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Here is a load of speed tricks recorded :

1)root cave :


This one must save about 4secs twice because you cross that room twice in the game.

After performing the dash, the fastest way to reach the upper door is that :


2)impact crater : 


That's another double BSJ. By performing this one, you no longer have to go to the right side of the room and ghetto jump to the roots in the wall. You can reach the roots in the wall faster by doing this BSJ.

3)Phendrana shorelines :

A silly ghetto jump which saves 2secs. a sec. because you get in front of the door faster and another sec. because the room doesn't load. Instead of jumping on the flying platform, I ghetto jump to the higher ledge directly

There is also a useless trick I discovered in Tallon canyon. In fact, I was trying to get into the SW in that room but I couldn't do it. I got sick of reaching the upper level by boosting in the halfpipe  each time I fell. So I tried to find another way than boosting in the halfpipe to get to the upper level and I found this silly BSJ :)

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I really like that Phendrana Shorelines Ghetto. :D I'm quite suprised that no-one else thought of that sooner tbh...
Here's a shortcut from the bottom of Hydra to the top:
And there are two vids of really silly spacepirates:
The downloads do only work for 30 days from now on.
hahah. looks like that pirate ran out of ammo or something. cool vids.
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Sorry, but rapidshare sucks b*lls. No offense, but it ALWAYS scams me with a message saying that my IP address is already downloading something from them (when it clearly isn't)! Happens ALL the time and only with rapidshare :(

So I can't view those vids above :(
Quote from nate:
cool vids.

Thanks nate. :D
Quote from Andrew Mills:
Sorry, but rapidshare sucks b*lls. No offense, but it ALWAYS scams me with a message saying that my IP address is already downloading something from them (when it clearly isn't)! Happens ALL the time and only with rapidshare :(

So I can't view those vids above :(

If you give me an url where you are able to download it, i'll upload it there tomorrow.  8-)
Idea and original performance by Sparky.

Also http://www.metroid2002.com/trh/vids/gth_climb.avi, my idea. ;p
Very nice way to climb great tree hall quickly! 8-)  Good job
can anyone read through this and tell me if it's anything new? thanks.

I think i figured out something in metroid prime that's not on your metroid2002 site.You have to do this: go into Ruined Courtyard from it's main entrance and turn left and climb up the ice that stick up. Get to the biggest piece of ice in the back of the room and get on top of it(next to the bomb slot). Once on top of it turn all the way around facing to where you came from and you should see some black stuff on the right wall. Look out aways and look for the one that sticks out the most that has very little room between the the wall and it. Now do a L-Lock Spring Space Jump out to it and you should be able to land on it. Next, walk on the ledge going to the main entrance and get fairly close but not really close to the edge. Now turn left facing the platform in the air connected to the wall thing in the middle of the room. Next, back up against the wall until you can get a little higher than the platform your on. Now hold L and jump back against the wall so you can gain more height. Only do this for a few fractions of a second then jump forward toward the platform your facing. Once you've jumped forward release L and turn to the right in mid-air so you have a better chance of landing on the platform. Once you do that just jump up the rest of the platforms like you normally do and your done. 

Sorry about emailing you so much but i figured out another thing. This one's sorta like a speed trick. Here's how you do it: come in from the main entrance and turn a little to the right. you should see little platforms sticking out on the big building to your right. Now go to them and jump to the last one against the wall. Once on it turn all the way around to exit but dont look at the door. Now hold L and jump to the right off the little platform and then move yourself to the left, then jump again to the right, then press forward. You can let go of L after you jump the second time. You should of landed on the snow platform above where you came in. now turn all the way around and face the platform in the middle of the room where you trigger the ice shreik bats. Now L-lock spring space jump of this snow ledge and then turn to the left in mid-air to land easier on the platform, then the rest is what you would normally do. Also if you don't want to L-lock spring space jump to the platform, you can just turn to the left where the crystallite is and L-jump over there instead and continue on. Please tell me if this isnt known or not, and if you can, say if you can or not make videos of the 2 things I figured out and put them on your metroid2002 video site:D Thx.

sorry, i forgot to put the name of the place of where i found the second one. the 2nd one is at ice ruins west. sorry about this, i was stupid.

I know, I know this is the 5th email but i found another speed trick. Here's what you got to do: First go to the back entrance of Omega Reasearch. Next come in aways and look towards your left. You should see 2 little squares connected to the wall. Jump onto the second one that's farthest on this wall. Once on it turn around to the main entrance and you should see a giant pole thing in the middle of the room with a floating platform next to it in the air. Now look for a little platform sticking out of the giant pole. Jump to the one that is right in front of your view of the floating platform. Once on now just jump to the floating platform then continue on.  I don't need to ask again what i said in the 3rd email:D Thx in advance
Well, none of these rooms have sections under speed tricks.  That much is new.

The first one's another way to climb Ruined Courtyard, and possibly harder; it's unnecessary because of the ghetto off the spinner/L-lock SJ nearest the energy tank.  I don't see his method beating that ghetto jump speed-wise.

The second one sounds like a different way of quickly climbing IRW.  The ghetto to the Wave door should be what's put up, if anything.  I don't see the benefit of this method.

Where's the missing e-mail?  Not good enough to put up, I take it?

Dunno about Omega Research.  I've heard of a fast way to climb OR, but not only do I not practice it, I don't even remember what it is. :\
first email was as follows:

hey. do u have msn?
Well, I went through an recreated each trick, so here is my two cents:

Ruined Courtyard:
In my 100% SS speed run trials I fell to the bottom of Ruined Courtyard often enough that I decided to look for a quick and easy way back up.  What I found is the exact same trick describe by Master ZED.  The ghetto jump off the spinner to the energy tank platform is a quick and easy means to climb to the top of Ruined Courtyard.  Having tried the other method described in the email, I can definitely say that it is slower and harder then the ghetto jump off the spinner.

Ice Ruins West:
There are actually a variety of different ghetto jumps to get on top of the platforms in Ice Ruins West (in fiddling around for just 5 minutes I found 4 different locations, one being right at the base of the platform to the wave beam door).  The only speed route that I am really familiar with is the 100% route, and the only time I need to be on top of the platforms is late in the game where I actually enter the room from the wave beam door.  So the method described in the email would be completely useless to me.  However, with that said, if one where to come from the main entrance and wanted to get on top of the platforms, the method in the email works without much difficulty.

Omega Research:
Again, the only route I am really familiar with is the 100% route.  So the only time I pass through this room, where I enter from the bottom and require reaching the top, is directly after acquiring the main power bomb expansion.  At this point in the game I am forced to battle one of the elite pirates to unlock the doors, and that battle naturally positions me at the intended means of exiting the room, thus I exit as intended.  To do the trick described in the email would actually lose me time.  With that said, if the elite is already dead and you enter Omega Research from the bottom, the trick described in the email is an easy and fast means to reach the top.  However, with all the troopers who are bound to be shooting at you, there is a significant chance you will miss a jump and thus lose time.

Neat tricks but not very helpful in terms of speed (at least for a 100% game).
The omega research one is slower than the normal route, unless you want to reach the mapstation, but who needs a map anyway?
cool, thanks. merged with the speed tricks topic for future reference.
I believe I found a speed trick in the Hall of Elders, but I dont know much about speed tricks in metroid prime so correct me if I'm wrong. This is tricky to explain but here goes:

If you look towards the morph ball tunnel that leads to the wave door, you will see that most of it is covered with many skinny bars. A part of the tunnel is not covered. Now below that section of tunnel and to the right a bit, you will see a ledge. When on the ledge, look to the left corner of the ledge. There is a tiny piece of the ledge sticking out just past a half-pillar thing. Stand on it, and go into the morph ball. Now do a well-timed 3bj (done it with it), or a hbj/ubj (pretty sure), or a tbj (not sure, but maybe), and angle the bomb jump slightly to the left. If timed correctly, you will go into the tunnel. I believe that you can do this as soon as you enter the room, although you might have to activate the first bomb slot when you come back for the artifact.

I hope you understand this and I hope it works.
Yes The Dark Knight, this trick is already known (I actually performed it in my SS 100% speed run).

It is a very cool trick in my opinion because 1) it looks cool 2) its faster then using the Chozo Statue to boost up and 3) by skipping the wave-locked bomb slot, you actually skip a Chozo Ghost battle that supposed to occur latter in the game.

Congratulations on finding it on you own though.
I found a speed trick in root cave for 100%, it maybe saves about a sec or two

use the dash jump in the same place as the old one but lock on to the red spike, where you landed before. from this point dash right, if it was done right you should land on the branch.
Quote from Ding Chavez:
Yes The Dark Knight, this trick is already known (I actually performed it in my SS 100% speed run).

Lets get it on the site then.
I don't know if it would really work but here is an idea for a speed trick in sun tower :

I noticed that you can get instant unmorphs near the top of the spider ball track during the infinite bomb jump on the corner. The idea is to use a bsj to reach the top door so that we could skip 3-4 bomb jumps. It would only save 3secs though.
I don't know if it's really worth trying.
sounds like a job for sparky.
I was fooling around in the room with the spiderball maze in phazon mines. I was able to start at the bottom of the room and climb my up all the way to the top without the spiderball. I dont know if this is already known or if its useless, but anything helps.
Quote from The Dark Knight:
I was fooling around in the room with the spiderball maze in phazon mines. I was able to start at the bottom of the room and climb my up all the way to the top without the spiderball. I dont know if this is already known or if its useless, but anything helps.

It's known.
Good job finding it independently, though.
In related news, I knew that you could TBJ in HOTE to skip wave slot activation and save a few seconds, but as I suck at TBJ's I didn't include it in my no-damage Prime run.  NOW... if I had known that skipping the wave slot let you get the artifact of World w/o getting pestered by Chozo Ghosts, you can bet your ass I would have practiced that TBJ until I could include it in the run.  I downloaded DC's single-segment 100% a few weeks ago, and I knew something was funny about HOTE the second time through... now I know what it was.  No Ghosts.
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* kicks self in the ass repeatedly *
That TBJ would have saved 10 seconds on doing it the first time, and 20-30 seconds on the second HOTE visit, not to mention making that segment LOADS easier.
* kicks self some more *
That's what I get for falling behind on my Prime speedrun watching.
geo core: I don't know if this is much of a speed trick.

when you have raised the last spinner you usually jump up the spider boll way, but if you lock on to the puddle and then jump up half the way of the spider track, you can then dash left and jump up to the platform with your second jump.

also if you are quick enough to press L  after the first jump you can keep the lock on and then dash jump to the bomb slot.
I've heard kip made a list with all discovered speedtricks since his 1:04 run. Anybody got it?

In the room with the Artifact of Sun, shoot the door while climbing it so you won't have to open it after you got the artifact.

Same thing might be faster in Phendrana's edge (shoot the wave door while climbing the room so you don't have to open it after getting the artifact), but the door still takes a while to load, though that might be caused by me doing this on the Pal version.

There might be other places where this is useful; geo core comes to mind right now.... and the room with the artifact near wave buster? (would probably have to run backwards to it though)
Quote from XtraX:
I've heard kip made a list with all discovered speedtricks since his 1:04 run. Anybody got it?

This copy was downloaded on 0% day (2/14/05), and by May or so he no longer had it (nor the referenced videos) in his directory.  The creation of this document, and the systematic searching for missed dashes in his 1:04, were chronicled in SCU's (now offline) forum (the speedtricks/low% topic).