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Insanity is normal
Wtf is behind it???
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An empty room above the Data Room. It's broken open by Nightmare's rampage.
the door is fake anyway. it wouldn't work if you had level 4 doors unlocked.
Insanity is normal
I tried that BioSpark :( wish there was a way to find out for sure
Tried what? What do you mean by "find out for sure"?
there's literally nothing. there's no door data, and no undamaged version of that room exists in the game. that's as sure as it gets.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
so if you were to use a walk through walls code, the next room would be post destruction, right?
except there's no door transition there, so you wouldn't enter any room. it only exists in the second version of that room.
Now I'm curious, are there any other points in the game that have "fake doors" like this?
the doors at the top of the vertical shaft before zazabi, red door before downloading missiles, locked doors while fighting sa-x, locked doors while escaping the restricted sector.
I feel like I'm talking to the Cortana of Metroid knowledge. Thanks, Bio.
red chamber dream
that's because you are. well, for fusion at least, biospark is your man
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To be honest, I'm a little bit starstruck.