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Dood Trigger™
Just one of those places to talk about what you're playing if there's no reason to create a whole new topic about it, or if you want to write mini-reviews of games you've recently played, or just in case you want to share your endless backlog.

I'm currently playing World of Goo, and I'm absolutely hooked. A puzzle game with wonderful atmosphere is something I honestly never thought I'd see in my life.
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red chamber dream
I'm actually playing World Of Goo right now, too. I'm in the third area, and it's actually getting pretty tough. Last area's going to be a bitch.

I'm also playing Order Of Ecclesia—just beat Albus—and going through Half-Life again, since I now have The Orange Box and need to start HL2.
Dood Trigger™
It gets that tough? I really suck at these games, some puzzles in Chapter 1 gave me trouble already. But I'm loving this game. Right now I'm at the fifth level of Chapter 2, and I got OCD ranks in all but three levels in the game so far. I can't seem to get the hang of the ones where you have to click and drag the Gooballs really fast...
red chamber dream
Expect a lot of puzzles like that in chapter 3. You're not able to take your time as much the further into the game you get, i.e. sometimes you have to build a tall section, then let it fall, then latch it onto whatever it hits.
I was able to breeze through chapter 1; 2 had a few tough stages, and in 3 I'm spending quite a deal of time on each stage. Definitely worth the effort.

Haven't bothered with the OCDs, btw. No real reward for the frustration that would be involved.
At the moment I'm playing Nuts & Bolts again, trying to get through all of the challenges and collect the trophies and jiggies I missed when I first rented it back in November. (I got it for Christmas) I'd beaten Grunty at that point but only had about 80 or so at the time, and I'm now up above 100.
Mister ...
Cave Story.  Friend recently gave me the files since I felt like playing something other than TF2 all day.  Trying to work my way through Hell now.  Must say the challenge is a nice change from most games today, though I wish there was a save point at least half-way through.  >_>

Can't wait for the WiiWare version that's coming soon. 
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arkarian: 2009-01-11 12:12:09 am
red chamber dream
I've heard it's a good game, and I'll probably check out the WiiWare version. Really couldn't stand the controls on PC.

Just finished an impromptu round of Heroes III—a single-player, small map scenario—and I was amazed yet again at how that never gets old. Truly one of the very best games ever created.

EDIT: Wow. Just reached chapter 4 of World Of Goo, and just... wow. Completely changes the game, and it rules.
How high are everyone's Goo Corporation towers? I've got 15.4 m with 136 balls.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Currently playing RE4 Wii Edition. Soon to be playing World of Goo and whatever else I end up getting with my 6400 points.

Also intending to start up a new Metroid Prime file, for the hell of it.
red chamber dream
Get Supers, or nate will give you flak.
Playing Chrono Trigger because my friend was bitching that I've never played it before (using emulation through SnesGX on Wii). At Zombor (I think that is it).

All I can say is OMFG I wish I had more than one f#$%ing save state with SnesGX.....
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Supers? If you mean Super Metroid, that was, like, my first VC purchase.
red chamber dream
Super Missiles.
Devonodev: Other D
the other day i got diddy kong racing ds, and its good but short.
and its alot easier than the 64 version.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Oh, I'm not sequence breaking, silly.
red chamber dream
Dunno if it's even possible for me to not sequence break anymore. You might do it without realizing it. :P
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Well, as a general rule, I get more items as opposed to less. So even if I accidently do something, nate can sleep soundly.

Okay, enough derailing. Continue informing us what you're playing!
in the name of justice!
I was just thinking this very afternoon that this forum could use a thread like this.  I would've felt silly starting it since I post so infrequently, though!

I'm playing Eternal Poison, an extremely mediocre Strategy RPG.  It's ugly despite some excellent art (I mostly bought it for the bonus artbook, which makes me think I am now a permanently damaged Atlus fan), the battles are fast but otherwise unremarkable, and the plot may be interesting but is so far too confusing and vague for me to tell.

The only thing that I can say is good without reservation is the soundtrack, which is perfect for the sinister, gothic atmosphere in the game.  The mix of orchestral music with sparing uses of rock guitar (and feedback!), electronic instruments, deep chanting and eerie soprano is surprisingly coherent and really awesome.

I've also been playing Street Fighter...HD Remix.  I like having a good variety of opponents to call up anytime for a fighting game for once.  Plus, the SF characters and mechanics are always good, even if I do wish this game was Darkstalkers instead (Vampire Savior being, easily, my favorite fighter, for the hilarious movie monster roster).  I'm buying IV, and expect it to be great in its own right, but I'm mostly hoping that if it does well, Capcom will start working on its other fighting series again.
Majora's Mask, gotta play it at least once every 6 months
defrag in progress
Deus Ex.
Since I heard rumors about a third part being in development, I had to intall and play this classic once more!

And Chrono Trigger before. But I ran into the final boss battle way too early (my chars are simply too weak) and do not have a proper save left...so I did not finish it up to now
Shifty Leader
That M2k2 guy
SSBB. I gotta practice for a tournament. Haven't had much chance lately, though. My friends have lives and all.
Quote from Opium:
Majora's Mask, gotta play it at least once every 6 months

Majora's Mask and Super Mario RPG are the only games make sure to play again at least once a year.
Metal Gear Solid 4. It's my first MGS and I'm looking forward to playing the others. I think I'll get Twin Snakes on GC soon.

WipEout HD. I love the PSP Wipeouts, and to see them like this is breathtaking. Also, great online mode (unlike MGS4).
Dood Trigger™
Chapter 2 in World of Goo is almost entirely OCD'd, with the exception of the final level, which I haven't tried yet.

The celebrity level with all the flashing was beautiful. I'm so in love with the atmosphere in this game, you have no idea.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I'm currently playing:

FFVII.  I'm just polishing off a long-running save game with all extras.
Zelda: Parallel Worlds, a great hack, although the difficulty seems a tad excessive to start with, and seems to come in peaks and troughs afterward.
Super Metroid: Attempting another speed run. I'm trying to reach the bubble room save station with under 0:09 on the clock.  I keep hitting 0:09, with the occasional 0:10, but I really want the 0:08. Evil or Very Mad
Hated by all
MechWarrior 2. Half of the missions are tough (the second-to-last mission on the Falcon side, ugh. Freaking tough 85-ton Mechs and a whole convoy to trash). I need to get Ghost Bear's Legacy and Mercenaries (the expansions).

Portal. I'm suffering excessive lag playing this. At Testchamber 16 (the one with all the machine guns).