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Sounds cool I|ll plaz it in a bit. RE位ghtのwI|m busz with RE2.
Sounds cool. I'll play it in a bit. Right now I'm busy with RE2.
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ryu: 2015-10-17 04:27:50 pm
That was really cool. Found 46 coins on my first try, didn't manage to free the mole and forgot to count the 1-ups though. I thought I needed the spring in the autumn season for a secret and kept carrying with me. On the way I got hit a lot so I went straight for the goal instead of furtehr exploring as small Mario.

Now I want to play B&K lol
Dood Trigger™
Awesome, well done!

Yeah, that's one thing about this stage, if you lose your power it's a pain to get some of the coins. That's why I put those two hard hats in the summer room.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to move on to Fatal Frame now, but I'm so addicted to Mario Maker that I might take breaks and create more stuff if I come up with any ideas. I only have 25 stars, but I still have 4 slots. If I can make something unique enough I guess I'll have the 50 I need for more uploads.
Yeah, good luck with the stars. I've notice that I'm getting less and less stars as time goes on. In the first two weeks I was getting showered with them, but these days nobody bothers anymore it seems.
Dood Trigger™
37 stars now. I can still upload 4 levels, so I should have 50 stars before the limit.

Thanks a lot for helping me out with this btw :)
Dood Trigger™
51 stars, yay! \o/

I also made a MarioMakerHub account:
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ryu: 2015-10-21 01:46:14 pm

Oh cool (that website). I briefly had the idea to make a site like that, but discarded it because I'm still busy with another project.

Maybe I'll make an account too. Gonna check the site later.
Dood Trigger™
Someone uploaded my Mega Man level from Mario Maker to YouTube!

So cool seeing people play your stuff. Really wish this was built into the actual game!
red chamber dream
wtf is that shoe item, never seen that before
Basically Yoshi for the SMB and SMB3 themes. Since each object needs an equivalent in all other themes.
So cool seeing people play your stuff.

Yeah. If I had a capture card I'd have shown you my playthroughs of your stages as well. :/
Dood Trigger™
That would have been cool. :\

Yeah, that shoe is new, basically the female version of the Kuribo Shoe from SMB3. Wearing the spiny as a helmet is also new to Mario Maker, plus other stuff.
Dood Trigger™
New level:

Mega Man M2

Sequel to Mega Man M. Standard SMB1 stuff with stage select, power-ups at the end of each room, etc.

Weakness cycle and my recommended order:
?-Block > Vine > POW

Starman pretty much destroys everything, so the weakness cycle is a bit more flexible here compared to MMM1. That's why the POW room is the hardest to navigate. If you don't want the tough route, skip this room until you have an item. Overall, this level is a bit tougher than MMM1.

Spoilery spoiler thing for later:
Mushroom > Bridge > Conveyor
You will likely start the second hub with the hard hat. In that case, the Bridge room is optional.

Hope you enjoy it! As usual, let me know if the level is broken in any way.
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ryu: 2015-10-25 06:45:01 pm
Great level! I figured out the recommened order on my own and played it like that. Didn't find any issues witht he stage. Really liked the room puzzles and the bosses. Especially the second one was really neat.

I uploaded two new stages today. One's difficult, one's bullshit-level-difficult but has a mechanic to make it a bit less frustrating. If you get to play them, please let me know what you think.
Dood Trigger™
Thanks for playing! Yeah, the bosses are something I'm always trying to figure out how to make people at least face them instead of just jumping to the exit. The other day I played an awesome Gradius stage (A670-0000-00B5-618B) that even had the spaceship boss fight. The way the guy did the boss fight is quite amazing. You have to beat it and at the same time it plays very similar to the original game.

I cleared a whole bunch of your recent levels. Didn't play any crazy hard ones, though, I don't think.

Harmonic Heaven
Music block frustration aside (more of a SMM fault than anything), this was quite fun. Part of your big full game, I suppose, right? I should definitely play the whole thing.

Mushroom Moment 1 & 2
You make some really good ground/grass type levels that could easily be in a real Mario game. These were very enjoyable. I loved the donut/crumbling platform towers in MM2!

Dreadful Dungeon
Maybe this was one of the hard levels you mentioned. I would have played the sequels but I didn't have a lot of time. This was a ton of fun. And it was pretty fair IMO. Timing enemy bounces is super fun and you made it engaging.

Well done!
Thanks for the feedback.

Yikes. That Gradius level is rough. The references are awesome though! I gave up after I made it to the boss once though, the difficulty spike near the end didn't exactly incite me to keep trying. Especially since the stage is kinda boring up until that point when you knoew how to play. :/

Music block frustration aside

Was it that bad? I tried to make it so it wouldn't be too hard, and as such not frustrating.

Maybe this was one of the hard levels you mentioned.

Yeah. DD2 is pretty easy though, and DD3 is the very hard one.
Dood Trigger™
Gradius level is definitely tough. I love the references, though, and how they translated the boss fight into Mario gameplay. :)

Music block stuff wasn't frustrating due to your design, it's SMM's problem with timing the high jumps on those blocks and trampolines. They're so tricky in this game. :\
I just heard Nintendo's releasing an update with checkpoints and status-dependend power up blocks soon.

red chamber dream
wow, i think i might buy this game soon. seems like nintendo is just going to make it better and better
Dood Trigger™
Yeah I just came here to mention the update. Sounds awesome!

Buy it ark!
Not impossible
just highly unlikely

I wonder if the mushroom stacking thing only works on the fire flower or if you can do it with other power ups as well.

Also, it's not in that trailer but it's been confirmed that more mystery mushroom costumes are coming, and you will earn them by beating the event stages. It's also confirmed that there will be a maximum of 2 checkpoints per level (although I'm not sure if that's 2 for the entire stage or 2 per sublevel).
Dood Trigger™
Great info. I was wondering the same thing about the stacked power-ups. Generally it's the Fire Flower, but maybe you can do the same with the Leaf or Feather. Would be cool!

I wonder if I'm gonna have to update my levels with checkpoints. They're pretty short, but I'm guessing people will start expecting checkpoints in every level they play.
I'll probably reupload almost all of my stages with checkpoints.
Dood Trigger™
Is it possible to check your stars and stats anywhere other than the actual game? Maybe through Miiverse?