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Ok I've had this idea a few times. It was annoying that there never was a 'speed tricks topic' so I always had to find some other place to post new tricks. I thought that it wasn't really worth it for just one trick, however this is like the tenth time that that happend so I decided to make a topic. And even though this game is a few years old there are still new things found these days.

Anyway, this has probably been tried before but I thought of a way to get through a locked door:


The lock appears once you enter the room. To bad that the lock magicly floats in front of the door when it opens. Tried something to do in main quary too but the lock's always there even when you haven'd entered the room yet.
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Ready and willing.
Actually, I always hated the Echoes speed tricks topic. Looking through 60 pages of crap for information made me not bother.
Don't worry, this topic will never hit 60 pages :D. If you find something you can just drop it here rather then posting it randomly in some other topic.
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The only way to bypass locked doors is with SW abuse. Nice try, but I think that's ONE thing, you WON'T get past without them...
You can do the same thing in OP's room. Can't get through there either.
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if you could bypass locked doors, you could do a slower, but easier thardus pass w/o fighting thardus (do the Quarantine cave escape then bypass the lock on the wave door).

but i dont see us bypassing that code...
New way of doing the vent shaft bomb jump:


I got this idea and managed to get it twice in just a few minutes. The timing of the last two bombs is tricky though. To me it feels that the bomb jump can be a lot more sucky and still make it.
go 3bj style; added, not set. good find.
I can confirm that this method is actually flickerbat easy. I was struggeling with it at first but once you get the timing down its nothing compared to the older method which, in my case, was a 1 in 100 chance of making it.

Timing of bomb 2,3 and 4 are the same as the site describes. Lay bomb 5 and 6 at the top of bomb 3 with bomb 5 just a bit lower than bomb 6. Bomb 5 and 6 are the toughest and if you struggle with them you probably have to lay them down a bit earlier, at least thats what I experienced.
why did no one think of this earlier. >_< guess i'll update the site with it if there are no objections?
red chamber dream
No objections here. Just tried it; it's easier for me, too. :)
in ruined fountain, If you're coming from arboretrum, it is much faster to perform a 2BSJ near the door leading to arboretrum to reach the spider ball track and the missile faster.

I'll post a vid if it's needed.
red chamber dream
Sounds good on paper. I'd love to see a vid.
Okay I'll record that trick :D
Though, I won't be able to post the vid until next week-end or more :(
But I'll also post a dash trick in root cave saving 2-3secs. :D
If I can reproduce it of course :(
like to see it. I'm doing a speed run of Metroid Prime with 100% So far, i just aquirred the missle launcher, along with the other 2 missle expansions in Main Plaza. I just started the run yesterday so, unless you think i suck...well im dont! Im not going to play it tonight until i get enough info on ALL the speed tricks
I have got a couple of tricks that apply to a 100% game.

At Phendrana Shorelines (at the end of the main item loop), after you acquire the missile from the Ice.  You can actually jump right up on top of the rock that was holding the missile and proceed from there to the next missile, instead of having to go around and climb the intended slope (saves about 5ish seconds).  Just jump around to the other side of the rock that was holding the missile, and then use the slant of the rocks surface to give you a boost up to the top.

At Phendrana’s Edge, when going for the power bomb expansion:  If you struggle at getting the Sparky style jump off the sloped wall from the door with the artifact, but are too impatient for the Radix style jump to-and-from the little nook.  Then when you exit from the artifact room, jump to the first platform on your right and then switch to the scan visor.  You can then scan jump off of the grapple-beam-creature-thingy right to the platform that leads to the power bomb expansion.  It takes a little mid-air twisting, but it is much easier then Sparky’s method and faster then Radix’s.  I would say this is about a second slower the Sparky’s method and a solid 3 seconds faster then Radix’s method.  This trick is a touch conditional however due to the possibility of bad creature placement, sometimes it becomes a very difficult scan jump instead of a quick and easy time saver.

In the large room between Gravity Chamber and Frozen Pike (I can’t remember the name), when you first enter this room coming from Phendrana’s Edge, and dash jump off the stalactite in order to reach the other side that leads to the Gravity Suite:  On the way back though this room after having acquired the Gravity Suite, heading towards Frozen Pike, it is actually fairly easy to boost across the ground instead of just L-Jumping your way across.  The gap along the path that is seemingly a guaranteed fall is not actually that hard to boost across.  Just time it right and keep to the right side and you will make it no problem.  And if it looks like you are going to fall, just unmorph and hold forward, you should still catch the ledge.  It is a touch risky, but it will save at least a full second. Wow, 1 second! YES!!!
just discovered this today...

right when you start the game, at the frigate, shoot the red things to make them blue.  then you stand as far from the scan thing that activates the next red things. now scan it...you wont see the cutscene thing where the red things appear.
weird, what version is this? i'd only heard of this before the first elevator in the frigate.
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Quote from nate:
weird, what version is this? i'd only heard of this before the first elevator in the frigate.

I believe he means that the 'Teleport Samus' cut-scene where Samus needs to be on the metal grating is the one where in NTSC if you're too far away, you won't see samus directly in front of the next set of targets.
Here's the vid showing my trick in ruined fountain :

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Quote from silent (((((echo))))):
Here's the vid showing my trick in ruined fountain :


Nice trick! :D And VERY nice video quality!  Shocked You change capture quality since your MP2 run?
In fact, I compressed this vid to pseudo-high quality. It's the first time I do that. None of my MP2 runs are in high quality but next ones will be.
That trick is awesome... i'd say it looks around 10 seconds quicker than what i did in my run. Have never tried one of those dbj instant unmorph things, so i don't know how hard they are. I certainly wouldn't want to do that in that segment if it was at all difficult though.
I just found an interisting BSJ in impact crater in the main room to reach the roots quickly. I don't know if it really saves time, I'll post a vid.
Quote from silent (((((echo))))):
Here's the vid showing my trick in ruined fountain :


Cool looking trick silent echo. 

I am curious though whether or not this trick really saves time.  I question this only because one would only go for that missile during a 100% run, and you don’t come from that door during the run (unless these is a better route then Sparky’s that I am not aware of).  I think if you entered that room from that door, then this trick would definitely be a time saver.

Nevertheless, very cool trick!