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Draconif: 2017-05-18 09:12:59 pm
Some stuff


E-Core Puzzle Skip re-entry Strat

100% Phen Shorelines

Easy Left Side Furnace

Flaahgra Dashes


Watery Hall

No Attack Cancel 2 Pool VS. Justin's 3 Pool Strat

Training Chamber Wallcrawl VS Inbounds

HotE CS Overlap VS No CS Overlap

Elevator Access B: Boosting VS R-Jump

Gathering Hall Comparison (OoB entry)
Workstation (from Plasma)

cool r dash vs insanely stupid locked r dash
Obviously the lock wins but good god it's awful. The spot I landed on requires moving back a tad or doing a 1 (maybe 2?) frame dash >.>
Easier to optimize r dash so just do that tbh.
Root Cave Again

Arboretum 1 Bomb BSJ

Main Plaza Tree Dash

Tallon Canyon Double Jump Dash

Shorelines Weenie Dash


Main Plaza Tree Dash VS R-Jump

Shorelines -> IRW

Root Tunnel

Excellent name. Is it just boosting after hitting that small bump or do you have to let go of the control stick, tilt it somewhere, or get lucky?
You have to release the control stick after boosting. Kind of similar to the boost down to the plasma door in Phendrana's Edge.
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Jack879: 2017-07-19 11:58:45 am
Jack879: 2017-06-01 04:16:19 pm
Jack879: 2017-06-01 04:16:08 pm

thanks for telling me to roll whomever it was

ore processing: this is easier and faster
Landing Site -> Ship Dash Strat

Landing Site -> Ship Comparison (Boost VS R-Jump)

Aetherless Furnace Strat (No Wall Wiggle)

Arboretum Comparison (Any%)
Lots of stuff


Fungal Hall B -> Newborn

Frozen Pike Cancer Strat

Invisible Drone Strat

PPC Jump

Research Lab Aether

Research Core

Frost Cave Alternative Dash

Fast HotE Transition

FHA Metroid Dash

GTH Backups

Wavesun Chozo Ice Temple Load

Firey Shores

Shorelines SW Strat

Triclops Pit (any%)


PPC Comparison (Jump VS Boost w/o instant unmorph)

Shorelines SW Entrance Comparison

South Core Tunnel Comparison (Very rough timing; boost can be done better)

Phazon Core Comparison (Ghetto VS BSJ; BSJ can do jumps sooner to ledge clip)

Chozo Ice Temple Load Comparison

Cool Missile VS Non Cool Missile (Boosting to Root Cave can be done on the left video)

Fungal Hall A Comparison (Glider dash can be done a little faster)

Quarantine Access B Comparison (They're the same speed; the non-instant unmorph costs about 13 extra health iirc.)

Central Dynamo Comparison (Collecting PBs from crates)

Frozen Pike Comparison
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
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Jack879: 2017-06-10 07:53:40 pm

stupid but fastest I think
Edit: http://puu.sh/wgwpU/1f36c10b39.avi here's the version w/ r dash rather than normal dash. It's as awful as it looks.
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Hazel: 2017-06-12 07:37:43 pm
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks

rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
Reflecting Pool comp for 100%

Any% Triclops Pit

Main Plaza 100% first missile comp

Watery Hall Access Post-Charge (proving what we already knew)

Root Cave SJ Dash after Arbor Chamber

Root Cave R jump to the missile (I was told this was known but I felt like adding it regardless)
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Jack879: 2017-07-19 11:59:36 am
Sun IS Lightshow Cancel demo; read the description

Monitor Station comp (puffer vs. turret -> puffer)

Warrior Shrine comp
37 frames of morphing normally is not shown here (due to control loss when touching an artifact, but animations continue), so morph wins.

Ruins Entrance comp

Difference of 2 frames in favor of unmorphing, though I had many more attempts for that and it's more difficult because there is no break between second and third boosts unlike the bounce (which is 100% consistent and not stupid like ledge clipping/getting above the ledge before morphing).

Elite Control comp

A second difference at most.

Ice Ruins West comp

61 frame difference so expect about a second difference (they're both sloppy).

MQB Dash vs. SJ dash

Remi brought up the SJ dash method so I took a crack at it. Barely different. The SJ dash will be further out into the room which may or may not help with the dash.

E Core r jump idea

Saves 10 frames or so, could be better, but more risky especially when you can turn too far and fly off into the bottom of the room.

HotE boost for World

9 frame difference. Easy and consistent, worth doing.

Lava Lake

18 frame difference, possibly more but it's very difficult.

Ruins Entrance

Elite Pirate hop

Gathering Hall door loads (Auto-loads only)

Tower of Light boost

Root Tunnel

All future videos will be on this playlist.
Kind of lagging the board adding so many videos on 1 page.
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Jack879: 2018-01-18 10:51:06 pm
Quote from Jack879:
Guess I'll add this here, since it is a veeeery slight time-save and I already posted it in the discord. I'm not aware if it was known before but at least there's another video of it now!

It was stated that this is slower, but upon review and with new knowledge, I am confident that it is faster. The rebuttal was that it did not change the location of optimal unmorping; this is true, but you are pushed to that location sooner than rolling or boosting past the bump of the door. Upon framecounting both the video and my PB (which boosted into the bump), I saved 6 frames reaching the same spot. It is confirmed faster until proven otherwise to me.
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Jack879: 2018-03-14 06:12:03 pm
Jack879: 2018-03-14 06:11:15 pm

Reposition should save a second at least. Likely more because more time for the door to open means prepping a dash through the hallway is now even easier. Easier trick, easier faster method, good idea by Cody7377.