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Fire a charge shot just as you start your run.
For the Speed Booster? Yeah, someone found that out when we were talking about using it to skip the crane puzzle in the desert of Sector 3. It's the only way to really get up to the hologram projector other than doing the room like you're supposed to.
The placement on that one speed booster trick seems to be A LOT harder than I initially thought (The one where you Speed Boost down the staircase).
lol no way
Yeah I've failed at that trick a lot more often than I've succeeded, it seems like when I first step on to the staircase I float forward and fall, losing the charged speed. Probably it has something to do with the running animation.
I think it might have something to do with how you're lined up in relation to that warning line.
Quote from KingBroly:
The placement on that one speed booster trick seems to be A LOT harder than I initially thought (The one where you Speed Boost down the staircase).

To skip the wall jump columns? Yeah, I've never gotten that to work either.
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dreadedfear91: 2010-09-13 06:54:13 pm
Are there any spots where going back up a Speed Boost ramp (with out Speed Booster) would save time? I'm honestly not in the mood to play M right now to find out, I'm really tired.
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logitechSDAZ: 2010-09-14 12:24:25 am
logitechSDAZ: 2010-09-13 11:57:59 pm
logitechSDAZ: 2010-09-13 11:56:17 pm
For people who have had trouble with the speedbooster going down the staircase...did you fire a shot just before reaching the staircase? That's what I did in my video. For whatever reason, this usually helps keep your charged speed. If you don't fire a shot it is harder. Also try and position yourself to where you are running down the staircase along the edge and not the center. The trick works a lot more often that way.

I recently found out you don't need speedbooster anyway. Just go down the staircase and get next to the wall. Hold down, jump to maximum height, do a wall jump, quickly fire a shot, hold right, press 2, climb up. You end up in the same general spot as you would after using shinespark. This might even be a couple of seconds faster since shinesparking animation takes up a little time.
Being able to consistently use the shinespark no matter where you are in the game can save a bunch of time. I was having a blast flying around everywhere with that on the playthrough I just finished. There's quite a few areas that can save a good 5 to 10 seconds maybe if you jump at the right moment. (Like coming out of the initial SB area and flying either left or right off of that platform.)

I was wondering if there was a way up with wall jumps, but I didn't try hard enough I guess. I really hate those rotating wall jump columns, so any way to bypass even one of them is something I'd be thrilled to do.
Indie Lover
i would be very happy if we find a way to single wall jump...

it would save LOTS of time..
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ajbolt89: 2010-09-14 12:34:35 am
lol no way
When I was first playing I was working pretty hard, at the very start, on messing with walljumping. Kick climbing I mean. I was trying to jump off the wall, then morph and unmorph facing the other way and spin or something (early on I roll everywhere I go and unmorphing facing a certain direction is a good way to turn quickly). I guess I don't know much about what morphing in air does to your height, but I was mostly just trying to jump off walls perpendicular to a ledge I could barely not reach, and somehow turn at the peak of the jump to grab the ledge.
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Prime Hunter: 2010-09-14 12:40:43 am
Closest thing I've found is similar to what logitech was describing. I jump towards a wall, and at the peak of my jump (a spin jump seems to get slightly higher than a standing jump) I jump off of it and then fire a charged shot at the peak of that jump so that it propels me back towards the wall at a higher position. Only place I tried that was when I was trying to climb that wall in Bioshpere early, but I don't know how well it would work for some of the higher walls in the game.
turns out this is faster than shinesparking

yeah, that definitely would be since you're not forced to come back down.  Unless of course a shinespark could skip the second wall climb.  Like I've said before, I THINK you can control your shinespark while moving vertically a little bit.
I've never gotten to that high platform after shinesparking. It might be possible though.
So before we all go crazy trying to get over that wall in Biosphere, can someone test it with moon jump for invisible walls? This IS Other M after all.
Is rolling faster in this game?  when playing I could have sworn it was
It feels like it to me, so there have been times where I just morph and roll underneath everything if given the chance.
I've found the fastest way to kill the Power Bomb door beetles is to immediately pop them with a charge shot when they spawn, then quickly hit them with two super missiles. They get stunned before they can start ninja-dodging everywhere.
lol no way
I mentioned this earlier but I don't think it was in this topic - When you hit the little walls that are just a bit too tall for samus to climb up, but not too tall to spring ball jump up, it seems a little faster to just morph and spring jump right when you hit the ground and unmorph in the air (to avoid the slowed bounce), than to do a regular spin jump up the ledge. Hard to say I guess.
Rolling is definitely the fastest means of travel if you can't get a speed boost. The only problem I think is it takes about 3 seconds to reach top speed (not that bad with all the corridors and big rooms) and I don't believe your momentum carries when you do a ball jump.

One thing about rolling though, you can't change directions quickly. It has to be treated similarly to charging a speed boost. You have to make wide arcing turns to maintain speed.
Indie Lover
just unmorph to make a sharp turn and morph again...
But then you still lose your speed. The point of arcing turns is to maintain full speed.
Indie Lover
perhaps... and just perhaps, you can lay a bomb, unmorph, turn, morph and let the bomb put you in full speed again in less time...

and the arch is not really feasible in some parts of the game...
i am gonna test this some time tomorrow...
A bomb will lunch you to full speed? That'd be awesome if it's true.