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lol no way
Doesn't shooting a full charge when shinesparking break you out of the run with a little less delay? Or did I only play through other M once?
Considering that it knocks you back whereas a skid-stop moves you forward, probably not. At least if you time the skid well.
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Hm.. been a while since Ive posted. But I was just casually running the other day and noticed that I couldn't get over the wall where the missile expansion is near where the door glitch can happen. I managed to get over the wall post-credits but couldn't do it due to the high restriction for bomb-jumping. Am I rusty? Or is it even possible to manage the bomb jumping pre-credits? Can someone confirm perhaps?
Yes there is a height restriction on bomb jumping.
Well damn. That sucks. I thought I figured out a good time saving method. Guess the fastest way to reach that pick-up is post-credits. Bummer
Quote from ajbolt89:
So I know this isn't much, and I cant record, but in the first large Sector 1 vista, with the morphball tunnel in the cave - at the end of the tunnel you have to lay a bomb to break a block.

I've always just used a missile as soon as I enter the room.
Does anyone have any tips on how to do Paraxade's diagonal bomb jumps (mainly the water room and swamp room in Sector 1)? It seems that no matter how little I move, I always go flying off at an angle.

Edit: Also, does anyone have any idea if the slow motion in first person applies to the timer too? As in, will going into first person a lot rack up game time even though everything slows down?