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Use \ before commas in usernames
red chamber dream
I figured I'd make a topic wherein people can post any problems they're having with the site, such as the recent issue with special characters. From now on, just post that stuff here so nate has just one thread to check for those kinds of things.
Thread title: 
in the name of justice!
thanks ark

[rest of the post was moved from sig image/avatar topic]



I know the first one isn't right (my sig), and I'm not sure on the second.  Of course, given these things, this post will look perfectly right to everyone else.  I wish I knew how to take screenshots in linux >_<

edit: gahahahahahaha fuck you phpbb.  copy-pasted from usb's post...and it ruins the damn thing.
try posting now.
in the name of justice!
I'm not sure I understand, but...ummm...hmm.  Is this what you wanted, or do I need to do something specific?
try posting with special characters.
in the name of justice!
Harle joined zie partié!

Wow, whatever you did was magical.  Going to go fix my sig now.
we're now running pure iso latin-1 server default as well as implicit header. so you may need to redo sigs etc.
Much better!  Accented letters are displaying properly now.
Quote from spineshark:
I wish I knew how to take screenshots in linux >_<

if you're using GNOME, just install gnome-screenshot and hit printscreen.

on debian derivatives,

# aptitude install gnome-utilities

as root.

no idea about kde.
I'll be back. Maybe...
characters test:

basic latin: abcdefgh
european: אבגדהוח�סרכט‎
latin extended: &#272;&#300;&#310;&#294;&#337;&#284;&#350;
very special:&#691;&#822;&#775;&#738;&#794;&#726;&#790;&#734;&#816;&#709;&#719;&#812;&#745;&#808;&#777;
greek, greek extended: &#913;&#969;&#979;&#943;&#990;&#992;
cyrillic: &#1040;&#1079;&#1086;&#1103;&#1085;
japanese: &#12450;&#12478;&#12516;&#12531;

edit: that's not very good...

Quote from spineshark:
Harle joined zie partiי!

go go chrono cross!
i think it's actually escaping that's broken. nothing to do with the encoding -- it's just escaping escape sequences.
well if posting in HTML is disabled, HTML entities shouldn't work, so I wouldn't even say they were broken.

really there ought to be a bbcode tag for unicode characters, but I guess that rather obvious idea didn't occur to phpbb's developers.
ohh good point about disabling html. i remember now that that came about when they screwed up something ... i don't even remember where it was in the source now, but it broke complex (e.g. quote=) bbcode processing when html was enabled. then they left it like that for months before an official update was released to fix it. very microsofty, you know, "the fix is to disable html!"


unfortunately it looks like escape sequences are broken even if disable html is turned off. guess it's something for you to check out if you're bored, but i wouldn't put it ahead of any of the sda stuff. i mean we are going to totally leave this codebase this summer, so who cares atm imho.
Is it even possible to combine latin and japanese characters in a pure latin-1 database?
it is if you escape them to unicode (looks like the weird crap in my above post). however phpbb is failing to display it properly.
It works, lolz:

if you look at your code, you'll see that:

the &amp; is your death...

PS: Don't forget to turn on the HTML mode!


another test:

basic latin: abcdefgh
european: אבגדהוח�סרכט‎
latin extended: ĐĬĶĦőĜŞ
very special:ʳ̶̇ˢ̚˖̖˞̰˅ˏ̬˩̨̉
greek, greek extended: ΑωϓίϞϠ
cyrillic: Азоян
japanese: アゾヤン
wild, why didn't it work when i tried it?


safari is still retarded, lol.
Metroid Exp: Exploration - Great, Skills - Decent
Ok, I posted in the thread about the new 25 minute Super Metroid run that was posted. I went back and edited my post with some more words and some emotes, and the board made a second post out of it, making it look like I double posted.
red chamber dream
That just happens sometimes: phpBB is retarded. Just delete the second post and try editing again or PM a mod to delete (be sure to include a link to your post) your first, unedited post-- I'd be happy to do it.
Quote from nate:
wild, why didn't it work when i tried it?


safari is still retarded, lol.

because I have the magic Wink
Cook of the Sea


probably only works in firefox.


Cook of the Sea
The date format string is one byte too short to be actually useful:

'D M j H:i:s T ' -> 'D M j H:i:s T Y'

Can you please fix it? According to my (fortunately limited) knowledge of phpBB, 'user_dateformat' is defined as a 'varchar(14)'; this can easily be modified to 'varchar(15)', which would solve the above problem :)

BTW, the input field on the 'Profile' page isn't limited to the size of the variable, luring you into a false sense of security :^) Can you please fix this as well?

Thanks :)
ok changed to 31. not going to bother with the html because we're dumping this forum in a few months anyway.