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Almost happy
Yay it's finally done.


Notes: (from maridia and onward)

- Maridia might be a little boring overall, but both botwoon and draygon are nice fights. The refilling before draygon definetely saved time, otherwise I would have had to refill for at least 3 rounds on draygon. The missed missiles at draygon where unavoidable.

- Grapplebeam is AWESOME, you can use it for so much stuff and it makes for some really cool roomstrategies. (like big post draygon room)

- Beetoms won't hurt you as long as you keep feeding them a hefty dose of plasma every now and then.

- Speedbooster with 3 tanks where a really close call, but despite the longer refilling I'm quite sure it saves time. After speedbooster the pace of the run really picks up.

- Item collection in brinstar is kept to a bare minimum, I doubt you can finish it with less PB packs, and less E-tanks is absolutely impossible.

- I take some time and refill super missiles on GT, I think it saved time in the end

- Ridleys KO grab is amazing, at least 10 frames faster than Saturn's and I could have done it even faster, but I needed to manipulate his drops.

- Using the refilstation after LN is a little ugly, but it does save time.

- Wavebeam sucks to collect, there is really no way to do that room in a speedy fashion.

- I love the metroid rooms in tourian, the different placements of metroids and changes in enviroment makes for some really cool straegies.

- MB fight is loooooooong...

About changes of the route:

I think this might be the best general route. (though the healt/ammo route in it can be improved of course) The only changes I can think of is taking Chargebeam early instead of the WS supers and if taking the WS supers skipping the maridia ones. Charge early is much faster routewise but I think it might end up being slower anyway, there would be losses everywhere, especially on draygon and before LN. Likewise the maridia supers would probably end up being slower to skip despite them taking a long time to get.

So by how much do I think this can be improved? Hard to say, somewhere between 1 and 2 minutes sounds resonable though. But I'll probably never redo this.

Enjoy :-)
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Metroid Exp: Exploration - Great, Skills - Decent
which version of SMI and which version of snes9x?

I have SMI 1.5 and snes9x 1.43, 1.501, and 1.502

and it still wants to tell me wrong ROM
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Breathe in the Future, Breathe out the Past
I've always had issues watching smv files.
Would you consider sectioning this TAS and putting it on youtube?
Agrees with DMantra.  *clamors for youtube*
Almost happy
Yeah I'll get it up on youtube on friday/saturday.

Anyway I used Snes9x 1.43v9 and SM:I 1.5.

Here you can find the latest 1.43 version, it is fully compatible with v9.

And it should work with most ROMs anyway, as long as you can play the game on it. I have tested it on 3 different ROMs and all worked, even though it tells me that two of them where wrong. (many times that does not matter)
Oh man, that is some run. Lower Norfair run through is awesome.
Devonodev: Other D

Almost happy
Up on YouPoop now.

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You are a very good Cpadolf exelent
Almost happy
I'm both good AND excelent? That's way cool : )

Also, Saturn was kind enough to encode a Very good quality avi of the run.
Good I have not seen Saturn to say that it(he,she) is nice but sounds that it(he,she) is too nice.
Quote from Cpearl:
Good I have not seen Saturn to say that it(he,she) is nice but sounds that it(he,she) is too nice.

I don't get this guy.

CPadolf you're the Super Metroid TASing god. Period.
Almost happy
He speaks with a translator, which evidently does not work that great all the time.
If I he(she) speaks with a translator because not English, in addition you are not going to say that I should go away to the section of Spanish because there about nothing one speaks