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Shocked Ingsmashers die with...just a power bomb?  How cool is that? :P Maybe it'll work on quads too...that'd probably be faster, especially if there are two.

I was messing around with the Alpha Blogg yesterday, and got him to dash around in a complete circle, without going near the wall.  Not sure how you start it, but I think it has something to do with how close you are to him (it must be close).  Anyway, I think if there's a way to keep that going, simply continuosly firing missiles or charged beam shots would be faster than the conventional method, where you waste lots of time waiting for him when he gets stuck in the wall.
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Quote from BoostR:
Shocked Ingsmashers die with...just a power bomb?  How cool is that? :P Maybe it'll work on quads too...that'd probably be faster, especially if there are two.

Nope, I just tried... it blows off their heads, but their bodies remain.
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in central mining station, while going for the ammo expansion, you can save off probably 10+ seconds.:


holding l during the entire duration of the jump makes this much easier. it seems that holding l extends the jump...
And looking up while jumping gives you more height.


A charged Dark Beam shot+missile will also kill Rezbits...I didn't know that.  It destroys Quad heads too (and if the body dies, ignore that crap about light/dark, I just blow it away with missiles).
I always just super missile the heads off as soon as I see them.
BoostR, are you planning to ever post the underwater dash jump here?  Wink

EDIT: I just found a little timesaver. I'll be damned if I know the room name, but it's the very last one before the elevator to U-Mos' place. You missile the tower, then morph ball cannon into it? There's a portal? Yeah, you know the room.

Well I found a way to avoid the tower/mbc at all when you first pass through the room (without any items). Now at the base of the tower are a couple of white bricks. Ghetto off them to the top of the War Wasp hive on the left wall. Move as close to the edge as you can, then scan dash to the left (doesn't matter what you use to dash) to land on the middle step leading up to the elevator. From here, jump onto the brown rock on the left wall, face the far door that you entered from, and use that door for another dash to the left. You should land on the very top of the plateau area, just a stone's throw from the door to the elevator. This bypasses the business of morphball cannon/tower/roll down the long track, for time savings of probably 10+ seconds.

I'll just link to it.  It's a dash jump that works underwater.  It does not require a lock on.  Or even any room to pull off. Twisted Evil Convenient, eh?


Oh, btw...I beat the Boost Guardian without the Dark Suit today.  Read more on the last page of that topic.  Thought you guys might like to know.  Wink
always move fast
abandoned worksite:

you can skip the morphball track in this room by using a "langle" (name adopted by solr =P), saves some seconds.

also, you can use another langle to get the missile, early and easily/

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What's a langle? Sorry, I'm currently not able to watch those videos as my computer is messed up.
always move fast
well, in this game, simply holding l for the duration of the jump extends it. so,

langle = hold l = angle slightly upwards (for height)
What luck, there's french fry stuck in my beard.
Hur.  I like that word.  "Langle."
While I was waiting for my health to recover before fighting the Boost Guardian (without Dark Suit), I made up a little game in which I jumped and tried to shoot as many power beam shots into the tunnel as I could before hitting the ground again. While doing this, I made a minor discovery: your jump is affected if you hold B down the whole way. If I only tapped B, my view stayed level and I could get a lot more shots through the tunnel. If I held B, my view tilted downward and it was nearly impossible to get ANY shots through.

I wasn't able to determine exactly HOW the jump is affected, if at all, height or distancewise. Just something you guys might want to play around with to invent a new jump or something. I'm not especially interested in pursuing it  :P
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Go on IRC sometime, Lecoureur.  Embarassed
Err... why? Am I just repeating stuff you guys are talking about there?
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
We seem to find more stuff there, blabbing about trying this or that.


I think I might've found a quicker way to fight Dark Samus 1, I'm not sure (but lo and behold, I get another shot at it since I used a bomb on a door and next to the door were those phazon boxes, so I blew up).
I tried to download IRC, and it didn't work, so I said "screw this" and never tried again  Crying or Very sad

This policy of never going on IRC has taken me far in life, and to change the course now would be foolhardy.

*on topic* lol you got blown up by teh boxes
Ready and willing.
There's a link to the only browser based IRC client that doesn't completely suck on the front page.
lol no way
I spent about 3 hours on your Dark Arena Tunnel trick a while ago Kip... could only get as far as you could.
I spent a while playing around with bomb jumping and I came up with a trhbj (named by LLCoolDave, no narcissism here):
And then later on LLCoolDave pointed out that this could be the solution for Dark Beam before SJ. All that's required is to reach the top of Bioenergy Production, anyone mind give it a go?
red chamber dream
Would you mind explaining the trhbj, TRH or someone else? My computer has been messed up this past week, and I cannot watch any videos.
That looks a LOT like the 3bj to me.  o_O

I can't even tell a difference-in height or the bomb timing (from the 3bj, that is).  An explanation would be nice.  :|
The difference is when you unmorph, gains alot of height. Look at the 2tbj_tbj_comparison.avi. That extra bit of height could be the difference between fail and succeed ;)

Basically its the beginning of the HBJ in prime1 , lay a bomb and then lay the second bomb before the first one explodes, so that when you're about to touch the ground again the second one will lift you up. The third and fourth bomb comes during the time that you're in the air from the first bomb.
It should sound a bit like "Bam, bam... bam-bam" :P
There should also be a few milliseconds when you start descending before the third and fourth bomb goes off.

It's not that big of a find, but as Dave said, it might help us with Dark Beam before SJ.
I searched the topic, and didn't find it mentioned, so here goes.

You know those pesky Pirate Commandoes that like to waste your time by locking the doors? You know how incredibly annoying and long-lived they are when the Ing comes into the picture (especially before you get a certain upgrade) ?

Simple solution: Charged Dark Beam + 1 Missile = dead pirate.

Now I just hope it wasn't widely known already...
I've pretty much been doing that for a lot of stuff.  Only real inconvenience before "certain upgrade" is that they have a tendency to fly off just as the Beam hits, so they don't freeze until they reach their new location, and on occasion, the beam freeze wears off before I can figure out where they went.

But it's pretty useful. Also, is it just me, or do they only lock the doors the first time you run into them? Might save time if you're going back through areas and can just run past them (I know I can when going from Landing Site to Torvus).

I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Yeah, like everyone does that on the pirate commando guys.

And a couple doors are locked when you enter each time; Torvus Grove or one of the bridges that has them seems to lock each time.