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Draconif: 2017-05-18 09:12:59 pm
Some stuff


E-Core Puzzle Skip re-entry Strat

100% Phen Shorelines

Easy Left Side Furnace

Flaahgra Dashes


Watery Hall

No Attack Cancel 2 Pool VS. Justin's 3 Pool Strat

Training Chamber Wallcrawl VS Inbounds

HotE CS Overlap VS No CS Overlap

Elevator Access B: Boosting VS R-Jump

Gathering Hall Comparison (OoB entry)
Workstation (from Plasma)

cool r dash vs insanely stupid locked r dash
Obviously the lock wins but good god it's awful. The spot I landed on requires moving back a tad or doing a 1 (maybe 2?) frame dash >.>
Easier to optimize r dash so just do that tbh.