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This makes the draygoon fight easier than ever!

You are all but invulnerable during the entire fight with this trick, just don't stand still and touch his tail.
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What'd you say?
So, short charge -> get gunk on you -> get grabbed and you'll have a chance that this'll work?

Not much practical use, but it's awesome that we're still finding new things about this game.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
I'm guessing that the glitch is that he can no longer damage you?  It's just a shame that he's already dead by then.
I thought that the idea was that being grabbed during the windup of a Shinespark activates bluesuit.
Super Secret Area - Dead Ahead!
It is, but it appears that in doing so, it prevents any damage due to the booster status.  As Tyjet mentioned, it has no practical use, and is just a novelty.
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This thread seems to be dead but I figured out if we had another way to get blue suit (other than oob shinespark to elevator) a new legit (no OoB) 14% category would become available: 14% speed-ice. It would skip gravity suit. Blue suit would be kept all the way to draygon and then shinespark out of his pre-room after killing him. Ice beam alone is enough to navigate through maridia. I've tested bunch of stuff like shinespark and activating elevator same time / shinespark & entering ship / shinespark & saving etc but none of them seem to work :(. It would be pretty sick category btw; I already figured out a method to get to LN in console conditions with 2 e-tanks and varia suit only (no hi-jump) : http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/c/4487695. So only thing preventing 14:% speed-ice is pre-draygon room which could be passed with blue suit shinespark. I'm pretty sure we could find a new blue suit if we brute forced it with every possible abuse
Good job finding this out