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I like turtles.
ban him nao
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Quote from DaveBatista:
I like Other M more then anything.
That explains a lot
Yoshi is back
What? Just because I like Other M doesn't mean anything. I'm not the only one that likes Other M. Other people probably loved the gameplay and everything but the thing that I found stupid was Ridley's 2nd appearance, I wanted to destroy Ridley again but the gayassed Q-Metroid killed him. If only he stay alive to get killed by Samus and not Q-Metroid.
They might be saying that because from everything that has been said since the game came out, the general consensus around here is that Other M is terrible or else not as good as the others in the series. Personally I still enjoy it, but for me there are definitely better Metroid games so it falls around the mid-range in my own personal list of how I rate the series.
Yoshi is back
Okay then....I enjoy it too.
I like turtles.
You have a problem with the second time Ridley appears, but not the first?
My only problem with Other M was that the story seemed sort of rushed and not enough of taking chances to drive crucial plot points home so that the player can understand why the scenes were in there. Sounded like Team Ninja struggled to try to convey the story with as little space as possible and taxed the Wii to the point where it couldn't do anymore for the game. The pixel searches didn't help much.

However, the rest of the gameplay and the story itself, for what it was trying to tell us about Samus (that she can be just as emotionally distressed as anyone else and that she's just as human as the next girl) was done well. I still got that "Metroid game" feeling when I was exploring and searching for items, and got a tingle when I found out that a missile tank was hiding out in the most obvious place to hide yet I went past it several times without even thinking of just LOOKING! It was the first time in a while that I was more joyed of the cleverness of the programmers to hide things in certain spots than frustration, which is what I want in a game.

To me, I think the outrage over Other M came from the PTSD scene and just that scene, with the rest of the complaints being manufactured just to show that "hey, that wasn't the only complaint I had with the game". The thing was, though, that Samus, when she became emotionally distraught, pulled herself together and got to the task at hand, and showing that the emotion she went through just made her stronger. That's actual character development. We're not used to it in a Metroid game because we haven't seen it in a Metroid game until recently. We've never been presented with such a story-driven Metroid game before, and that in of itself made us just so critical that we were going to hate it no matter HOW good it actually was.

Sad really to see, since it's an epidemic that I've been seeing out of some Sonic fans. They don't like ANY 3D Sonic game no matter how good it might be: they want the same 2D side scroller that doesn't dare to innovate the gameplay in even the slightest bit. I thought Sonic Unleashed wasn't as bad as everyone said it was because it tried something new. The controls didn't help my opinion, but it was a great try, and I wished that I gave it a second chance, because the idea had potential: Sonic, when changed to the Werehog, lost his famous speed, and had to resort to using his brain to get through a level. I liked that new challenge, but sadly, the frowning was upon many.

But I would love to see what they could've done with this game if it got released on the Wii U. I heard that system's gonna be very powerful (1080p HD, for starters), and I bet they could do a lot more with a game like Other M. I wouldn't mind a sequel, because there's a lot of unanswered questions that Other M left for us, and left the door open for things that would come as a result from that mission to spark.

Dunno. I just enjoyed the game. I just rented it because replay value is usually not a strong point for a game that doesn't have the trophies/achievements/online capabilities for me anymore. I should go about trying the game again in hard mode (normal was a bit easy for me, though I did get my ass handed to me a few times).
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Quote from darkpower:
To me, I think the outrage over Other M came from the PTSD scene and just that scene, with the rest of the complaints being manufactured just to show that "hey, that wasn't the only complaint I had with the game".

Oh cool I was worried that the outright sexism whether intentional or due to poor writing was actually me being an overly sensitive baby, now I know I just made it up to justify disliking a shining example of poor writing in a game flush with poor writing and shoddy characterization.

Glad to know Samus being an an absurdly maternal crying child who needs her big strong manly men to direct her and save from doing something really stupid like fighting a bunch of metroids because they might remind her of The Baby and she surely couldn't handle metroids or anything I mean come on is entirely an invention of my weak idiot brain that can't let a single terrible point in a game stand on its own as a terrible thing and must make up something to make sure others don't think i am a whiny baby girl like Samus.

Sorry, bad writing resulting in unclear (read: bad) cut scenes and poor characterization in a game that was supposed to be all about exploring the character of the protagonist is just bad writing. If those involved in development couldn't figure out how to convey their ideas within the limitations of their platform and/or medium then they failed as developers and deserve to be called on it. Just because they tried doesn't change that they did an incredibly poor job. PTSD is a real ans serious issue and should be handled by people who know what the fuck they are doing. As is developing a character that is well loved by a large group of people who were able to develop their attachment and understanding of who this character is based on very little written information and more on actions. Especially if that character is female and the writer is male because it is very easy to fall into stereotyping traps and accidentally write her in an incredibly terrible and offensive way because men just don't think about that very often.