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Every Bit Counts
Quote from Paraxade:
also, Fano, you misspelled my name. :P

sorry. Embarassed
“Well done is better than well said”
Incredible Paraxade.  The Aether jumping was pure skill.  Thanks for the wall crawl demonstration.
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Quote from Paraxade:
I got hit by a phazon grenade on the way to Temple of Bryyo too (yes, Rundas is still there) and it forced me into Hyper but didn't corrupt.

You know, you can do that without sb's. Just go to Thorn Jungle before Fire and one of the Militia always throws a grenade. Actually happened to me my first time through.

Freakin' amazing trick, though. :D
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How do you do that secret world? it doesn't work for me.  :|
Every Bit Counts
I think (I've never done it myself) you need to space jump into the section of the wall (watch te vid and you'll know what wall) and you're in. I think the Screw Attack helps (if you have it).
Quote from MJ:
How do you do that secret world? it doesn't work for me.  :|
You need to jump from the top ledge into the wall between the two darker rocks, then as soon as you go through, pull back and morph so that you land high on the right rock. Once you get this done, lay a bomb and quickly unmorph so that you land on the very corner of the ground, then space jump into the secret world. It's tough to do at first, but with practice, it becomes easier. Also, if you miss on the morph and find yourself bouncing near the ground while unmorphed, you can try to move away from the wall a bit by moving only when falling. Eventually, you will slip onto the ground and stop bouncing (you should hear a small landing noise and feel a slight rumble), and you can space jump onto the corner from there.
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Aruki: 2007-12-07 03:14:40 am
I just (finally) tried to reproduce that phazon grenade/x-ray panel thing for the past hour or so... got it to happen once but I didn't have the buttons pressed yet. All I really found out that could be useful for someone else who wants to try to reproduce it is that the pirate needs to be on a different platform; not the one right across from the one with the x-ray panel, as if it's trying to get you from there it'll miss every time; it needs to be on the ledge that's sort of below and to the right of the platform that I just said it would miss every time from (to the right looking at it from the x-ray panel platform). Sorry if that was confusing, I'm not entirely sure how to explain which ledge I mean. :P I'm done trying to reproduce it for now, so good luck to anyone else who wants to try.

also, it's probably easiest to try to do this on an early ship missiles file, since you can use the grenades to recover energy (get hit by one then use + to exit Hypermode instead of shooting all the Phazon and you'll have an additional energy tank).
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Thanks uNsane. I'm gonna go try it now. :)
I'm trying to start on an update to the section and decided to start with berserker lord's description. I just wanted to know if getting 4 orbs is still random or if there's a consistent way to do it. At the time I last played, it seemed random.

If any other special things about that fight were found I'd like to know that also.. the info I'm going off of is just the vid on the page and my brief experience with it months ago.

actually I'd like to know anything new about aurora 1st form too, hopefully that's next.. my impression was that it's all luck whether he attacks you after the first knockdown or reveals his tentacles so you can get a fast fight. I remember one time seeing him attack me twice after the first knockdown before he made himself vulnerable again, that would've been a horrible fight if it was a speed run.
don't think there's been anything new in either of those fights.
Anywhere, everywhere
I'm able to get 4 orbs consistently on normal vs the berserker, so it should be simple. I just follow what you do in the video and I'm always fine...

Only thing I can think of against au313 is the 2 round kill, but I think you already know that. Maybe there's a way to end his attack animation early, though, ala omega ridley.
Thanks for the fast replies.. yeah, the 2 round strat for AU is what I mean, but most of the time, after the first knockdown he attacks you once before he makes himself vulnerable again. It wastes a lot of time and pretty much forces you to die and restart at DS if you want a good fight (unless you have somehow determined that you wouldn't be able to get a lower minute at the end anyway). I was just hoping there was a way to make him reveal the tentacles instead of attacking without luck.

As for berserker.. you do exactly what I did and he always shoots 4, without fail? That's weird. I've had fights where he just doesn't shoot the 4th one and never understood why.. I don't follow the vid as close as I could but I don't see why that would make a difference. Now I'm not sure what to say about the orbs.. guess I should just ask people to follow the vid closely.
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Aruki: 2007-12-13 08:59:28 pm
Can anyone confirm that SC Berserker works on Hypermode? It's not working for me, the orbs look like they're coming a little faster than in normal.

EDIT: also it looks like you can hit the shoulder armor without waiting for it to completely appear first... not sure exactly where you need to aim though.
i think i remember paraxade telling me that staying underneath au313 during the quad lasers made it easier to avoid getting hit which i thought was the normal way to do it. it is not really a trick but it does work better for me.
also it looks like you can hit the shoulder armor without waiting for it to completely appear first... not sure exactly where you need to aim though.

Even before the white flash? Could save a few seconds.. I think I might put BL's description on hold then. I could finish it without mentioning this then update it later, but I have a file at phaaze which needs to be completed so I can free up my slots somewhat. Hopefully AU will just be nice and not attack me so I can get a good vid.. I've wanted to get the 2 round strat out of the way for a while now.

Not sure about BL on hyper other than I definitely remember the orbs feeling faster. Maybe you can try rolling to lead them around then instant unmorph. IIRC instant morph/unmorph is automatic in that fight.

craztad: I was talking about the first form of AU. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
i know you were talking about the first form but i was surprised when paraxade was telling me about this so i thought it might be a good thing to get out there for the masses.
Finally got this goddamn thing on vid. I swear it must have been 30+ attempts before he didn't attack me.

As soon as I do the knockdown hit, I morph and boost to where he falls (always falls right, then left). Sometimes I got an instant unmorph when I reached him, but it wasn't consistent. So the fight could be better (in more ways than just that), but since getting a "no attack" fight is like trying to find a dinosaur, I don't really care. But I'm guessing a perfect fight would be in the realm of 29-31 seconds.
Has anyone attempted to use the hyper ball while falling down the defense system pillar to kill the 9 moving balls inside? I don't have a save close enough to try. :/
Anywhere, everywhere
You have to use nova for that. They're behind phazite.
For some reason that post reminded me of those things in nova's room. Has anyone been able to kill more than one at a time? I used to always try that when I was at that part.. I tried hyper missile, screw attack (I think, but I don't remember if it even gets high enough from the window things), and weakening 2 parts then killing them both by waving a charged shot really fast. I guess maybe hyper ball could do it, but I don't see a way to get up there. Staying right behind a pirate as he flies up could work but IIRC the targets don't come out for a few seconds so you've already fallen by that time.

Anyway.. AU descrip done and it will appear with the vid whenever. Now I have to figure out where to go from here.. BL and gandrayda are still missing descrips but there are reasons for that. Other than that, I know I'm missing 4 SWs (at least), the gel refinery missile (did anyone ever manage to get that on normal? what about veteran?), and a few other things.

it sure would be nice to add veteran/hyper notes for all boss trick pages but that's a lot more work than at first glance. It'd take an additional playthrough on both modes. (they should've cut out normal and just renamed vet to normal, hyper to vet.. having a difficulty level named hypermode is dumb when it's also your main ability)

And of course there's speed tricks but it seems more logical to get all the other missing content first.
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Quote from MJ:
DJGrenola, I made these videos myself dammit!  extra_smug  Check out this promo for your speed run I made. It's pretty cool.

Hey, yeah, if you're going to be a total moron and try to pass off DJ's own vid as your own work, when anyone can clearly follow it to his Youtube account... you don't deserve to post here. Goodbye.
Every Bit Counts
agree 100% with that
retarded posts removed .. as you were
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Quick little ditty in Elysia Transit Hub.  The first one's already known (by logitechSDAZ), but no one's mentioned the second one.

reading the olympus topic just has me wondering if people have tried to skip the first tank, and if so, what method did you use.

a long time ago i left the first tank's room using spring/bombs and reloaded it, but when you come back the tank is still there.. (unsurprisingly)

during the escape i've also tried to take the original route back to the ship (through the security scan room), but even if you roll/dash to it fast it gets blocked off before you reach the door. i bet the gates in there would be shut anyway, like they are when the scan finishes.

best chance is sw.. after hillside vista was found who knows what other random wall can be jumped out of