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Dood Trigger™
1-3 and 1-4 will be the longer levels, all the other X-3s are just the boss fight.

Dark Souls is even better. :) Have fun!
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ryu: 2014-02-25 11:47:20 am
4-3 was super easy.  i'm going to explore 2-1 now in hopes of finding a chunk of hardstone. somehow the crystal lizards in the pit didn't respawn after i loaded my profile to hit them with WoG
Dood Trigger™
1-3 lizards drop chunks of hardstone too. There's one halfway through the main stairs that always drops either 3 chunks of hardstone or sharpstone, so it's still a gamble, but considering you get 5 shots at it, eventually it'll drop.

Are you familiar with hypermode? Clever Rat's Ring + Morion Blade (unique weapon) and less than 30% health. This will make your attacks 2.5 times stronger. It's pretty ridiculous when you enter the Maneater room and 1-shot both of them. :)
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ryu: 2014-02-25 12:20:40 pm
yeah, though i didn't know you could 1shot bosses with it. coincidentally the chunk of largestone i'm looking for is so taht i can get myself a morion blade.
although i might not get too much use ot of it since i've already put a lot of points into faith in order to wield the sword of moonlight. sucks the best looking melee weapon doesn't profit from the stats usually intended for melee builds....

thanks for the tip regarding the lizards, but i'll run through 2-1 real quick anyways because i feel like i've missed a lot of places there before
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Da Dood: 2014-02-25 12:35:08 pm
Dood Trigger™
Sword of Moonlight is beautiful indeed. I played Dark Souls first so I was kinda disappointed at the lack of variety in armors and some types of weapons in DeS. You'll see that Dark Souls has a ton more options for everything.

Other interesting items you may want to check out before you're done:

Eternal Warrior's Ring (super fast stamina regen)
Second Chance (since you put a lot of points into faith, this is a great miracle. When you die, you revive on the spot with 50% health)
Cursed Weapon (really strong melee buff, can be added to hypermode)
Lava Bow (all arrows become fire arrows)
Talisman of Beasts (allows you to cast both magic and miracles)
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ryu: 2014-02-25 01:06:11 pm
You'll see that Dark Souls has a ton more options for everything.


i'll get second chance, since i don't think i'll be using wrath of god that much anyways. the lava bow... maybe, if i end up getting my compound long bow to +7. i originally intended to just use the white bow, but it doesn't seem worth it investing so many points into dexterity anymore.

btw, how do i get to that ledge here?

it's that thing above the entrance into the mines in 2-1
Dood Trigger™
Enter the building as normal, and immediately turn to an opening on the right. Next to this opening there's a crank that activates a lift. Take the lift up and you'll reach that ledge you mentioned. If you go down, you can find a couple items plus the Primeval Demon if you're on PBWT.
huh, how did i miss that... i'll check it out once i'm done with / out of 1-3
ugh, why the hell does soul thirst coast 200mp...
Dood Trigger™
If you really need to buy something/level up on this playthrough and you can't wait, you may perform the Thomas dupe trick. It's ridiculously easy and harmless. You can dupe any consumable item including even boss souls.

Also, you get like 3x the amount of souls in NG+ and above.
oh yeah, i completely forgot about that glitch. if things go well i won't need to make use of it though (although i probably should have when i still had colorless demon's souls with me..)

i'm close to the boss in 1-4 i believe. the game will probably be over real soon.
so i beat the game and played a little of new game+. it didn't seem all that difficult to me, but i can see that drsatically changing on higher stages. you get more souls in ng+, but that amount doesn't seem to scale too well with the number of souls required per SL from SL80 onwards. it doesn't seem to me like you'd be making as many level ups in NG+ as you do on a fresh file. anyways, since i've checked world tendency events, weapons and armors online there really isn't anything new to me to discover in NG+. should i ever decide to play the game again (which is pretty likely), i'll just start over from scratch.
Dood Trigger™
Congrats! The game in general isn't that much harder in NG+ but some fights are pretty ridiculous, like Flamelurker and Maneaters.
i just explored the starting area of dark souls and discovered the undead burg, the new londo ruins and the catacombs. i should probably avoid the latter of those for now..? my guess is it's either a bonus dungeon or a dungeon i'm supposed to check out later, since the first npc of the game directed me to the other two dungeons...

and what's up with the HUD in this game; the health bars are super ugly, enemy health bars are so small it's hard to correctly guess their remaining HP and the target symbol is pretty obstrusive. this stuff annoys me now because DeS did these things so much better it's almost unfathomable. :D
Dood Trigger™
Heh, Dark Souls does a pretty good job of destroying you when you're not supposed to visit a certain area. In the beginning, it's best to head upward (though it is possible to take all sorts of crazy advanced routes when you're familiar with the game, which is the best part of DkS).

Never had any problems with the HUD, though your complaint does makes sense.

Have fun! Umbasa! :D
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ryu: 2014-02-27 04:32:08 pm

i just beat the underburg and undead parish. things weren't too tough with the sword dropped by the dragon's tail, although i assume that i'd be kicking just as much ass with an upgraded zweihander (which i would be using if i didn't have the dragon's sword). because i happened to learn about an autosave glitch associated with laurec, i ended up knowing about his role in the game early on and already got his ring too. seems like the game will be smooth sailing for a while...

i'm a bit diappointed with the bosses so far, they didn't feel nearly as threatening as most of DeS's bosses felt. :/
Dood Trigger™
Haha, nice. I think you'll like some of the bosses, you're still very early into the game after all. And to be fair, your DeS experience makes a huge difference. I played Dark Souls first and I had way less trouble with DeS in general. By the way, do you have the DLC? It's GREAT.

Drake Sword is a good weapon for the first 1/4 or so, but it's known for its sudden drop in quality as soon as you ring both bells. It doesn't scale with anything and the upgrades don't do much. I'd suggest grabbing something else for the rest of the game (you mentioned the Zwei, it is pretty sweet).
i got the edition that came with the dlc included.

the character build i'm going for is a melee/sorcery hybrid, so i'll eventually be switching to a weapon that can be upgraded with int bonus anways.

just beat the demon beneath the blacksmith in undead parish, that felt more like a proper boss!
Dood Trigger™
Was that Capra Demon?

Do visit the DLC areas before you're done. The best bosses in the game IMO are there.
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ryu: 2014-02-27 06:33:26 pm
ryu: 2014-02-27 06:01:44 pm
ryu: 2014-02-27 06:01:24 pm
nope, some headless thing that was also missing a leg.

just beat the moonlight butterfly and got the elite knight set - which looks awesome!

i checked to make sure i don't miss the dlc before completing the game. not like i'll be getting there anytime soon though.
Dood Trigger™
Oh, the Prowling Demon. One of my favorite weapons in this game is the Gravelord Sword, and the upgrade material for it is the Demon Titanite, dropped by these guys. They made quite an impression my first time through.

You can't miss the DLC unless you beat the final boss.

There is no tendency in this game, so feel free to die in human form and kill the NPCs that you think should be killed. Incidentally, if you aggro any NPC in Dark Souls and regret it, there is a way to buy forgiveness (literally) and reset their AI.
got havel's ring, beat the hydra and cleared lower udnead burg. guess i'll raise my humanity and try farming for some titante/blue shards before ehading to new londo ruins
Dood Trigger™
You now have the two best rings in the game, heh.
Quote from Da Dood:
You now have the two best rings in the game, heh.

and i'm really glad about that. it really irked that it took me until the endgame to get the ring of great streangth in DeS

btw i -LOVE- the character creation/load game music track in dark souls... i wish it would play more often during the game, like maybe at the bonfires...
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ryu: 2014-03-01 05:49:51 pm
ryu: 2014-03-01 05:48:29 pm
.. i just lost like 30k souls from after the gaping dragon fight because i fell off a ledge in blighttown and got 1-shot by a random enemy on the way back there

also i'm cursed, and the resist curse spell i got does fucking nothing