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Wulfgearr: 2010-09-24 12:07:01 am
Just found this out today. In Sector 3 in the big lava room on the north side, it's possible to jump and grab one of the grapple points heading towards Ridley. I used it in my Sector 3 clean up route but I'm not sure how effective it can be yet. Unfortunately, it auto corrects you away from the 2nd grapple but pretty interesting nonetheless.
Time bomb set get out fast!
Another simple tip. Remember Sess's "sweet spots" in his Fusion run? You can sometimes save a little time that way in Other M. Several bosses and minibosses can be attacked from anywhere and don't reposition you after the fight (Nightmare, for instance), so you can hang out near the door for the final hit. And today I happened to finish off Dr. Octopus with a Screw Attack; Samus instantly picked up the Seekers.
at 10m 10s

Haven't seen that anywhere else and I don't consider it completely obvious.
No it's definitely not obvious and it looks like they put no rail there intentionally so you COULD do that.

Would be interesting if that's true cause they blocked it off so many other places...
red chamber dream
that's how i originally did it in my playthrough. i thought i was being clever. ;(
I wanted to try that in my last run but I think I positioned myself wrong coming out of the last door. Either that or I slammed head first into the staircase in front of me rather than flying upward. Yeah, that sounds more like my kind of luck with shinesparks lately.
Someone mentioned that already, I forget who. I did it in my sub-4 run.
Yeah. Somebody discovered that already. You can also get up to the terminal that way.
Update about the grapple points leading to Ridley. It IS possible to grab a hold of the second with a normal standing jump and spam A. Even it's still red you'll grab it and be heading in the right direction.
Time bomb set get out fast!
Fantastic! I wonder if that would work on any other grapple points, and if so, whether it would be useful?

Today I got the Sector 2 down-the-stairs shinespark to work by accident.  I couldn't reproduce it, though.  The positioning is very finicky.
I've only been able to get that shinespark once. Samus always likes to step down once she hits the staircase. But logitech's kick jump technique is far superior and MUCH more reliable. I wonder about the grapple points too. There's only certain ones that are beneficial but if we find any, I hope to see a post here!
Like it was mentioned before, you have to fire a shot before stepping down a ramp/staircase with good timing to do an animation skip that'll keep the boost going.
lol no way
So I know this isn't much, and I cant record, but in the first large Sector 1 vista, with the morphball tunnel in the cave - at the end of the tunnel you have to lay a bomb to break a block. I've found it's a tiny bit faster if you let go of left right before you hit the block, lay a bomb and bounce off, then lay a second bomb a bit behind the first. When the block breaks, the second bomb (if you're back left of it before it goes off) will send you left against the wall where you can unmorph and jump out. It's just faster cause the first bomb bounces you up a bit, and going left even that little bit is slower when you have to build the speed up.
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Zeke: 2010-09-30 02:51:07 am
Time bomb set get out fast!
Here's a small trick that the impatient have probably noticed. When you load from a save, you can start playing slightly before the game says you can; that is, before the message goes from "Now Loading" to "Press 2 to Start" (or "Press - to Skip").  Try button-mashing to see this for yourself.
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darkphazon89: 2010-09-30 11:18:10 am
Out of Phazon seeds.
In the tunnel with the spider webs after the Diffusion Beam, you can shoot the spider webs with a charged shot so you can avoid going into 1st person to use a missile.
Indie Lover
i aways used charged shots there... it's way faster....
Usually when I shoot the venus flytrap plants with a charge shot, the Diffusion spread hits the webs too.
Indie Lover
do anyone here know if there is a way to jump from one side of the pipe above the room where you need to shoot the icicles to clear the path for the hanging platform in your left? i hate the fact that you need to shinespark two times to get the 2 items inside the pipe

(it's the room with the two fans (the left one have a rios nest inside) where you battle a g.fraug)

one thing i noticed today, was that the game cancelled my shinespark in the middle of the flight just before i entered a room when i was following the deleter, it cancelled the shinespark, and sumus did a flip in the air (it was like if she tripped on the air). it would be great if we discover a way to do that in the middle of the game, as it is way faster than hitting a door/wall or sliding to a halt in the ground...
In regards to the pipe, I'm pretty sure you can hop the little gap if you get right next to it.

I'm not sure what you mean by "cancelling the shinespark" but if you shinespark forward and don't hit anything, you'll flip and land, if that's what you mean.
You talking about the hallway before the room where you get SJ/SA? Yeah, I think I've seen that happen to me before if that's the case.
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Wulfgearr: 2010-10-02 01:39:57 am
kesvalk, I've noticed how it "cancels" your shinespark there as well. I always get a running start there to avoid the climbing over the branches in that hallway. About the 2 pipe missile tanks, it's a bit tricky, you have to jump a little bit before you get next to the gap. If you jump while pressed next to it, you'll hit the roof and fall back down.

On a side note. I figured something out how on to get missile tank after you fight the seeker missile thing in Sector 3. The room with the 3 grapples and where the door glitch can happen. Press up against the wall and bomb jump your way over. Easy as that! Not sure if it was mentioned or not before.
Time bomb set get out fast!
So how fast is the speed booster really in this game? Is it much of an upgrade over rolling? Recent games have nerfed the Booster somewhat; if you look closely in Zero Mission, you'll notice that for all the speed lines and glowy colours, it's barely faster than running. Instead of a true upgrade, it's just another barrier-removing tool. (Of course, your default run in ZM is in Sonic the Hedgehog territory anyway...) I haven't decided yet where Other M falls on this continuum.

Simple speed trick I noticed: after Nightmare round 2, in the hallway just before the high-gravity zone, you can get a speed boost but apparently can't use it for anything since the floor level suddenly rises. (Who designed this ship?) However, the spark is only useless if you wait till the last moment. Spark a bit earlier and you'll land on the platform, saving a little time. This is one actual perk of Other M's finite horizontal shinespark, because unlike the 2D version, it gives you a little height.
I'm debating that same thing. I'm thinking it's wiser to roll in some places and speed boost in others. Coming to a halt when your speed booster is going hurts momentum somewhat I feel.
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KingBroly: 2010-10-02 02:48:01 am
I usually Shinespark only when I feel I'm running behind.  While rolling is faster than a buildup to the speedbooster, the shinespark can make up for that lost distance if done quick enough.

Also, put down the bridge when you get to the other side when going to the Research Lab for a faster way back.
Everyone probably does this, but you DON'T have to press a direction when wall-jumping.

You can get a really quick climb if you try to press as soon as you land on the wall.