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Almost happy
Quote from Cpadolf:
It would seem that the only way to theoretically improve upon this beyond a potential handfull of seconds of optimization before GT and maybe another way to trigger the ending faster afterwards would seem to be to glitch out of bounds with X-ray and make some hitherto unknown magic happen. It doesn't seem terribly likely but this game is bonkers so who knows.


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Now that's just silly.

Samus, on the way back to her ship noticed a tiny hole above the door, which strangely led right to the planet's self destruct button and the location of the animals.
She decides "fuckit" and attempts to destroy the last Metroid and Ridley along with the planet.

Happy end.
Devonodev: Other D
Wow nice. Even saved the animals haha
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Theres a faster way in tas conditions to trigger the planet explosion by doing something like this http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/c/4320660. Blue block type 0F with value 24 creates 2 pillars and if its in the right location you will end in middle of those towers and you can fall straight 35-40 screens down and then perform the x-ray glitch. I suggest searching all possible OoB room candidates if theres some room where you can x-ray to OoB quickly and then climb up a bit to find such modifyable blocks with x-ray. To modify any blocks @ OoB you need to climb up a bit and then start x-raying towards the room (down). different values do different things to the game and this far only useful one i found was this 24. Other interesting values for blue block type 0F are 1C, 4A, 14, 32, 54, 6F (especially 32)
Almost happy
Well that is certainly very interesting. Don't really understand how it works though, are you OoB already at the start of the video?
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Sniqq: 2014-05-27 12:11:15 pm
@Cpadolf yes. it works in almost every room you just need to x-ray climb or speedbooster shinespark to OoB and then climb up a bit and start x-raying downwards.. there are horizontal block rows which start changing values depending of samus' x position and x-ray's angle. however collecting speedbooster would slow the run down probably. i used speedbooster to get to OoB in the video since the blocks are reachable easily there. x-ray climbing would require around 10 screens climbing in that room. but as i said we should look which room has really short x-ray climb and the modifyable blocks arent too high @ the oob. Then another thing is that its possible to modify the cyan door blocks into wrong warps. It might be possible to first create the 2 towers and trigger escape sequence, and then enter a cyan block with certain value which sends samus near ship area. thats my suggestion for improving tas. Here's an example of creating a wrong warp: http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/c/4144580
Almost happy
Well the pre X-ray room lets you get OoB very quickly but I have no idea of how well that room works for triggering these glitches.
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Sniqq: 2014-05-27 06:14:23 pm
Not too well apparently
Not too well according to my research
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Sniqq: 2014-05-27 06:19:49 pm
I'm not sure if this ends up even being a faster way. It has high potential though if we find quickest way to do it and if we can find a wrong warp from brinstar to crateria it would skip the elevator cutscene thus save 10 more seconds
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After a bit of testing it seems that the wrong warp creation is even humanly feasible. with this it setup possible to humanly create a wrong warp from crateria to maridia just by carefully looking if the background pixels match with samus' position changing with L / R. http://www.twitch.tv/sniqwc3/c/4352999. I first thought this would be a TAS only thing!