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Iv already escaped the space pirate frigate, and sequence broke the spaceboots, missiles and morphball. Im at the save station before the warwasp boss! All while blindfolded and without verbal guidance or outside help. I have it recorded too. The rules are simple; i must do it while blindfolded and no help. Sequence breaks and glitches are allowed including that morphball glitch that turns you into the morphball energyball (boost sumthin i forget its name). I am allowed to plan my route without the blindfold but must restart at the save station after im done. If this proves waaay to challenging i may amend the rules to allow a verbal guide during bosses only. But im gona go as far as i can without.

I will ask strategic help from you guys as i go! So if there is an easy sequence break or glitch or alt route that will help me out let me know. I need to know all the locations for the morphball glitch to trigger. I may need to know how to hit flaahgra's node from outside the tunnel if its easier! What bosses can be skipped or fought later with better weapons! Anything foreseeable that can help or be a hinderance would be appreciated! Ill have the vids up once i get to the las save before flaahgra! Its gonna be so hard will definately need advice on that when i get there!

these are some of the better videos. a few still have some slow parts you may wana skip.
part1 beginning to first save station

part 2 parasite queen and frigate escape

part 3a spaceboots sequence break

Part 4a missles sequence break

part 4b morphball

part 6a BOSS FIGHT: Hive Mecha

part 9a Missle expansion at frigate crashsite

part 10a Missles under bridge near magmoor elevator

part 10b

part 22 BOSS FIGHT: Flaagra (must see. starts around 11 minutes in)

part 28a  This is the trek up to and just before the actual boss fight

part 28b The actual boss fight

part 28c this is very boring. 33 minutes of me jumping around tryin to escape the Sheegoths boss room. i recomend just skipping to part 28d when its done processing.

part 28d the trek back to the savestation. i actual end up in a precarious situation against some baby sheegoth outside the saveroom. rgiht now the video is uploaded but is having trouble processing so its not ready yet. ill edit this post when its ready.
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Dude, hats off to you if you pull it off :O
Oh god, the bosses. Omega Pirate warping around as he regenerates, Prime shifting between his forms during either battle... those are going to be absolutely insane if you manage to get that far.
Im hoping that the upgraded wavebeam will help. Dont remember if you can hit the omega pirate with it. Im concerned about the fission metroid room. I heard about a glitch that you can trap them in place somewhere. I hope its easy to pull off. Im pretty sure im gonna gamer rage and smash a few controllers. I already had a few tantrums over those damn beetles.
Honestly, I'd just do most of the game as intended. I'm pretty sure you're going to make this 100x harder if you try to do all the tricks you're talking about. Don't bother with the infinite speed bug; there's absolutely no indication whether you've executed the glitch correctly aside from the visuals, and even if you do miraculously manage to do it, managing to find a cutscene to disable the glitch can be challenging even with sight... and it doesn't even help that much. Similarly, Flaahgra's probably gonna be a lot easier if you just fight him the normal way.

Good luck with the run!
That's a really good point, actually. The game's already going to be hard enough without adding extra layers of difficulty on top of it. Just knowing which direction you're headed in with some of the larger rooms in Phendrana for instance is going to be nuts as it is. Knowing what each of the different sound cues mean is vital. (Hey, the item noise might be important for once!)

I didn't say it before, but even attempting this challenge and getting as far as you have already is an accomplishment in itself. Can't wait to see how you do with this!
I know most of those glitches will make it harder. I only want to know what my options are. Some of them may be easier than excecuting regularly. For example if it helps avoid an incredibly hard boss. I figured the flaahgra glitch would be harder than normal but again ya never know. I wana try everything to see what can realistically be done. What about the metroid trapping glitch? Also are any secret worlds used. For sequence breaking?
I actually just found a useful one i think i can pull off. In the chozo ruins where your use your grapplebeam to get across the lava and blowup the wall for a powerbomb expansion. Thats whwre you trigger it and receive an early powerbomb. This will make thardus soooo much easier!
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Oh god, don't wallcrawl. Trust me. There is no way you're gonna have a good time wallcrawling blindfolded. One wrong move and you basically have to start over.

As far as sequence breaks are concerned, IMO go for the ones that are simple and have a low penalty for failure - SJF is a good one, another that comes to mind is the DBJ over the bars in Great Tree Hall to skip the Crashed Frigate. Maybe the Main Quarry dash jump too, if you think you can pull it off. You could maybe pull off early Ice Beam too; the hardest part of that would probably be Hall of the Elders, but it's a relatively easy trick with no real penalty for failure. Absolutely don't go for hard tricks that offer little reward and will kill you if you screw up.

The Fission Metroid bug is pretty easy; you'll probably be able to pull it off. There's a video on the site. Basically you just want to let the Metroid latch onto you in morph ball mode next to an open door, then bomb it off and tap towards the door to make it go through into the other room.
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arkarian: 2014-06-17 07:54:46 pm
red chamber dream
how do you do anything blindfolded? do you peek once in a while to see where you're at? can't figure out how this is anything but a giant waste of time
Quote from arkarian:
how do you do anything blindfolded? do you peek once in a while to see where you're at? can't figure out how this is anything but a giant waste of time

I hate to be that person, but I don't see how you're even considering doing infinite speed and wallcrawling when there's absolutely no audio cue for anything at all, nor that you even posted a video despite claiming you have =/

That being said, if you have actually gotten this far, good luck!
I dont plan on doin glitches or sequence breaks for the sake of doin em. Only what makes the run easier. Who knows what will be useful. I plan on using the quarry jump. If i made the combat jump from the gunship, then the quarry will be somewhat easy. Not sure if im skippingthe frigate crashsite. I will eventually need the majority of missile expansions and all the energy tanks. So i may be going through it anyways. But then again illsee when i get to that spot.

Arkarian- primarily using scanlocks and combat locks to orient my location. I listen for powerbeam riqoshets to determine gaps between jumps and also determining certain corridors and walls.

Kirbymastah- i said id post when i got to flaahgra. You can be skeptical if want til then but i assure you ill have proof. Also my plan for the infinite speed boost is to determine exactly where the angle of the anolog must be held and for how long. After a minute ill attempt to move a short distance to see if the powerbomb gets collect. If not ill move back into place. Itll be hard but easier than beating thardus
correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the volume of the boost ball depend on how far the camera is from samus? if you boosted a couple times with infinite speed, you'd probably be able to tell that you got it.
Quote from BioSpark:
correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the volume of the boost ball depend on how far the camera is from samus? if you boosted a couple times with infinite speed, you'd probably be able to tell that you got it.

I would think knowing that you got infinite speed in the first place would be the bigger problem. You have to face certain directions to get it.
MP2 also a bit MP1 speedrunning
trying infinite speed blindfolded is like trying to do thardus dash blindfolded, it just does not work, theres no way you can get those two directions that precisely, there isn't even anything at all that tells you what direction youre facing exactly. (besides shooting walls for a bit sound orientating, so you can tell where the wall is) You would probably not even be able to notice when it's activated.

With IBBF theres dozens of rediculous things i can think of for blindfolded, just the ghetto alone would probably take several hours to get, not  to talk about moving OoB, maybe, half the movement is doable blindly, but seriously, theres spots you'll NEVER get together, even if you did it with savestates. (you would probably not even be able if you fell or not)
red chamber dream
what i still can't understand is why this is fun
You say on a board mainly devoted to speedrunning and low%.
red chamber dream
you say as if they're anywhere near equivalent to blinfolded sequence breaking prime, of all games :P
The same fundamental reasons for sequence breaking is the reasons for my blindfold run. To see if i can! The challenge is fun. Iv both been frustrated as shit and having fun at the same time. Something i think most of you will relate to.  Plus if i pull it off the props will be bountiful and great! ;p i still think infinite speed will be doable. But we will see.
red chamber dream
we will once you post a video
Could someone point me to a place listing ALL the infinite speed triggers. Also refer me to somewhere i can brush up on the lingo and abbreviations. Its been awhile since i visited here.
Quote from SuperSkeetBro:
i still think infinite speed will be doable. But we will see.

Seriously, it's not.

Also, I don't think anyone has a list.
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SuperSkeetBro: 2014-06-26 04:34:38 am
sorry it took so long to post the video. I finally got a new pc so i dont have to use my iphone for internet use. i have more videos but this one took 12 hours to upload O_O; its 29 minutes long but i left annotations that will tell you when to skip to if you dont wanna watch the 12 accumulative minutes of me being lost. anyways here is me making it to the first save station

EDIT: look at first post for vid
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SuperSkeetBro: 2014-06-26 04:34:38 am
and now for the frigate escape! i think this part is more interesting as i dont mess up too much, at least not for long.

EDIT: look at first post for vid
Quote from SuperSkeetBro:
whoa stefan long time no see. not since the days of mariokartDD! Didnt know you were apart of this community! you should check out my blindfolded run vids in the other topic.

Hey SuperSkeet! Yes I remeber you from Mario Kart DD, wanted to make a similar post a you did since I also very well remember you from the MKDD forum. I've seen bits of your first segment. Good luck with the escape which should be much harder than part 1.

Edit: ok see you already finished it, impressive!