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Bangaa Bishop
Probably not very useful but in the inverted gravity area of the ice area (heading back from sector zero), a well placed shinespark can help you get out of the area faster without having to jump on all the platforms.

I hate how the Speed Booster got the shaft in this game with all the low walls they added into otherwise straight tunnels just so the Speed Booster couldn't be used unless they wanted it to be.
All the 2D games had plenty of this, they just didn't make it so blatantly obvious.
I have not played metroid in a while, so I bought Other M and ended up playing in for 10-12 hours straight.
Anyways, lets cut to the chase.  I started a new game and found out 1 maybe 2 potential trick you can do. The 1st one seems to work pretty good. 

1. What you do is when ever you have a part where you go into a room and puts you in walking mode, JUMP in to the room. You will not be in walk mode until you touch the ground. This is just saves a like a second or 2, but since theres a lotta cutscenes in this game, yuu could drop a minute or 2?

2. This one I'm not to keen on yet. Well if you release a charged beam shot at the peak of your jump, it boosts you up a little and backwards. I havn't tested it too much, and you cannot grap ledges after the boost though. It could be used for the spiral ramps. You go to a point where you can't reach with regular jump and do it.

Sorry for such a long post, if you want, I can record these to with my capture card and upload them. Thanx.
  Lol guess people know bout the charged shot trick
If you're hit just after laying a power bomb, you can unmorph quicker.
Actually, you just unmorph.
If you deplete a quater of Ridley's health while he is on the ground, you can perform a lethal strike on him. It doesn't kill him, but it does a lot of damage. If he loses the health while in midair, he won't get stunned.
Quote from KingBroly:
Actually, you just unmorph.

I'm talking split second difference between regular slo-mo unmorph after a power bomb detonates and the usual quick unmorph.
Hey, how come Other M has not bin put up in the Metroid 2002 section with the other game tricks? Is there not enough tricks out yet?
red chamber dream
need someone or several people to record high quality videos and write descriptions for all the tricks before that can happen.
I can write, but I can't record, so that means I'm pretty worthless.
Well, I have a Huappgae HD PVR would that do it? lol
doesn't help that there's like 5 tricks total. is a section on the main site even warranted at this point? it usually doesn't go up until there are actually things to put in it.
Not impossible
just highly unlikely
Just have parax record a run and crop all the cool shit he does from that.
Not sure if yall know this. Well, when you Speed Run into a door and it sorta freezes cause of loading, you can still Speed run and you run right through.
The Overlord of All Acorns.
Quote from arkarian:
need someone or several people to record high quality videos and write descriptions for all the tricks before that can happen.


same reason that Hunters doesn't have a spot.
Quote from Boris:
same reason that Hunters doesn't have a spot.

this statement is entirely correct
red chamber dream
yeah of course there would need to actually be tricks too. but i don't see why there couldn't be a section if only a few things are found.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
i think it is just too early for the page still. iirc, mp3 and mph took a while to be on the site after their releases.
red chamber dream
why do those games matter? if there are tricks for other m and people have recorded vids and written descriptions then i don't see why they wouldn't go up immediately.
my umbrella goes directly to Bankai
those games had tricks very early. they probably took longer just to have a more meaty opening of their pages.
How do you put vids on that page? Whos in charge of it?
red chamber dream
you have to make the videos, write descriptions for them, then submit them to nate.
red chamber dream
seems like it might be a good idea to start an other m wiki like we did with corruption
well alrighty then. Anyways. I found a way to Bomb Jump up Speed Booster ramps. Well, kinda only tested it in the huge snowy room were the 1st early missle expansion was gotten. Atleast I think its the 1st.
Besides, even if we don't have a lot of speed tricks and sequence breaks, there are still things like the bosses we can write about. We've found a few tricks to get past them easier at this point, and there's always a section about them for the others games.

But yeah, the wiki sounds like a good idea to me.
I'm too lazy to read back in this thread, but didn't someone figure out a way to reach maximum running speed faster?