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Metroid Exp: Exploration - Great, Skills - Decent

Ive got

135 missles, 25 power bombs, grapple, speed, varia, gravity, bombs, booster, charge, ice, and spazer

I have found
Screw Attack
but do not know how to obtain it.

Whos next?
Lava filled Draygon, or try to find Kraid.

BTW, your Phantoon room has background errors that make Samus and Phantoon look checkered, and Phantoon should not turn black in the room
(Wtf, not only can I not take a screenshot from ZSNES but I can't even use printscreen?) Been having fun with this so far, but I'm stuck in an underwater section of Kraid with ice, speedbooster, morphball, grapple beam, varia and gravity.  I can't backtrack to crateria through brinstar because there is a bomb block in the way and I don't see a way to boost.  I can't go through Kraid without bombs or a springball (lots of pink 2x1 pink blocks with crabs everywhere if that helps)?  What am I missing?
Quote from Xaggoth:
What am I missing?
Seems to me you're missing bombs.

I definitely like this early Norfair thing. I got missiles, varia, morph, speedbooster, bombs, and hello jump, I think in that order.
I finally beat it.

Clear Time: 4:38
Item Completion:  85%

Very enjoyable.  I'd say one of my favorite full hacks.  The item order was the thing that was the most interesting for me, because I never knew what I would be getting next.  It was a nice break from the standard progression of Morph Ball -> Missiles -> Bombs -> the rest.  I found all the major upgrades except Screw Attack and X-Ray, if someone could spoiler their locations for me, I'd appreciate it.  I searched all over and didn't see them at all as I ran willy-nilly all over the game.

Loved the hack squishy_ichigo.  Here's to more from you in the future!  =D&gt;
Edit history:
Black Falcon: 2008-10-17 08:25:39 am
I had a little problem:
when you go into the right door on the pic this bug comes up
I use unheadered
there are also other bugs in some map and energy refill rooms(like the map room in Crateria)

. . .
Quote from Black Falcon:
I had a little problem:
when you go into the right dooron the pic this bug comes up

Maybe your not using a clean ROM?  Try patching again with a clean ROM and maybe that will fix these problems.

Good job you guys, added you to the Elites.
You will need to explore Tourian alittle more, and its surrounding area.  You know were you found plasma?  Well Screw Attack is like that, but in Kraid;)

Lawrence Reyome: I LOVED the Phantom blacking out thing so I just had to keep it.  It adds an epic feel to the fight that is usually missing.

I will only say this once so listen up;)  The REAL reason the timer is so long, is for item picking up.  With all that ground to cover, you can pick items up like hotcakes during the escape.  I don't think even without screw attack it would take longer than 10 minutes to get to the surface. 
Well, maybe, but you would have to be REALLY lost... you know?

Xaggoth: Theres no good way to say this so... your stuck.  It would appear that I forgot you could break into Brin without bombs, and you can't get out without Bombs/PBs...  Sorry but, do you have an old Savestate maybe?  Ahhh don't kill me!  I'M SORRY!  AGHHH!!!

I guess I will go ahead and release a second version... I needed to fix the tileing errors any ways...

EDIT: Also, does anyone know the answer to my riddle?  I have a cookie for the one that answers it first!

Quote from FirePhoenix0:
Loved the hack squishy_ichigo.  Here's to more from you in the future!  =D&gt;

Its still to early to release any info, but... my next one will be a mini-hack with a cool SMW tileset, and after that, I still don't know... but the mini-hack will not be like this game, I promise you that;)
I like to give you guys a new expereince everytime, I'm tired of the same old same old hacks.
I'm taking a break after being killed by Crocomire like 15 times in a row.  Am I supposed to have charge by now?  I have 25 missiles and once those run out I'm basically screwed.
. . .
Quote from Opium:
I'm taking a break after being killed by Crocomire like 15 times in a row.  Am I supposed to have charge by now?  I have 25 missiles and once those run out I'm basically screwed.

Go to the left of the room;)
Xaggoth:  I think you might still be able to escape but it's going to require some unorthodox methods.  Return to the sandy room outside the elevator to Kraid.  It should look like you're stuck in the room because there are those one tile high holes in the morph ball tunnels.  Try to use one of the crabs that go through the room as a small boost .  You know how when you get hit by them you bounce up a little?  Try and see if that works.  If you can get out of the sandy room, you should be able to return to the really big room close to the entrance to underwater brinstar.

If you make it into the big room, you're closer to escaping but you'll need something to get through the bomb block.  I managed to sequence break a power bomb in this general area that you can use to escape.  Here's how to find it:

In the really big room, take the highest door on the right wall.  You'll go through, wall a bit and drop down a bit onto a floor door.  Instead of going in the door, walljump up the right wall and enter the room on the upper right.  You'll go forward until you hit a wall.  The PBs are in this room, but you'll need to do a midair speedball to break the block lining the top of the wall.  You'll need to come in from the other room to get enough speed but even then it's rather hard to break through.  If you manage to break through, go down and you'll find the turtle and momma turtle.  Ignore them and go left until you hit a dead end.  In the ceiling somewhere is the PB tank that you can use to escape from the underwater area and get back to your ship.  Don't go exploring underwater Kraid any further because ultimately you won't be able to get anything new without bombs or springball.

I hope this helps if you already haven't had to reset from somewhere.
. . .
I'm liking that crab idea!  I tested it, and it works, but getting that
early powerbomb without springball
will be very hard indeed...
EDIT: Duh!  You did the same thing, going in without bombs, of course you knew!  It was that "try" you threw in there that threw me off...
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Xaggoth: 2008-10-17 03:08:49 pm
Quote from FirePhoenix0:
I hope this helps if you already haven't had to reset from somewhere.

I think I know where you are talking about, I had no idea there were speedbooster blocks around there, no way to check for them without bombs or x-ray.  I had already been damage spiking around with the crabs, but unfortunately you can only boost twice from one crab, sometimes they have to be going the right direction, and there are a lot of little staircases of tiles that you can't get up with it. 

I'll try the pb thing later on.
Haha! I got it.  I used slowdown to get through the speedbooster blocks though.  I'll be coming out of this with early gravity and a few missile tanks.
Actually, I guessed about the crab thing because I went into there with early springball that I obtained using the "method" I described before.  The rest was from experience.
Started playing this last night.  Really enjoying this so far.  Non-linear, more focused on exploration than tricky challenges, that sort of stuff.

Most recent main item I got was the charge beam.  It involved a painful battle with GT though.  Something tells me one is expected to have Super Missiles or more beams before this fight since there was a pack of Supers in the room...not surprisingly blocked off by a Super Missile block.  All I had was Ice + Charge.

Yet it only took me 2 tries to beat GT.  All 3 reserves were depleted and I only had 49 energy left at the end of the fight though.

Might play some more later on today before calling it a day.
Metroid Exp: Exploration - Great, Skills - Decent
You missed



Center of a circle on the left side of the Norfair main corridor
Quote from Lawrence Reyome:
You missed



Center of a circle on the left side of the Norfair main corridor

Not quite sure what you mean there by main corridor.  I've checked around basically all the immediate areas surrounding the Norfair elevator to start with (The one you access via Crateria to the right of your ship).  All I found was a Spring Ball through an area I didn't check :P.  It's probably an obvious thing I'm missing too.
Alright, so I just picked this up:

Initial reactions: Not every big room needs to be divided into little teeny tedious tunnels.
There are many, many, many tiling errors.
Interesting take on Brinstar, but again, it's extremely tunnel-filled and hard to navigate.
You need to put a green square bts after diagonal slopes to let you run over them properly.
For the most part I can tell which rooms were changed (they still bare some significant resemblance to the old rooms.)
A million 5 shot-kill pirates in a row is not fun.

I think I'm stopping for today. I just got ice beam and I have no idea where to go next. The only place I think I might need to check out is a million tunnels and a shitload of enemies away in crateria. (I'm not asking where to go, just saying)
Phazon Vasteel Autobot
Did anybody knows where i can find the bomb?
It all depends on what items you have.  What've you got?
Quote from Bolognab:
There are many, many, many tiling errors.

You on tiling sounds pretty similar to me on grammar. I know pointing out all the tiny details is a hard habit to kick, but it's fun to do. Amirite? Wink

Also... If you feel like knowing what's next...
After Ice beam would be the Varia suit, in Norfair. Norfair is reachable from Crateria.

[quote=Sturmvogel Prime]Did anybody knows where i can find the bomb?[/quote]
THE bomb, I'm not sure. But if you're talking about Morph Ball Bombs:
Crateria, after you have speed booster
You on tiling sounds pretty similar to me on grammar. I know pointing out all the tiny details is a hard habit to kick, but it's fun
No, you couldn't be farther from the truth. There are no rooms that are perfectly tiled in this hack so far. And there's usually 20+ tiling errors per room from what I've seen.
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Hack quality and post technicality are very different things.
No, I meant it as more of a.... chronic thing, a pet peeve, like you mention it here and there, not just in this thread. It's something that kinda gets to you, and you happen to mention it in your posts, and stuff. Now I'm not saying this hack has no tiling errors (I've been playing it,) but I think what I was trying to say there was you'd be the person I'd expect to say anything about it first. Sorry I said anything.

Acheron, don't ninja post me, dammit!
Okay this is embarrassing, I can't find mother brain...  I guess I'm looking for the statue room, but I can't find it.  While looking I've found SA and X-ray and expansions I really don't want.  What area connects to it or where is it?
Edit history:
Bloodsonic: 2008-10-17 08:15:57 pm
3:22, 44%.

Oops. forgot about the animals.

now then..
The good stuff:
1.It was a good waste of 3 hours  :P
2.there was a good amount of exploration. Most of the time I was playing, I was exploring new places rather than looking around in old places to use a new item. There is backtracking, but not much.
3.You didn't force any brutal skills, like speedball/mockball.  :D
4.Easy mother brain. Didn't need charge!  Twisted Evil

Bad stuff:
1. In this hack, the difficulty wasn't too hard and kicking your ass, meaning you don't have save state all the time. and when you do need to load state, you go back 10 minutes in time because you weren't save-stating.
2.I never found
-screw attack
-spring ball (but I knew were it was.)
This isn't really a bad thing, however, I dislike that you have to perform special moves to get things like HJ and SB. The real bad thing about this is charge beam. I had to make ridley weak to beams.
3. tiling errors. they are regular, but they aren't too important because they're not ruining the gameplay, right? Wink (unless you're bolognab  Rolling Eyes)

path to tourian is at the wrecked ship/ crateria
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Tiling errors really break the immersion for me as well as quite a few of us #jzd members. Bolognab's just the only one vocalizing it.