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Someone pleeeeease find twin fires SW
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
We already have a Twin Fires SW, it just requires Boost Ball and infinite boosting for a few days.
sounds fast
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That's cool to know the route saves a ton with LOTAD. Must be like 2-3 minutes in a real-time setting or more. Somebody solve 20% please

Speaking of Crossway, I timed the boosting in the tunnel and retimed my Crossway vid since I looked back on it and found improvements to make. gonna just edit the old post for CWay. (spoilers dash wins)

You'll hit this gate even if you hit the load trigger early (first pass, not ghosts). Delay boosting for a second and it'll save quite a bit. (it also slows you down after the tunnel, it's just that the slower one hit the bump on the left, which makes it even worse, so I removed it just to time the boosting. Still vastly superior to wait)
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Jack879: 2017-05-18 02:51:33 pm
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thanks edzan for the video, sorry for butchered quality. "Biohazard saves 8 seconds" lmao

shit dash saves over good rolling due to door, might break even if you unmorph at door?
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Hazel: 2017-04-20 05:41:53 pm
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
This unmorph is kinda precise, but honestly if you slow down first it's not that hard non-TAS.

do an r jump and turn right seemed to save more time but idk. Thank Hazel's tas for this GREAT TRICK! Anybody who is confident with their low% Ruined Shrine likely won't be as scared to land as I was.
rocks, locks, and invisible blocks
3BSJ method saves ~6-7 seconds

for the dash strat you can space your 2nd jump later so you fly into the hole.
Also I think L-jumping is faster in the small potion after the dash than morphing and boosting unless you get an instant unmorph consistently.
yeah was just for my own purposes to test r jump vs. dash. Bunny hopping is far faster than L jumps and that's faster than boosting, was just to maintain consistency with what I already had on file.
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JustinDM: 2017-04-28 09:57:16 pm
What T3 did here was pretty good.

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Draconif: 2017-05-18 02:20:54 pm
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Thought I'd share this comparison. Both are done pretty sloppily but oh well.

Posting this one too.
Thanks for timing those. Wanted to add that df also did a rough timing of Gathering Hall missile and Main Plaza tank. First is 4-5 seconds and the second is about 8. Good to know for anybody who is considering dropping more items.
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Another comparison and a some strats.

IRW Comparison:


Stupid IRE Dash.

A Lava Lake Alternative.

A Root Cave dash strat. Kinda hard.

Chozo Ice Temple Double Jump Dash thing.

Alternative 100% Ruined Fountain thing.

Some IBBF Strats.

- About the same speed as the fastest strat.

Edit: Main Quarry strat thing.

Another Elite Skip method.

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Jack879: 2017-05-07 11:08:21 am
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Edit: Apparently somebody was unable to understand what I meant in my description. There's a wall piece that sticks out and you can strafe into it then just stop, turn, morph and you get IS setup.
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2.0 GPA Flaahgra Dash

Lava Lake Strat. Dash after Nature is an SJ dash (dashing during your SJ to get downwards momentum).
Geothermal Core Comparison Video. Boosting off is slower.

Release the control stick when you boost off.
I did. I also compared the video on the left to you and verallix, and it was still faster.
Different results...