:37 am
yeah, i beat 3-1 just a little after i had made that post. although i checked a guide to make sure i knew what would await me at the end of the stage, since i really didn't feel like dying after about 2 hours of exploring the place at like 3am.

so far i also beat 2-3 and opened up the shortcut at the end of 5-2. i tried 4-2 for a while, but had way too many problems with the skeletons there. my crescent falchion is too weak to kill them quickly and my strong weapons (claymore +6, meat cleaver) are too slow to deal with them on that narrow ledge. but it was late and i was super tired, so i think i'lljust try 4-2 again later today.
Dood Trigger™
ryu, 4-2 is probably the hardest level in the game. You'll get through it though. Make sure to kill all the grim reapers 'cause they keep spawning the ghosts. There are 3 reapers total.

Also, about the Crescent Falchion, you can upgrade it with Darkmoonstone. Save Graverobber Blige in 4-1 and he should appear in the first tunnel of 4-2. He sells shards there, and chunks are pretty easy to farm from the first reaper. Getting to Crescent Falchion+4 shouldn't take long. Don't bother with +5, some of the Pure stones in this game are BS.

Got 18 minutes in NG1 two more times. I don't know if I can cut that time with my current knowledge of the game, but I'm happy I'm consistent at beating this in under 20 minutes and with no lives lost.

I think I'm gonna start Parasite Eve 2 tonight.
is it really required to kill all the reapers? i noticed how the ghosts from the first reaper room don't follow you outside. i'd find it convenient if it was possible to just rush through those parts.

upgrading the falchion really didn't take long, but i'm not seeing much use in it anymore anyways. i learned the silver skeletons outside can easily be tricked into suiciding off the cliff. the golden ones are too slow to be a threat to my meat cleaver.

i'll try 3-2 next. the boss in 5-2 was refreshingly easy
Dood Trigger™
Oh you have the Meat Cleaver, nice hahaha. I recommend the Dragon Bone Smasher too, it's like MC but more versatile. Takes a while to get though.

Killing the reapers isn't required, and yeah, that first one is easier to just ignore. I prefer killing them all 'cause you get loot anyway.
don't you need pure white world tendency to get the dragon bone smasher? seems to be too much of a hassle to be worth it : /
Dood Trigger™
Yeah. From a fresh file all you gotta do is kill all bosses of one world for PWWT there, but if you died in body form anywhere in world 2 (which is likely the first time through), that's a goner for this playthrough.
cleared 3-2. the boss fight was a little mean. i totally thought i had him when i was slowly tearing down on him with my falchion lol

next is 1-2.
finished 1-2 and 4-2 as well. finally.
Dood Trigger™
You seem to be crushing this. What else is left, only 1-3 and 1-4? Nice!

Yeah, the Maneaters are a notorious roadblock along with Flamelurker and the 1-4 boss. As long as you don't fight them on the bridge (take the fight near the brazier thing in the center), it's no problem. It helps that their AI is completely messed up, hah.

I recommend NG+ if you're still up to playing DeS. It's a huge difficulty spike compared to NG. You can also test some unique weapons like Dragon Bone Smasher and Blueblood Sword. Plenty of great content in this game.
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ryu: 2014-02-25 10:46:09 am
You seem to be crushing this. What else is left, only 1-3 and 1-4? Nice!

well, i've beaten the second stage of every area and the third stage of stonefang. my guess is that the game won't last much longer now.

As long as you don't fight them on the bridge (take the fight near the brazier thing in the center), it's no problem.

yeah, i had to look into a guide to figure that out. the battle area totally looked like it was restricted to that one bridge to me.

I recommend NG+ if you're still up to playing DeS.

i don't really immediately replay games anymore, since i've got a pretty long backlog of games i still want to play. next up will be dark souls which i have just ordered.