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Yeah I died the first time at that spot because I was confused - just ran straight into the pit. Then I thought I had to do a double or triple jump, but that seemed to impossibly be the solution. Eventually I figured out I could check that block for an item.

Here's a random recommendation from another user. All of this user's are great btw:
Dood Trigger™
Played a whole bunch of them.

Koopa Sky Camp
Really quite easy, and enjoyable. I saw a bunch of numbered levels on your list... are you working on a full game with themed worlds and stuff? That's awesome.

Trap Trucks
Cool! I don't typically enjoy autoscrolling tank/airship levels in SMB3 but that was quite refreshing. I loved the truck design, and the level itself was fun.

Tanooki Challenge
Another surprisingly fun autoscroller. My favorite part was that section where you keep falling with the Raccoon suit and dodging the spikes. Too bad they don't allow vertical levels in this... that would have been such a great idea for a full level.

Koopa's Cold Cave
My favorite of your levels. It was challenging, but not overly so, and it had a distinct look. I don't think I've seen a SMW level (even in SMM) with that cool icy look. I think this level is a scrub killer because of the music blocks. They're hard to time and there are several in a row. I ended up making my jumps from the ice blocks instead of the music blocks. Admittedly I'm pretty bad at timing those.

The Pit
Hard, haha! But I loved it. That classic SMB1 time limit panic. 3 seconds left.

Lost Depths
Oh, Metroid! The feels. <3 Nice thinking with the lift down to Tourian.

Awesome levels, dude. I'll play others on your list some other time for sure. :)
First off, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed those stages!

I saw a bunch of numbered levels on your list... are you working on a full game with themed worlds and stuff? That's awesome.

That was the intention... Now, well, I keep continuing with it for the sake of it. There's a bit of a theme going on with the worlds, but also not quite. The difficulty is also all over the place.

I don't think I've seen a SMW level (even in SMM) with that cool icy look.

That's because in SMW there's a proper recolor of the underground cave graphics for ice caves. Pretty sure the ice blocks from SMM don't even exist in that game lol
I think I'll do a version that's a bit easier and doesn't have the music block section. But that'll have to wait a bit.

The Pit
Hard, haha! But I loved it. That classic SMB1 time limit panic. 3 seconds left.

I didn't recommend this because of the difficulty lol. Good job on beating it. Lots of people seemed to have had a very hard time with this stage.
Dood Trigger™
Pit was legit fun, though. SMB1 fast momentum is a blast. Slowing down can be a pain but in that level you can mostly go at full speed.

Also, I'm still the only one who's cleared Poltergeist Panic! :O

Dood Trigger™
Made a new course:

Manor Mystery

Another ghost house, but this level is pretty small. There's a secret somewhere in it!
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ryu: 2015-10-11 09:17:01 am
Nice. Gonna play it now

Here's my latest course that I finished just now. 7395-0000-009F-8B79
Dood Trigger™
Awesome! I can't play it now but I'll check it out in a few hours for sure.
Mano Mystery was awesome. Had to replay it for the secret though, since I went straight to the goal on my first run. Only realized the secret was right above that when I saw the mini map.

Unless that wasn't the scret?
Dood Trigger™
Sweet! Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, that was the secret. As I made the level I thought of it as a tragedy death story where the four ghosts (in the attic) were the family that lived there. So I made a little shrine/mausoleum with 4 flowers as a tribute.

I'm currently making a SMB1 level inspired by your Pit stage. It'll be my final ghost house for this month. Can't wait to get home later and finish it!

I will also play your level (and that other one you recommended before my post).
Dood Trigger™
Your new level was sweet. I like the aesthetics of your levels, like how you made the trucks, the icy cave and now the giant airship. I also felt like there might be an alternate route or two? Based on some of the platform placement at least. Nicely done!

Also, that Goomba level was nuts! O_O
There's a hidden Yoshi, which you can use to make the level somewhat easier and shorter. No real hidden routes though. I ran out of blocks too early. :| Next time I'll have to plan around the issue with the block limit. Thanks for the feedback.

And yeah, that goomba level! lol
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Da Dood: 2015-10-12 12:47:40 am
Dood Trigger™
My SMB1 ghost level:

Terror Towers

Pretty straight forward platforming for the most part.

Hint #1: The upper path is longer, but easier.
Hint #2: There's a pretty big easter egg at the end that was going to be part of the level but I was afraid it would get too long. So I just made it an optional room like my previous level.

Hope you enjoy it!
That was nice!
Dood Trigger™
Thanks! I played your One Screen Challenge 2 now. Cool stuff. I barely made it O_O
Good job!
Did my second 100 Mario expert clear. Skipped only 2 or 3 stages and made it out with 50 lives left. Phew!
Dood Trigger™
Congrats! I only played a couple dozen 100MCs until I unlocked Mega Man. Because I was making this level...

Mega Man M

This level has a stage select like most Mega Man games. You access 4 different rooms from a hub, and at the end of each room is a power-up. All power-ups must be used in an obstacle room before you can proceed into the final chamber.

You can do the 4 rooms in any order, and just like the Mega Man games, each room has a weakness. The item you get at the end of one room will always help make one of the other 3 rooms much easier. The rooms are all small (1 screen size) in order to accommodate deaths and losing powers. It's not a very long level.

The weakness cycle:
Cloud > Spring > Ice > Music

That ^ is also my recommended order of rooms if you're having trouble somewhere. Definitely avoid starting with Music if you don't want a hard path.

This was made in SMB1 style for obvious reasons, but please be patient about that thing you're probably expecting in it. :) I hope you enjoy this level and all the Mega Man references! Please let me know if something's broken or if I overlooked anything obvious.
That was awesome! I was confused at first with how the power ups let you more or less skip the rooms on the right side lol
Dood Trigger™
You mean the obstacle room next to the one on the screenshot? Yeah, I had to do something to make all the powers mandatory, haha. You can still lose one power after you use it in the obstacle room, but that's okay because you're supposed to lose all of them eventually anyway.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm working on another level now, a Banjo-Kazooie homage sort of.
Nah. i meant the rooms in teh 2 pipies on the right. You can skip them so hard it really made me wonder whether there wasn't anything else I was supposed to do in there lol
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Da Dood: 2015-10-16 12:59:22 pm
Dood Trigger™
Ah, I know what you mean now. You mean you entered the room and the power-ups you had pretty much made the puzzle inside the room unnecessary right? That's what I meant with power-ups being weaknesses to other rooms. But yeah it's pretty crazy haha.
Dood Trigger™
That was my whole idea with the rooms which is why this level took so long to make (that and unlocking the MM costume). I had to test all the rooms having all the power-ups and I had to design them so that they would only be broken with one power. The spring room took freaking ages and I had to redo the whole thing...
I can see that. The room looks crazy to do w/o the weakness cheese
Dood Trigger™
Just uploaded my latest level called Click Clock Wood 2D:


It is an homage to Banjo-Kazooie. Beating the level is fairly easy, and if you're familiar with BK, you probably expect a certain kind of progression in this. However, I also added a collect-a-thon element to this stage, again as a tribute to the source. There are 50 Coins and 4 Green Mushrooms scattered around the place, which will take more effort than just beating the stage normally. Those are optional, of course, more of an extra challenge. :) I hope it's an enjoyable level even without the treasure hunt.

Rules about item locations:

1. There are NO hidden blocks in this level
2. There is one Green Mushroom per season
3. The $1 (and possibly a 1UP) you get for hitting the goal block does not count towards the total

Side quests (you get a little 'hooray' SFX at the end of these):

- Eyrie the Koopa » Remember Eyrie the Eagle from Banjo? Throughout CCW2D you can find 4 ?-blocks and witness Eyrie's birth, growing up, growing wings and finally... something. It's not difficult at all, just a little reference to BK.
- Free the Mole » This one is more of a reference to the beaver in BK who's locked outside of his home. In this scenario I made it the opposite... the mole is trapped and you must somehow free him. If you can't think of a solution, try maybe waiting a few more months!

Hope you enjoy it! Any feedback is appreciated. As usual please let me know if something's broken.