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I don't think so, no. :/
Dood Trigger™
Same guy who uploaded my first Mega Man level on Mario Maker to YT has just uploaded my second MM level!

He found a couple of exploits that I wish I'd caught when making the level, but it's cool, nothing too broken.
I was about to quit the game for good for a while and then got the Mega Man costume when I finished a 100 challenge I had started earlier.

Guess I have to build one more stage.
Nintendo made an official website for Super MarioMaker. Here's my profile


You can login with your Nintendo ID and bookmark stages, that way you can check your bookmakrs ingame and find the stage or players profile. Pretty neat thing. No more need for those stupid codes!
Dood Trigger™
That's awesome, thanks! My profile:

Not impossible
just highly unlikely

A fully functional calculator in Mario Maker. Holy shit.
Club 27 Goals
just a matter of time before someone makes minecraft inside mario maker

wait what