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Just got my account today and I wanted to share this gamebreaking discovery with the entire Metroid fan club! I have made the first video that advertises the secret worlds of Super Metroid. Whether people knew these already existed or not I still looked all over youtube to see if anyone made a video of this and this is the only video that shows all 6 secret worlds in Super Metroid. I have only discovered 6 and I think I discovered a 7th secret world in this video. This video is incredibly long and the glitching is done on the SNES version of Super Metroid. I am not sure how the glitching differs on the virtual console or PC version of super Metroid compared to SNES version. I call these secret worlds limbo rooms. I really hope you enjoy my video and though it is very long I know that I might be the first one to ever discover this. If I am not then please correct me. I hope you guys respond to this thread and welcome me to the community. Now here is the video.
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I like Big Butts and I can not lie
There are much more interesting things you can do with the space-time beam than glitch some of the graphics
Um... Did you watch the entire video? There is much more than just graphical glitching with the VAR beam in the video. Did you even look at the title of this thread? These are secret worlds of super Metroid not graphical glitches of super metroid. The day someone proves to me that the glitches in this video are all graphic based and not something much more juicy and secret and awesome based is the day I sell my Super Metroid SNES cartidge on ebay.

Besides I have used the VAR beam all around Zebes on my SNES. The only time it doesn't freeze the game is when I target its hitbox on an enemy or I do the reset glitch in that one room in the crateria.

The effects of the VAR beam on the SNES differ in so many ways when compared to the virtual console on the Wii or PC version which is why I am now playing rhough super Metroid on the Wii so when I beat the game I can test out the reset glitch then beat the game again and then test out the VAR beam to do some more glitching and find moar secret worlds!

Do not doubt my discovery. At least I hope people don't doubt it. Can't I raise my ego just a little bit? Please?
BTW the VAR beam glitch with Mother Brain and other big bosses to do endless damage and lock the bosses in doesn't work on my SNES for some weird reason. If that is what you are talking about. I have tried many other things with the VAR beam on my Super Metroid cartridge before these secret worlds I discovered and they either did nothing or froze my game. So yeah...
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kirbymastah: 2012-12-05 12:42:47 am
I honestly can't bear to watch more than 5 minutes of that, and from what i've seen, 80% of it is just you essentially lp-ing it. And you expect us to watch over 50 minutes?

Quote from TheWhiteBowser:
Do not doubt my discovery. At least I hope people don't doubt it. Can't I raise my ego just a little bit? Please?

And it's hard to take someone seriously after that person says this
What you just said doesn't make any sense. If you only watched 5 minutes of the video then how can you judge 80% of it? Plus I only said that above quote as a humorous joke. It is nice to have a little kidding around along with a little seriousness I know a lot of people fail to realize that. But anyways I guess if I were to speed things up for your impatient attitude you could skip to 16:30 in the video that is where I show off the first secret world or limbo room.
What'd you say?
Hate to break it to you man, but these are pretty much just graphical glitches. If you want to explore secret worlds, you're gonna have to get out of the map. You can do this by glitching into a door and x-ray climbing out of the room. I'm pretty sure Saturn used this in one of his TAS's. Cpadolf also does it in his current low % run.

If you found this on your own though, good job! Please keep up the investigation of this game too, there could still be things we have yet to discover. After all, the GT code was only recently found.
Even if my video really is just 52 minutes of serious graphical glitches I will always find that hard to believe. Whether its because of an ego, a wanting to feel like I am the first one who made a credible video about this, or something else I can say one thing definitively. For some strange reason my SNES Super Metroid game is so much more volatile with the VAR Beam than all the other extra versions of Super Metroid. Believe me though before I discovered these secret worlds / limbo rooms / graphical game seizures I experimented with all other VAR beam glitches I could find and they did one of three things, they either reset the game data, did nothing, or froze the game. I know the definition of a secret world is getting somewhere that is not located on the map and if that really is the truth then perhaps the only secret world I did discover is the one at 36:00-40:00. That limbo room right there is the only limbo room that has absolutely no location on the map therefore I believe it is safe to say it is a secret world. Regardless of what people might believe about the video I will trust the facts and if the facts really are these are graphical glitches then I will find it hard to believe that a limbo room is a graphical glitch. Maybe what your trying to suggest is that the "limbo rooms" are different from secret worlds. I still will always consider them much more than graphical glitches though and I hope people can respect that and watch at least half of the video before they make a judgement on it. Thank you! And I appreciate you telling me good job I worked hard to make this video.
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Opium: 2012-12-05 09:46:38 am
To be fair, I guess I would be really excited too if I had found that on my own and didn't know that it wasn't news. 
What'd you say?
What you did is you fell out of the map. That's what Cpadolf and Saturn do in their TAS's. You've just found a different method of doing it. The "limbo room" you've found is just an area in between rooms, or other solid areas in the ROM. Sometimes the areas that you can find have doors that you can get sucked in to, this is because due to some room placements, there are doors right next to your "limbo rooms". Like I said, good job finding this on your own, and don't get discouraged. If you find more, please feel free to let us know.

If you have a long video like this and you wish to display certain segments, may I suggest either trimming the video down, or providing time stamps of important segments? That way you'll get more people to view what you deem important.
Time stamps for the video.
16:40 1st Limbo room
24:10 2nd Limbo room
30:00 Crocomire Glitch Room
36:00-41:00 King of the Limbo Rooms I would call this one the closest thing I got to a secret world
46:15 3rd Limbo Room
49:15 ??? Room I don't know what to call this. For now it will be called a Limbo room but the obscure thing is that the screen layout or background image that you run around in the limbo room I don't recall being used as a screen layout anywhere in Maridia. I suppose that is a interesting discovery to investigate from this. But yeah I don't recall that screen image at 19:20 being used anywhere in Maridia except in that Limbo room I was running around in.

For now I guess we can offer a clear definition of what I discovered because from what has been presented these are not secret worlds. So these new things I discovered will be called limbo rooms if everyone can agree on that.
Limbo rooms are graphical glitches in Super Metroid they are rooms you can enter by performing a glitch to exit a room without going through a door causing you to fall through the map and be isolated in a room that is a few screens big and has no exit and is labeled as being in an obscure location on the map. Limbo rooms can only be accessed when you fall through the map and the game fixes the layout of the area where you fell through the map by letting you see graphical glitches you are running around in.

I guess this means that my limbo rooms are places where I fell through the map and the game displayed certain backgrounds to fix the layout of the fallen through the map area. So I guess they perhaps are not secret worlds. Nonetheless they are cool, as is Bowser with an arm cannon that is cool too.

I like Big Butts and I can not lie
You have escaped the boundaries of the room, but no more room data is loaded, so it's really not a secret world.  Even calling it a limbo room is fairly inaccurate, you're still in the same room, the camera just hasn't followed you, and you're interacting with blocks that weren't loaded in the room transition; if you have a Pro Action Replay or Game Genie you could use a cheat to force the camera to follow you, but the screen would just be garbage.  Think of it this way, you shouldn't actually be able to see Samus, that fact that you can is a lucky quirk in the sprite handling.

One can say for sure there are no secret worlds in Super Metroid, because it's just how the game engine is designed.  If you escape the boundaries of a room, you're still in that room, you just can't see anything.  The only way to get from one room to another is through a door, and a door doesn't work the way you expect.  Doors don't simply allow you to travel to the next room on the map, the way a door is programmed, it could take you to any other room in the game; the room the door takes you to is specified by room ID rather than the next map-coordinate; if the designers felt like it, they could make a door that would take you from one end of the map to other.  Since you can only be taken to a pre-determined room, there's no way to be placed into a room that's not on the map, perhaps in a place the camera can't reach, but in a room none-the-less
I like Big Butts and I can not lie
This video has the cheat the forces the camera to follow you enabled, perhaps it will help explain some things
Since you seem to be quite the expert in the Super Metroid game engine then what would you call them?
Second of all listen to what you said. "Escaped the boundaries of the room but no more room data is loaded" isn't that what you do in Metroid Prime and they are clearly labeled secret worlds. In fact you are still labeled on the world map when you are in a secret world in Metroid Prime. Whatever you want to call these rooms that I enter they clearly work as same as the secret worlds in Metroid Prime, because when you enter a secret world in Metroid Prime you literally see nothing but background coloring as you walk around in the abyss. A Secret world in Metroid Prime is escaping from the boundaries of a room and no room data is loaded. These "rooms" I found in Super Metroid are done by escaping from the boundaries of a room and the background screen image of a previous room is loaded for me to move around in. Sure the game code is different for Super Metroid and Metroid Prime but it is fairly the same principle. in both games you fall through the map when you do the glitch. In my video I use the VAR beam in Metroid Prime you jump out of the room boundaries. In both games you end up in a place that is not clearly labeled on the map and you can move around in that place. And in both games there is no exit from the room and you enter the room withour exiting through the door. In fact in the Metroid Prime secret worlds when you do glitch out of a room you don't see much the only you do see is the outline of the ONE room you glitched out of so then you are still in that room. That is what I am getting.
Thirdly I am clearly not in the same room. In some of the limbo rooms I advertise in the video the map labels me in rooms that I did not fire the VAR beam in from the start. And the limbo room that I advertise at 38:00 has NO location on the map or anywhere as well. And if the camera did not follow me then why can I see my sprite. Besides there is no such thing as lucky quirk handling in video games I know because I go to college to make video games. The samus sprite showed up because the game says I am stuck inside a wall because I fell through the map with the VAR beam and the game has to display that I am moving around while I have fallen through the map so the Samus sprite shows up. It would be like in Metroid Prime when you escape the boundaries of a room you are still walking around but the map says you are stuck deep inside the abyss. In Super Metroid I escaped the room with the VAR so I'm stuck deep inside a wall but the game has to show my sprite moving around because I am still in an area that is viable but it is under the map and cannot be labeled accurately.
Fourthly if you are really an expert then tell me if you recognize that screen background at 49:20 in the video. Yeah that screen background has never been used anywhere in Maridia so that is definitely something to look into. You failure to mention that says that you are just spitting out claims without watching the video. I clearly say in one of my previous comments that before people judge this thread they should watch the video.
Finally you still aren't making any sense the rooms I discovered are vastly different from the rooms I fired the VAR beam in. The VAR beam made me fall through the map and if the limbo room I was clearly moving around in HAD NO LOCATION ON THE MAP! Seriously just explain that because there is a way to be in a room that is not labeled on the map I proved it in the video at 38:00-41:00. You still didn't watch the entire video did you? That fact that you keep on repeating yourself and not explaining what happened at the certain segments of the video I present with the time stamps is unprofessional.
Why don't you present a clear definition and name for what I found in the video. From what I can tell in the video you showed me it is a cheat, it is a hack, therefore it is not the same as doing what I did in my video, because I did not use a cheating device I used the VAR beam to do the glitch. A cheating device uses code that gives you results based on hexidecimal values, the VAR beam gives you results based on gamecode values. They are two very different things. Hexidecimal values are randomly determined code imported into the game code to give you certain effects the fact that some hexidecimal values give you the desired cheating and hacking effects is only because it adapts to the predetermined game code or is created to do so. Game codes are already in the ROM and are predetermined code with a cause and effect they are different that way.
Based on your responses to the thread you still have not watched the entire video or even 10 minutes of it and until you do what you say is not credible.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I think you're misunderstanding some of what P.J. said.  I'll try to clarify some stuff.

Each room in super metroid is made up of scroll areas.  Each scroll area is made up of 16x16 tiles.  Rooms are any multiple of this.  For example, lets use the size of the room in your video at 13:50.  This room is three scroll areas long, and two high.  That's 48 tiles long and 32 tiles high.  A door (which is actually the four tiles making up the metal tube, not the bubble that you shoot to open) is four tiles high.  Now, unless you actually hit one of those door 'tiles', you cannot transition to another room - that's just how the game works.  So, in short, if you manage to glitch into or through a wall, such as the way you did it, or with X-ray abuse, all that happens is that the same room loops round and round and round.  This is what P.J. means by 'in the same room'.  As to why your cursor does not blink, your guess is as good as mine.  At best, you can say that you caused a bug, which caused your game to not display the blinking cursor, but your categorically ARE within the same room.

Next, to clarify about the Super / Prime difference.  I'll start with Prime.  Each room in Prime is like an empty box.  The developers when they built the rooms had a huge empty box, and in this box they put solid blocks to make walls, doors, platforms, and rooms.  When you manage to get outside these blocks and rooms, you are said to be within a secret world.  Now, even though you are outside od the room, you are still in that same, original empty box that the developers started with.  The secret world is this emptiness.  I hope that makes sense. aiwebs_004

Now, the rooms in Super are not like that.  They are a set size, as I detailed above, all a multiple of 16x16 tiles.  There is nowhere outside of these rooms.  The game cannot just create space for you to be in.  If you open the Super Metroid ROM in an editor, and remove the floor, when you enter the room, you will fall in exactly the same way as you do in your videos.  You just loop round a few times, and then land.  You can just space jump back up, hit the normal door tiles, and transition to another room as normal.

Lastly, what P.J. means by the camera not following you is not that you cannot see yourself, but that the camera itself has stopped moving - it no longer follows where you move.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Lastly, P.J.'s video is not a cheat.  It's just another way of getting through walls / ceilings.  You get Samus stuck within a gate or door, then use the x-ray climb to travel upward.  The long distance travelled is known as Out of Room travel.  Note, however, that a door transition is still required to move to the next room, even with the mega glitching going on. aiwebs_004.

For more in-depth information on Out of Room travel, read Kejardon's document here.
Now this I can believe. What Quietus said makes much more sense and I am happy Quietus actually watched the video and mentioned what happened in the video unlike PJ. However, I have to clarify on something I said as well.
Hexidecimal code from a game and hexidecimal code from a cheating/hacking device are different because game code is what is already there, and hacking code is adding onto whats already there. Take for example computer software, computer software is made using code, but when you make a computer virus you must use code in that virus that adds certain bugs and slow-downs to the computer software. Gameshark is like a computer virus, by using hexidecimal code it adds on certain special effects to the game but it cannot change what data is already there it can only add onto it or override it with new effects but it cannot permanently erase data. Creating a game and hacking a game are two very different things therefore you use hexidecimal code in very different ways to do those two very different things. When someone does a remake of a game using a hack they add-on certain effects and data and block other certain effects and data. They cannot permanently erase what is already there because then the hack would not work because it would have no foundation to overwrite to. It's like a computer virus cannot hack a computer if a computer has no data. Furthermore I wanted to clarify that when you use a cheating device to perform a glitch you are creating a glitch by adding in data, when you do a glitch without using a cheating device you are actually performing a viable glitch instead of the artificial game glitches cheating devices make.
I hope this piece of information explains what I meant by game code and hacking code being very different. And even though the facts have now been presented against my findings it still will not stop me from finding more limbo rooms and being a glitchitier. Now I did look up the X-ray climb glitch and I can say that I never knew about this and am eager to try it out but I still find using the VAR beam much easier though it is just higher risk that is all. Thank you for providing a clear explanation instead of blatantly saying "Your wrong" like PJ I appreciate it.

However there is still one unanswered question to this puzzle and I am not going to let this thread be over until it is answered. Does anyone recall or have any explanation as to what is up with the screen image at 50:00. I know I am moving around in a limbo room/the same room but the odd thing is I don't believe I have ever seen that screen image used as a background anywhere in Maridia except for in that one limbo room I was in at the time. Anyone have an explanation for that because a sophisticated screen image like that cannot be a graphical error it is probably something more. Any thoughts?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Yes, it's the bottom of the shortcut back to Red Brinstar.  When you pause at 50:09 it's the top of the room your cursor is in.  You go through the door at the top of your cursor's room, past the fish, left through a morph tunnel, past some spawning enemies in the floor, through a door, through a Super Missile gate, and then through another morph tunnel, back into Red Brinstar, above where you first get Power Bombs. teach
Okay Quietus just gave me a mindfuck and made perfect sense at the same time. I guess that's it then.
After I complete Super Metroid on my Wii I will test out the same glitches that I presented in the above video. Then perhaps this thread can continue with more glitching discussion about glitching out of rooms. Perhaps this thread can discuss glitching out of rooms more and more and moar!
Until then peace out guys!
I'm gonna go explore the secret worlds on Metroid 1 now.
I am happy to report that after successfully completing 100% of Super Metroid on my Wii Virtual console and attempting and doing the reset glitch I am effectively now searching for more (as I will call them) limbo rooms. We have to figure a proper name for what I have found or made a video on in this thread for these rooms, because for now they will be called limbo rooms. Anyways I attempted the VAR beam at the Brinstar elevator cave room next to Crateria transport on the left side of Brinstar and it turned out to be a complete success. I effectively traveled through Glitchstar (as I call it) and got into a battle with Spore Spawn and used the VAR beam on him which after a little wiggling around lead me to a limbo room that had a location that was not marked on the pink area of the highlighted map but instead the cursor was aiming at a black square instead of a pink square. It was as if I was located inside the black area of the map instead of the pink area. Yeah you know when you pull up the map screen and you see black and pink highlighted area well the cursor was pointed at a black square instead of the pink square in the map screen. So that is something to think about.
I am very happy that the virtual console version of Super Metroid is so much more less volatile with the VAR beam than the SNES version and I will continue to search the depths of Zebes with my VAR beam tucked into my cannon. There will be another video up soon and I promise I'll try to make it shorter. Until then see ya guys!
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
There is no name for the specific rooms.  Once you're outside the walls of a room, it's just no collectively as Out of Room travel.

There are actually a few areas in the game that are outside the walls, yet are still part of the same room.  Here are some examples:
The first is behind the door that leads to the Plasma Beam.  The area within the yellow box is part of the actual room, but can never be reached without getting through the wall.

The second is an area within the huge room before the Wrecked Ship.  You can see this area, but can never reach it without glitching.  You enter a duplicate of this room later, on your way to the Gravity Suit.
Quote from TheWhiteBowser:
For some strange reason my SNES Super Metroid game is so much more volatile with the VAR Beam than all the other extra versions of Super Metroid.

I haven't read everything in this thread but I wanted to address this one thing. It seems like you're using the reset glitch a lot and IIRC can permanently effect the SRAM of the cartridge which would cause the var beam and out of room traveling to be different than normal. That's probably why you're getting such different results from your SNES and the VC.
Bangaa Bishop
After all, the GT code was only recently found.
GT code?
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
Discovered by JAM.  Hold A, B, X, and Y through a door transition when entering Golden Torizo's room (either door), and it'll reset your stats to a set amount.  In a normal run it's useless, as it'll reduce what you have, but if you're into speedrunning, it's a massive power-up.