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I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Since there isn't one, I'll make a speed tricks topic.

Even though they really aren't speed tricks, I have most of the solutions to some of the puzzles, except for the 2nd rotating colors puzzle in Sanctuary Fortress.  I did write down what they start as though, and since it seems that the first one is always the same, I'd think the 2nd is the same as well.

Lower one:


Now if those x's mark the things you shoot, think of them like this:


for the 4-shot solution, simply go in this easy order:

a once
b once
c once
d once

In the Minigyro Chamber, you don't need to scan the red thing to find the combination if you know it already.


Emerald  Amber (enter) Crimson Cobalt

The upper rotating colors puzzle's initial setup is


I was too sleepy when I tried figuring what the best solution was, so maybe we can find that out now.

Echo Visor + Annihilator Beam puzzles

Main Gyro Chamber; look right at the door.  If the far left 'horn' is 1, the one across from the door is 2, and the 'horn' by the elevator is 3, the solution is 1322.

Sentinel's Path-Missile; same thing, look at the door and then going from left to right for 'horn' numbers, the solution is 3313.

Profane Path-Beam Ammo; same again, I think..but when I got over to the right a little one 'horn' was further to the right than an earlier one.  I shot 3213 to open that one.

I also found a much quicker way to get the Energy Tank in Torvus Plaza.  I didn't know I was going to do it, but I did record after doing the first step.  It involves what I call the "stickyboost", a maneuver that does help you get through most spider ball tracks faster (especially the Power Bomb Guardian, its actually a fun fight doing it).

Anyway, my recording can show what else to do (just a Screw Attack to the Energy Tank), but what I did was went up the half pipe like normal, and after the initial 3? parts of track, you get to the part where there are a couple of single pieces of spider track.  From the lower one, I messed up a stickyboost so I went out and upward.

But I didn't fall; I landed either ON that stupid flower badguy or on the thing it is stuck to, and I unmorphed, then killed the stupid thing and saw that the Energy Tank was just a Screw Attack away, handily skipping over probably 80% or more of the spider track in that room.

As for the "stickyboost", I'm not sure if other people do it, but I do all the time now to make spider track areas go by faster.  What you do is say you are going along the track, and at the end of it it goes upward.  Go to the end and go past the track, and you will be off the track but connected.  Use your boost and you should propel, but stick to the wall.  Doing this allows you to skip to the end of some parts of track very quickly, like for example the Sanctuary Entrance when going for the Power Bomb.

In that, you have to go along a track, then up to the top, and boost across to a second track, and then up it, and then boost across again to a 3rd track above the first.  If you just do a stickyboost from the top of the 1st track, you'll go right up to the top of the 3rd track, saving time.

Here's a crappy drawing showing how it could be useful:

Ok, you start at 'start' (duh) and are going to the bomb slot.  You can go along the track like normal, bombing, dropping, and reattaching, or you can stickyboost to get through it faster.

From point A, since the track is going to the right, you could stickyboost from A to C, E, or maybe even F!

From D, you could try a stickyboost to G.  If G or H are going upward, then you could say screw bombing up and just do a stickyboost right into the bomb slot (one of the bomb slots in the Power Bomb Guardian's room is exactly like that).

So yeah, go long post..let's see what speedy things we have found, guys.  :o

*Sticky added by TRH*
Thread title: 
I do that all the time...

You'd expect as much from my name, though.  :P

I haven't found any super-major speed tricks, unfortunately.  I'd like to see some fast boss strategies...those seem to be maybe the only place where speed runs could greatly differ (at this point).
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Solr had some for later bosses (but I still prefer Light Beam to Power Bombs), and I think I found some ok methods for some bosses, like Chykka or whatever and stuff.
lol no way
Well... as I posted in my other topic, entering the room to the Jump Guardian backwards is much faster. So here goes:

Faster Jump Guardian

This is done by going from the room called Portal Site (which is quite obviously the room with the portal), then, from the portal, go to the cavern on the right side of the room, bypassing the bombslot thing on the left (although you'd still prolly want to bomb it just so it's open in the light world). Shoot the energy ball thing at the top of the wall, then morph and do a 3bj-m up the wall. Shoot the next orb, and go into the door.
Once the door's open, start charging and shoot the lightbringer guy with the charge (or if you're lazy shoot him with a missile; on hard mode though, do both). Morph and roll over to the right side, where that sand is; the sand should provide enough extra height for you to be able to 3bj-m and land on the top of that wall, although I admit it took me a lot of tries and really isn't the easiest thing... a lot harder than the earlier 3bj-m. Also, when you're doing the 3bj-m here, make sure you don't start holding forward against the wall until you're about to morph, otherwise Samus will unmorph sideways and won't keep going forward once you're at the top of the ledge, and you won't make it. Once you're up there I advise killing the bladepods on the other side, and getting their pickups... if you didn't shoot a missile before they'll definitely give you energy, if anything, and while you're collecting that energy the next room will load. Go into the next room, and go left, jumping toward the orb and shooting it. From here you can start shooting full charges/missiles at the Jump Guardian's invisible body, which happens to be across the room in front of the statue of the Luminoth, which, if you don't know where that is, is in front of the green Super Missile door on your map. Drain his health, and fight him, and tada, that's much faster than going the normal way.

Also, even though most people prolly already know this, what I do for Chykka:
When it's in adult form, just use seekers on its wings... you can take out all 4 at once I'm pretty sure, since it takes like 2 missiles to take out one wing.
Yeah I guess I "sticky boost" sometimes too.  :o

1. Everyone and their mom has at some point mentioned that in Dynamo Access (Sanctuary Fortress) you can ghetto jump/dbj/3bj over the wall in the middle of the room instead of rolling under the floor.

2. Something I found but didn't post on this board: it's the first "tall" room in Sanctuary Fortress, don't remember the name. There's the morph ball cannon at the bottom of the room that shoots you to a spider ball track and you boost all around and eventually get an energy tank. Well instead of doing all that crap, you start at the top of the room, do a 3bj up to the lowest hanging spider ball sphere, unmorph so you're standing on top of the sphere, hop over to the roof of the big middle structure, and finally space jump + mid air morph straight into the spider track above the e-tank. You latch onto the track about 1 foot away from the tank. This takes maybe 5 or 6 seconds as opposed to the 25ish that the normal way takes.

3. Sparky's trick in Hall of Combat Mastery, the mid air morph straight to the missile. This skips pretty much the entire puzzle, maybe 30 seconds saved.

4. When you first enter Dark Agon, take the right path instead of the left one to reach the Jump Guardian a helluva lot quicker. As an added bonus, you can shoot him to within an inch of his life while he's omg invisible.  Thanks to ajbolt for that one. EDIT: hmm well he posted this above me, how do you like that?

5. Another from me: Abandoned Base, on the way to Torvus for the first time. Well actually it's the dark version of the room that concerns us here. Instead of riding the Luminoth transport around the room while being attacked by little bat thingies, you ghetto straight up to the Portal and save buttloads of time.

6. Another from me: After you beat Dark Samus 2 at the really high room in Sanctuary Fortress and have taken the Portal to the dark version, there's a spinner that you use to rotate some spiderball tracks or some such nonsense. Well don't even bother with the spinner. Just spider up the track and do a dbjm while pushing ever-so-slightly forward. You'll unmorph and land on top of the track, at which point you can jump straight up to the Portal.

7. *Coming soon to a theatre near you, brought to you by LeCoureur103* Skip the Caretaker Drone! (Or whatever you call the guy in the tower where you use the spider ball and boost across to hit the things in the middle) Yeah seriously I'm pretty close with this one. Literally inches away.

That's a start for some speed tricks, eagerly awaiting stuff from others.


8. In the first Mining Station, the one with the cannons and the Beam Ammo expansion, well you can get the Beam Ammo before having either the dark or light beams. As far as I know this means that once you get the beams you'll start with 100 ammo. (I believe Ekarderif found this one.) This would be quite useful against all the Ing in Dark Agon when you're going for the Temple Key, and probably useful against Amorbis as well.
um..don't know how many people know this, but on hard you can take out bomb guardian the third time you stun him. If you use a fully charged shot all 3 times, he has a little health left over, so what you do is, on one of the times, use about 6 pea shots before the fully charged shot.

And dark missile trooper can be killed with the freeze/missile combo, despite the fact that he has a health bar.

And in Hive Dynamo Works, you can skip the spider stuff there, by jumping on the end of the morph ball tunnel then screwing to the ledge the key guy is at.

And you can get the Ing Reliquary key without light suit..I accidentally did that my first time through. You need around 9 tanks though, so it could only have use in 100%, and even then I doubt it since this key is near the Defiled Shrine one, which is right next to the gateway. There would have to be a time in the route where you pass by this room with around 9 tanks, yet don't have light suit.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Wow, never heard of 2, 5, and 6..they sound cool.  In the dark version of 2, you can do the same thing; there's a save room, and from that ledge you can jump onto the top of the spider track there, then grab the Ing Hive Key instead of doing all that crap from the bottom.  You can also then boost from the ring the key was between onto a ledge, but it sucks if you fall down.

On another note, in Hall of Combat Mastery, you can do a ghetto jump into a midair unmorph to get over the spider ball track in front of the door to the elevator going up to the Dynamo.  Not sure if it saves time, though.

I also was trying to get into the Spider Guardian's room backwards via Dynamo Works by the elevator (right where that midair morph over the track in HOCM would land you), but it won't let me in.  :(

Lecoureur, what does skipping Caretaker Drone entail?  I have a save right after getting the Spider Ball at Reactor Core if you think I can help somewhat (didn't see you at #samus.co.uk).
Ready and willing.
I'm pretty darn good at puzzles like those rotating color ones, but I can't remember whether they rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, and I don't have a save anywhere NEAR one of them. Help?
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
IIRC, the two on the left side rotate clockwise, and the two on the right rotate counter-clockwise.  I could be wrong; but I can go check in a minute, too.
Well all the Caretaker Drone does is let you get up that blue door in Main Research(?), he doesn't give you an item or anything. So he's not important.

So starting from the blue door ledge on the other side of the room, space jump over to the spider track on the right wall.

That's sort of what the tracks look like, and you can land on either of the S's really. Now on the upper-left one, there is a little machine thing that moves back and forth. From the spider track, you jump on top of the little moving thing. When the moving thing is as far as it will go to the left, let fly with the space jump over to the blue door... there's an invisible barrier slightly to the right which you have to look out for. Well with running starts and l-locks and all that jazz, you can get within like 2 inches of landing by the blue door. It's ridiculous how close you can get.

If you've got any ideas on how to make up that 2 inches, I'd be glad to hear them.
What luck, there's french fry stuck in my beard.
I think I found a speed trick that everyone and their mothers have probably already found that only saves two seconds max...

In Sanctuary Fortress, in the dynamo room (it's where you first fight a quad), when going up the platforms, when you have the Screw Attack: there's a point on one platform that there's two platforms--one you can reach, and one you just barely can't with your Space Jump. If you initiate the Screw Attack at just the right moment, you should be able to clear the height and get to it, saving maybe a second or two.

But ya'll probably already knew this.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Got Powerbombs in my after spider game, and found something not uber important, but it would save a little bit of time.

In Training Chamber, when going to that yellow door back to the Sanctuary, after using the bomb slot to move that bird, there are 2 little metal pipes or something going up out of the water.  You can land on those and then jump to the yellow door instead of going in the water and spidering up.

Lecoureur, isn't that door greyed out until you fight Caretaker?  Question

Edit: the door has locks on it.  How to get through?

Also, it's not much of one, but in Main Research, when going for the Missile, don't start on the spider track on the left side, just go to the right and do a double bomb jump.
Well if it is, that's what I get for messing around on a file that has the rat bastard beaten  :(

btw, who is that girl in your sig? the left one?
Ready and willing.
Those sigs rotate.
rotating sigs?  how very decadent! well it's usually the same girl. she's blond and sometimes she has a sword  :?

also, i got filter'd in that last post. "rat kraid"...  Rolling Eyes
What luck, there's french fry stuck in my beard.
She's from a hentai game, apparently.
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Take it to PM. I don't want this topic to get cluttered.

Edit: When fighting DS the first time, when she does her shinespark thing, make sure you jump so she shinesparks into a solid wall. This'll prevent her from having to recover, she just backflips and continues.
Also, it's not much of one, but in Main Research, when going for the Missile, don't start on the spider track on the left side, just go to the right and do a double bomb jump.

Or you could jump straight onto the track when you first enter the room, then morph and latch on.  Wink
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I noticed this a while ago but some people might not have.

In the room in Dark Agon called "Hall of Stairs" (has a halfpipe that's shattered in the light world), there's a large pillar that you shoot with the dark beam to lower it and use it as a platform. Instead of that, just run over to the back of the room, jump on the bladepods, and jump up. Saves maybe 4 seconds.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
Not that it helps, but I found 2 other methods of getting up to that upper left S mark (assuming it is on top of the horizontal moving metal thing), 1 is from where the Luminoth lore is in the area (you can stand on it, and then jump to the 'hammer' to the left side of the track) or you can ghetto jump into the same 'hammer' on the side and mash jump like mad and make it back up to the track.

I've tried a scan dash from atop the horizontal moving thing, and L-lock jumps, but I still can't get high enough.

I tried a stickyboost from the top left corner, and it looked like I got bounced off where the door is.  Not sure.

The blonde is named Saber, I just said 'hey she looks like Agrias from FFT so I'll find pictures'.

Lecoureur, for 5, which side/thing am I ghettoing from to get up to the portal?

Edit: nm, I got it.  Very neat. :o
Amorbis likes to use this purple laser attack when there are two or more worms attached to the sphere (a waste of something around 15 seconds since you can't hurt him). If you're in front of one of them when they finish attaching, it will keep trying to smack you as long as you stay near it, and the laser doesn't get used. It's possible to go the whole fight without seeing it this way.
Speaking of Amorbis, I found an interesting trick, but it's most likely been noticed before:

If you fire a charged light beam shot at him while in either form, it takes him out all of the way. Basically, if you hit him during the tunneling phase, it knocks off his armor entirely, instead of having to pump missiles and charged power beams into him. Then, when he's attatched to the ball, if you hit him again the armor on his head is destroyed, immediately letting you get inside him. (The whole sukcing you in sequence)

If I counted right, you can eliminate Amobis completely with about 60 light beam ammo, if you hit every single time with the charged shot. (Almost said 36, but it's not 3 shots per charge, it's 5 Embarassed)
lol no way
I'm typing up a list of what's put in here that should be added to the site, so anything that's not been mentioned in this topic, please mention it... I don't mind scouring the other topics, but you know, it's easier if it's all here.

Edit: yaaay sticky!
Quote from LeCoureur103:
5. Another from me: Abandoned Base, on the way to Torvus for the first time. Well actually it's the dark version of the room that concerns us here. Instead of riding the Luminoth transport around the room while being attacked by little bat thingies, you ghetto straight up to the Portal and save buttloads of time.

Hey, I like this one.  Lets you waltz right into Torvus without the Dark Suit. :P
My friend BoostR informs me that I *ahem* got to the Grapple Beam without doing any of the puzzles that the programmers intended. In the room in lower Dark Torvus with the spinner and the laser orb thing, you normally spin the orb, warp back to the light world, run around a little bit, warp back, and eventually do something or another to get to the upper ledge of the orb room.

Well,  all I did was ghetto up to the top of the orb and jump straight to the ledge leading to Gathering Hall(?). This is how I did it the first time I was playing through the game, and I suspected all along that it was not the correct way, but I never did find the proper way to do it, so there you go. Saves a minute or two, I guess  :o