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Ok, fun I finally got a version of SMILE to work! But I was wondering if there were any patches for it to be able to add to the graphics, the reason I ask is because when I go into the tile section I see a lot and I mean A LOT of tiles the are Xed I know those should be something there but, I cant seem to find any patches or anything for it...  So any help here would be appreciated...
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Those Xs are there for a reason, as they contain game data, so don't go over them unless you either know what you're doing, or have applied a repointing patch.  You can find tonnes of patches, including ones that will do what you want, on MetConst.
OK so then I'm going through and doing what I can to actually create kinda a whole new hack with new levels and stuff through the SMILE, but the question I have is when I am trying to put Items like missles, Varia suit, ETC. I can't put any on a room that doesn't have anything in it, So is that a PLM +/- thing?
What'd you say?
Do NOT use the PLM +/- function. I've ruined quite a few beginning project doing that as it overwrites needed data.
ok, well, that is good to know.  So then let's say in the very beginning where the ship lands, I know how to place a chozo statue, but yet I can't put an item in the chozo's hand. like missles or anything right off the bat.  How do you do that, what is it that I need to do to make an item there?
What'd you say?
Right click a PLM in the room and change its properties to the item you need.
Ok and what if a room like the ship landing area in crateria has no PLM?
What'd you say?
The landing site does have PLMs. It has a yellow and green door, as well as, what, 6 scroll PLMs?
2 doors and 4 scroll PLMs.  So how do you add things like water or lava to it?
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It sounds like you're very new to SMILE, so I'd recommend three things:
1. Read Person701's beginner's guide to SMILE
2. Read the Moonedit FAQ
3. Check the Common Q&A

And see how you get on. aiwebs_004
OK, not a problem.  Thanks Quietus, you've been really helpful.  Yes, I am new to the SMILE fun, Hopefully though I can make the most of it and finally be able to create a challenging game, atleast more challenging than the original...
What'd you say?
Quote from Megatronus01:
I can make the most of it and finally be able to create a challenging game, atleast more challenging than the original...

Pro-tip: Avoid overusing spikes!!!
Oh yeah... Metroid Insanity was it?  I saw the youtube video...  Gotta say not too enthused with spike over use...  But hopefully I learn all the fun of redesigning stuff and have a better time of it.
OK, so... yeah so I'm figuring that since the game says Metroid why not use a few main enemies, Mocktroids, Metroids and Pirates, I think it'll add some fiber and make it extreme, btw quick question the "off-color" Metroid, DAFF, what is the deal with that one?
Say quick question, If I applied the patch for all the mocktroids in the game to turn into Baby Metroids, is there a way to actually give them HP, make them freeze and stuff? just wondering cause I've read how to edit the basic DNA of the enemy, but when I apply it and save the text file nothing actually affects the enemy though I gave it properties...
I need help BIG TIME! Every time I press E or ENTER to test a room in my hack I get this error message ---> Run-time error '5': invalid procedure call or argument
And then SMILE closes! How do I fix this?
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Might be as simple and making the sure all the run settings are valid
What do you mean, the SRM folder? or the Emulator? because ive got both of those set up.
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He means checking that you have the emulator selected under Run Settings within SMILE.
yea I have it set up but still gat problems
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I can't get SMILE to work at all with my hack because I have a PAL version. I'm sure you guys probably hear this more than once from n00bs, but i'm not really a noob. i'm not trying to ask were to get the right data for the non pal version but I'd like to be able to work on my hack again like the old days. I have windows 8 maybe that could be the problem, but idk I can't seem to get SMILE to work at all anymore. (i'm zzanitari from samus.co.uk who made(super) Metroid Phantom) I have a couple hacks hanging(I found 0.2 demo patch I downloaded from testers who revived it) around on my other computer but the program (s.m.i.l.e.)has been deleted and I Can't edit anymore.
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SMILE does not work with the (E) ROM.  You'll need to use the (JU) one.
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Hey, does anybody still have SMILE 2.00 (or a Mac-compatible SMILE)?  I could really use it...  :P
does anyone know how to resprite enemies bosses and items?
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I seem to recall that bosses can be edited directly from the ROM. There's a tonne of information here that you could sift through.