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red chamber dream
oh i'm sure that's the case
would I be better off PM-ing nate?
red chamber dream
i already told you what you should do
ok, made the post.. i noticed that the support forum seems kinda under-utilized.. wondering if it's still checked
red chamber dream
i would bet yes
Club 27 Goals
so yeah taiga forum has kinda become unusable on my phone after the most recent chrome updates. It only seems to load every two seconds, and not just visually. For example I can type like three words on my keyboard and it will send the keys all it once in short pulses. This is hard to explain without recording it, but everything is very delayed and kinda catches up to itself every second or two. Attempting to scroll around the forum pages is headache inducing since scrolling around and zooming in or out is also affected by this.

I'll assume this won't be fixed since I'm probably the only one that will ever experience this problem since my android os and chrome combo is probably very rare on bere.

I'll try with the shorty built in browser for the android and report back
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As expected, the built in Web browser android app works perfectly with taiga. Very odd.
I've had a similar problem on my nexus 5 actually which is basically stock
red chamber dream
sounds like a bug in android chrome, you should report it to google
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I don't even know how that process would begin, I know there's a bug report function for the desktop chrome, but not sure how to do that on the mobile app. I can't imagine leaving a comment on the app page would help.

I mean it's no biggie just using the built-in one, it's just very odd that I haven't had this problem with any page except taiga, and yet it's definitely something with the chrome app since it's fine everywhere else.
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arkarian: 2015-05-02 04:07:12 am
red chamber dream
it's probably some old feature that tf uses that google broke in the latest android chrome - things like that happen. tf uses standards though, so all browsers should support it fully if they're good browsers. i'm sure there's a way to submit bug reports to google though.

at any rate, i've said this numerous times before but posting here isn't going to help anything. no one who works on taiga forum visits this forum anymore.
I've been having an issue for the past few days where the posts aren't updating automatically.  It looks like nobody has posted in a while, then when I try to post it times out and chrome tells me the site is unavailable.  Then when I get back in a few minutes later, I see tons of new posts that should have been visible before.  Is the problem on my end?  Haven't noticed any issues outside of taiga.
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Aruki: 2016-03-20 07:13:03 pm
I know Taiga isn't under active development, but I'm having problems recently for the last month or two where the forum runs stupidly slow and doesn't react to my input for a few seconds (mousing over links, typing into posts, etc). It makes the forum nearly unusable for me. This doesn't happen on any other site (not even other Taiga forums like SDA). Is there a solution or do I just need to deal with the forum being absolutely horrible to use from now on?

[edit: also, I'm using Chrome on Windows 7]
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I had that problem on my phone, switching to any other internet browser fixed it and after a few months it seemed to have fixed itself. I too was experiencing this problem with Google Chrome.

I'm using Chrome now and it's been fine since, have you tried other browsers? Or something like incognito mode or disable your extensions/addons?
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Aruki: 2016-03-20 08:19:36 pm
Aruki: 2016-03-20 08:15:58 pm
hmm. It actually is working much better in incognito mode.

edit: so I tried manually disabling all of my extensions and the forum started working better, then turned them back on and it's still working. so not sure what the problem was, but hopefully it will be fine from now on?

edit 2: ok so for some reason it seems like the Honey extension for Chrome is the one causing the problem. All it does is look up/apply coupon codes when shopping online so I have no idea why it would be affecting the forum, but turning it off seems to have eliminated the problem.
Technology can be amazing at times: doesn't work for a while, restart some stuff and it works.
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Oath: 2016-04-06 04:48:25 pm
I am having issues using the IRC server on Drewseph's Metroid Redesign site[url]drewseph.zophar.net[/url].
I wanted to hop to share a SNES9x build that launches Metroid Redesign in 1 click. Installer has BG music and a BG Wallpaper too.
PM me what url to use if IRC is working, thanks!

Link to installer
hey nate get to it!!!
red chamber dream
Club 27 Goals
yo hey

can I have my other accounts unbanned? I really wanna see if I have some PM's on there

red chamber dream