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Quote from P.JMan:
You have escaped the boundaries of the room, but no more room data is loaded, so it's really not a secret world.  Even calling it a limbo room is fairly inaccurate, you're still in the same room, the camera just hasn't followed you, and you're interacting with blocks that weren't loaded in the room transition; if you have a Pro Action Replay or Game Genie you could use a cheat to force the camera to follow you, but the screen would just be garbage.  Think of it this way, you shouldn't actually be able to see Samus, that fact that you can is a lucky quirk in the sprite handling.

One can say for sure there are no secret worlds in Super Metroid, because it's just how the game engine is designed.  If you escape the boundaries of a room, you're still in that room, you just can't see anything.  The only way to get from one room to another is through a door, and a door doesn't work the way you expect.  Doors don't simply allow you to travel to the next room on the map, the way a door is programmed, it could take you to any other room in the game; the room the door takes you to is specified by room ID rather than the next map-coordinate; if the designers felt like it, they could make a door that would take you from one end of the map to other.  Since you can only be taken to a pre-determined room, there's no way to be placed into a room that's not on the map, perhaps in a place the camera can't reach, but in a room none-the-less

this is basically correct.  for instance, you can exit the boundaries of a room through the x-ray climbing glitch (actually discovered by me on accident about 10 years ago, while a really great player named Kejardon was showing me a bunch of crazy glitches on ZSNES).  my understanding is that if you enter another existing room (press start to see where you're at), you will realize that this room is identical to the adjacent room, the camera simply hasn't moved.  however, if you enter an area that does correspond to an existing room on the map, you will be in a sea of essentially random data.  here, you can encounter obscure room transitions or tile information that aren't modeled after any created room. 

anyway, you won't be transitioned to a "random room" from a random room, since the room transitions work as explained by PJ.  moreover, TheWhiteBowser, your attitude is basically unbearable.  if you really want to know how this game works, here is an explanation of the ROM data by Kejardon:  http://jathys.zophar.net/supermetroid/kejardon/

p.s. Nico, if you see this, I will always love you
coming back after 6 years? i think that might be a record
Quote from BioSpark:
coming back after 6 years? i think that might be a record

had to get my master's degree in physics.  besides, nostalgia screws with me. 

(brb, marriage and makin a family-- see you guys in 2020)
So I start metroid for the tenth time and yes hardcore gamer😉 and I recently saw your discovery on your famous limbos rooms and my little finger tell me white map on castlevania saturn so come back on zebes see if the legend is true .
I just need you to put the video on youtube so I do not go blind.
thanks again
Lol please u can help me
that ai has a long way to go