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I like to go fast!
I've been doing what Kesvalk said and it works quite well.  Plus when your running and then morph,  it seem to be at full speed instantly.
Yeah, I definitely noticed that bombs propel you ahead quite a bit.  I doubt there will be any significant tactics coming from it though.
Well that makes the bomb turn actually viable.
In the room after the big elevator where you fight the Seeker boss for the first time, if you're quick you can set bombs in both bomb slots at the same time and all four tubes will open simultaneously.
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logitechSDAZ: 2010-09-15 01:21:30 am
logitechSDAZ: 2010-09-15 01:18:26 am
platforms timesaver

How long did that take you?  That seems extremely tricky.
It's just 3 Charge Jumps and 2 well timed jumps.

The only tricky part is memorizing the pattern.
Quote from Hitaka:
In the room after the big elevator where you fight the Seeker boss for the first time, if you're quick you can set bombs in both bomb slots at the same time and all four tubes will open simultaneously.

I actually did this lastnight.  Was very simple. Nice find.
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kesvalk: 2010-09-15 02:08:36 pm
Indie Lover
i did this the second time i got there, but i bombed the second slot twice because i didn't knew if i got it right...

it's good to hear the bomb turn actually work... i still haven't tested it...
I like to go fast!
I don't think the bomb turn is feasible.  It would take more time preparing the bomb launch than it would if you just unmorph and turn in the same instance and continue running,  and then morph back into the ball when you've  straightened out again.  The cryosphere platforms trick looks to be worth the time and effort.
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Hitaka: 2010-09-15 03:13:33 pm
Hitaka: 2010-09-15 03:13:20 pm
On the cleanup route, in the morph ball tunnel in Biosphere that leads to the Diffusion Beam area and the energy part in the waterfall room, if you set off a power bomb it will destroy all five of the drop-down blocks that are in your way at once.
That's good to know.  It should save a couple of seconds.
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Aruki: 2010-09-15 03:49:03 pm
I usually roll around and unmorph/remorph to make sharp turns. For the tiny ledges I spring ball and unmorph onto them then immediately remorph. I usually do that when I hit doors too because it seems like half the time you bump into the door and lose all your momentum, and you can regain it quicker by remorphing while running. It's nice to be able to take advantage of both biped and morphed forms since there's not a 2-3 second morph/unmorph animation like in the Prime games.

Quote from Hitaka:
In the room after the big elevator where you fight the Seeker boss for the first time, if you're quick you can set bombs in both bomb slots at the same time and all four tubes will open simultaneously.

You don't need to open all four tubes :P Only the first two.
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Hitaka: 2010-09-16 03:55:55 pm
In 100% runs, in the room in Cryosphere where you have to raise the platforms around that tentacle thing hanging from the ceiling (the room with Paraxade's shortcut), since you have to jump in the water to collect the Missile, to get back up quickly, is you stand on the very corner of the last platform, the wall target will turn green so you can shoot it. The platform will lift you up right next to the door.

Also, this may be obvious, but when you fight the pirates in the secret lab in Biosphere, try to finish the last one as close to the door as possible so you have to walk less distance in slow-walk mode.

The best speed trick ever in this game would be finding a glitch that lets you move normal in the slow walking areas.
Time bomb set get out fast!
Para, that's a brilliant observation about the water tanks. Can't believe I didn't think of it myself.

A couple of simple tricks I noticed for the first trip through Sector 1...
- In the long room where you have to go underwater to hit a charge target, you can get a considerable head start by kicking off the wall.
- A few rooms later there's an orb cannon that needs to be activated by another charge target; you're supposed to wall-climb up to it. Broly's observation about some targets seeming to have infinite range got me thinking, so I tested it. The target stays red if you're on the ground, but you only need to climb one rung to turn it green.  Same goes for a later shaft in Sector 3 that you enter from above; you can't see the target from the ledge, but grab the first rung and you can activate it.

By the way, can those things be activated at all in third-person view? I've only been able to do it in first person, although you don't have to lock on.
I don't think they can.  In the room where you activate the elevator you can fire at that switch in third person.  It'll lock onto it, auto-aim at it, but it won't do anything.  At least for a charged shot anyway.
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Hitaka: 2010-09-17 09:44:24 pm
I've tried shooting them in third-person and gotten direct hits, and nothing.

EDIT: I noticed something. Once when I paused, the Wii kept grinding like it was loading the next room. Would it be possible to save game time by pausing when a 'loading' thing comes up, as the clock stops but loading doesn't?
You can hit locks in third person. I hit the one that activates the elevator with the pirates in sector 2 without going in first person. All you have to do is jump.

You could also do that in corruption, but Paraxade decided not to do so in his speed run. It would be visually unappealing.
I would think that'd go against SDA's.
It doesn't seem like it when you read his comments on the run page.
Time bomb set get out fast!
When you fight the second Gigafraug, not only do the doors not lock, but you can actually get the 'fraug himself to charge into the ice wall and destroy it (the one you'd normally use a missile and then a bomb on). It's probably faster that way.

My little brother noticed this trick: pirates are vulnerable to friendly fire. If you jump on one to do an Overblast and there are others in the room, they'll sometimes hit him by mistake, killing him instantly. This may only work with normal pirates.
I can't remember what's been found and what hasn't these days since our discussions are all over the place, so if one or both of these has already been discovered forgive me for repeating them.

- Found out you can completely skip the battle with the second Giraffe Tree creature. The moving platform that you hang onto that goes around to the morph ball tunnel is open from the start, so you can just bypass the creature and go towards the console that unlocks the door to the save room.

- Speaking of save rooms, this one is more interesting in my mind for what it could potentially mean, unless I'm just reading too much into it. You don't have to save at all in that three-way save station if you don't want to. Just blast the opening for the morph ball tunnel (that leads to the diffusion beam) and you can proceed as normal. Grab the beam and come back, and the door will be unlocked since you unlock it from the room with the beam. I mention this because the entire time I was doing this, the map was pointing me to the save station up until I took out the Ki-Hunter hive. I don't know if this is a one-shot deal or not, but I remember someone mentioning they heard that if we somehow got to someplace we shouldn't be (as in the map wasn't pointing us towards that direction, for instance) it wouldn't load things properly. For this the map was still pointing me to that three-way station for a good 15-20 minutes and I was bypassing it no problem. (I forget though, when you get to that room and if you step on the save point, does it point you down to the one where the diffusion beam is?)
Skipping the second Giraffe tree is trickier than it looks.  At least doing it on your first try.

When you save, the map does not give you that alternate although required path.  It gives you the path in front of you and tells you to continue forward even though you cannot.  I don't know if getting Diffusion first then coming back requires a save or not though.
No, I was able to grab the diffusion and then move onward when I got back there because I unlocked the door down the alternate path. It didn't stop me. The save next to diffusion just unlocked the exit out of the save station, and no objective came up when I did that.
It's not tricky at all, you just completely ignore it and it won't bother you.