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ducknerd: 2008-01-30 09:19:51 pm
Eschews avatars
...With apologies to Lance Uppercut. That post of yours was quite timely; I decided to give it another shot, and managed to transfer the ips file to my internet-accessing computer via Zip Disk, after digging up some REALLY old driver disks. I swear I am not making that up.

The current version is a little rough but entirely playable. Known issues:
*Sky background glitch
*Game does not technically finish; the landing site got corrupted halfway through. I think I give a decent ending sequence.
*The first large room of Tourian is VERY glitchy right now. Do NOT enter any doors until all metroids are killed; otherwise, the game crashes.

The premise of this hack is to be a collection of all the challenges that would be too glitchy for Super Metroid Impossible; it's best treated as a watershed of ideas rather than a cohesive mini-hack, although I do put in a few non-glitchy challenges. I think I require the player to use every console-possible, exploitable move in the game, but I suspect I missed a few. Inform me of others, and I'll include them in 1.1.

UPDATE: All major glitches and design flaws fixed, except for the big metroid room, which remains stubborn. Some new content added as well. Further glitches fixed with 1.11; sorry, SP.
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The hack of my dreams!

I finished Draygon and collected all the goodies, now I have left "Maridia". Where should I head next?

Nice level design and way to show what trick should be performed. I am loving this already.
Oh the pain. Your hack kicked my ass. I made it to the room where
uwwj would be required, and got close, but messed up, and lost my patience. the beginning looked really promising however, and I did manage to bomb my way up that ridiculous shaft (24% speed anyway...) but then fell down when I saw the items and got excited.

Lesson learned: use savestates more often

Don't worry though, I'll pick it back up after the 'olidays.
Metroid Hunter
in this long shaft, u can use walljumping ;) it is a little bit faster.

A little qustion. How can I collect the super missiles? please, do not say with diagonal bomb jumping =/
Fucking retard shit hack I can't get off the elevator at Ceres
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Fano7: 2007-12-22 08:03:47 am
Every Bit Counts
neither can I. I was able to just up once, and got stuck.

Maybe it's an emulator version related problem, since other people seem to have been able to get past that point?
Ceres? I did not even have Ceres, I spawned right into the ship.  :D
I use snes9x v9. Maybe it is rom specific problem?

Quote from Carpenter:
A little qustion. How can I collect the super missiles? please, do not say with diagonal bomb jumping =/

I used
Almost happy
Must be ROM specific, I too spawned in ceres from which there seem to be no way to escape the elevator.
My standard Super Metroid (JU) 3073KB worked just fine, the same rom has been used to most of these hacks too.
Well, in the end it is all about trying.
Every Bit Counts
ducknerd, you should mention that this is for headered roms
very VERY clever first missile :)
Every Bit Counts
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Cloud07: 2007-12-22 01:57:04 pm
has anyone got the bombs yet cause i'm having serious trouble taking out the chozo that has them. samus beam and missle doesn't hurt it, only explodes on the creature.
Use your most recently acquired item

Also, I couldn't UWWJ for my life, so I quit.
i can't UWWJ either. this is a great hack but i guess i'm just not able to finish this one.
Almost happy
How do I escape from the pre draygon room after I have defeated him and are supposed to leave maridia?
Where to go after bombs? LN kills me instanly, I can't UWWJ over that wall to left.
Then you should quit like I did. The UWWJ is the only way, I think.
Almost happy
Before maridia there is a tall shaft with red/grey blocks that pushes you down, you are supposed to bomb jump up there, eventually you will reach a platform from which you can walljump up the rest of the shaft. You get Hi-jump up there which makes it possible to UWWJ
You don´t even have to bomb jump up that shaft, you can walljump right off the bat if you are precise enough.

After Draygon you should CF under that small gap in the mochtroid room, then glitch through the green ball-looking thingies.

Also, where is LN? Or anything else besides Maridia?
You find LN when you search a bit on the landing site

Man I suck at ceiling glitches.
Almost happy
Oh yeah of course, I always forget these "standard" moves.
Meri Kurisumasu! ^_^
Stuck in the second metroid room. The doors won't open even though all the metroids are dead. I think one of the metroid is stuck in one of the walls and won't come out.
Tell me why my ceiling glitches do not work, I'm still stuck in the mochtroid room.