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I like turtles.
I don't think I actually ever posted the finished product on this forum.  If I did, it's not showing up with a search.

Anyway.  My final project for college was a game, meant as a vehicle to deliver some fun chiptunes (this paired with a thesis paper on how game soundtracks have changed to be more ambient/"atmospheric" recently).  Figured I might want to post that here, see if anyone cares to check it out, especially since Metroid inspired about 40%-50% of the project.  I'm personally proud of how it turned out, given a development time of under three months.

You can download the game here.

Use arrow keys to move the menu cursor and Z to make a selection (other controls explained in-game).
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will have a look at this when I get the chance, although I rarely use windows these days.

what did you use to develop it?
I like turtles.
Game Maker 8.  FL Studio for the music/sounds.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
I'm not a fan of the insta-kill spikes.

Otherwise it seems pretty cool so far. I got a little ways into the water pipe area. I really like the mechanic of shooting to double jump. I'll try to make it further when I have more time.
I like turtles.
The spikes' one-hitting the player were more a stubborn insistence on paying homage to Mega Man than a good design choice.  Making it all over again I would probably get rid of them, except maybe in specific instances.  Though you can find an item that cuts spike damage from 100% of your health to 50%.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
I will find this item or die trying.
I like turtles.
Or both!

You're going to need the weapon you get from the boss of the construction zone-esque area entered from near the top of the beginning hub.