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You guys are in luck. Just managed to sneak in a 1:01:26. I had pretty much given up and said "what the heck, lemme just get anything recorded", so it's mostly sloppy. But, that's a good thing for the hour barrier. Any day now...

Encoding now, might be up tonight, definitely up tomorrow morning.

Edit: also, I had horrible luck as well, so I spent a small bit of time trying to squeeze missiles from out of the way scorpions for the omega fights. But, this is the final route I decided on, so take it as you may.
Cool man. Looking forward to watching this one  :D

Wow. This pains me to watch again. Complete ass, all the way around, from platforming, to metroid fights, to every single one of the 4 tricks I mentioned, and even the encoding and synching. Ech. Crying or Very sad

Oh well. At least this gives me something to improve upon in every area. Radix, don't bother posting this one to SDA, I know I can do better, even if only in the encoding area (forgot to reset the colors back after recording some anime).

What this does do at least is break the 1:02:29 Super Gameboy time, making that whole issue a moot point now. Also, the sub-hour looks like it's within reach, if only I could concentrate hard enough. Not all bad after all.
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
You should try a 3-item run sometime, since that was never completed in a video form, and that'd be really neat to watch.
She's right... cuz if you're going to "0wn" a game you have to really 0wn it  Wink
I('d) like to watch (some MP3 runs)
No, I just really wanted to see that video.  :(
Well if you want, I could put together a kinda sloppy one pretty soon and touch it up from there. I'll pretty much have to do this segmented if I even want to complete it with a decent time, due to all the missile luck involved. :?

Eh... something I'll plan out while I'm bored on watch.
lol no way

I've pretty much given up, so yeah, a little help would be hella cool.
I was planning on doing an initial refuel after the omegas, then spending the 30 missiles on the first 6 metroids, skip past the next two and queen, refuel again and take out the last 2, and use the 20 missiles for the queen fight. It doesn't take much for the queen, just use a missile to freeze her, then roll into her stomach and lay the bombs.
Holy crap, this is hard to do the way I want. Shocked

I swear, I've attempted this section at least 1000 times. 5 hours straight pretty much. The occasional "throw the controller (onto the bed)" break.

The main sticking point is... guess what? An alpha metroid. Not a gamma, but a frickin' alpha. It's hard enough even having good enough luck to get there, but being able to do it without wasting a single missile is just out of my reach right now. It's probably the worst room ever for an alpha fight, since I can't get under it reliably (and when I do, I lose sight of him).

This is what it looks like so far, with that stupid, bastard alpha metroid.
How come you dont have ice beam?
Because I thought about it good and hard, and realized it just got in the way. Instead of taking 1 shot for most bugs, it takes two. That, and it's kinda out of the way, and it just plain looks cooler without it here with practically no difference in time. :)
So... when are you getting it? In the Zeta ruins or at the very end? I didn't think it was possible to get it at the very end.  And getting it in the zeta ruins is a waste of 5 missiles where missiles are very very precious.
lol no way
Erm. It's easy to get it in the end man... just bombjump to right below the opening in the cieling and unmorph jump up there. And your queen strat is mine too, only, it's hard as hell. I too go into it with 20 missiles, and always die... just need to figure out her timings and I guess right now I just don't have it in me,
Quote from ajbolt89:
just bombjump to right below the opening in the cieling and unmorph jump up there.

Yeah, brilliant... thanks a lot.  You know I tried that for 3 freaking hours right?  And I don't mean to get to the ice beam I mean to get to the left shaft so I could go get to the metroids.  The reason I assumed ice beam was impossible is because it's directrly above where you first enter the big room from the save room.  You can't keep bomb jumping after a screen transition, so do you just restart in the big pool of sludge once you get to the big room, and then curve it at the top? Impossible for me that's for sure.
Well, the queen's not really that hard. Just patience and of course, luck. Just make sure to shoot each missile when her head's low to the ground so that you can roll into her mouth. If you shoot it too high, you'll have to shoot another and hope to catch her while she's moving down again.

Once you finish, I'd love to see it. It'll be interesting to see the different techniques we made up with no previous runs to go on.

Edit: Ah, damn. I completely forgot that I wouldn't have anything but bombs at the end for the ice beam collection, which takes forever to do by bombing up to the septogg... unless I can get very good at horizontal bomb jumping very quick.
Tell me, how did you get to the top left of ruins 2 without the ice beam?
Bump jump the 5 bugs, land in the little alcove, dbj up. It's in the video up above.
Hm...never considered that. I was shooting downward once i reached the top bug and then froze it, stood on it and inf bomb into air jumped to reach there.  Why wouldn't you want to just freeze enemies tho if once they're frozen you can just walk right by them? (collecting ice at first chance in ruins 1)
lol no way
I dunno if I'll ever finish this man, I mean, I know how to do the queen, I simply can't do it. I'm not good enough or something... eh. I'll try some more today I suppose...
Yeah. I'll probably go back and re-do the run picking up ice beam first. Too many things to consider for it to be of any benefit. :?
Well, since it looks like aj is pretty much stuck, I've decided to just go through and "do it". Not for speed, just to complete it. That's not to say I won't try to include some speed tricks, but I'm definitely not going to restart over a missed jump. Bad luck, on the other hand, is a little more important... and is the main reason this will take so long.

Just completed the first 3 sections with ice beam (got lucky with the alpha metroid :D ). Just need to plan out the rest now.

Also, I ran into a new glitch along the way. Check THIS out!
lol no way
You can do that by doing a stationary spin-jump and holding up. I think someone pointed that out in a post here. It works with spacejump and high-jump, and basically makes the game process the frames like 5 times slower as you spin... you can also release up and then hold it again and do it again, but pressing a direction cancels it.
Anyway, I'm still occasionally trying the queen, I killed the two metroids and was fighting her once and decided I was gonna die, so I went down and refilled ammo/energy and saved it with full missiles for the queen... :p

Edit: Dude, in the second ruins area (not the one with ice/spider, the next one), in the bottom left, with the 2 alphas and 2 gammas...killing all the metroids in one go is HARD huh?
Quote from ajbolt89:
You can do that by doing a stationary spin-jump and holding up.

Holy crap, I never knew any of this! Shocked

Quote from ajbolt89:
Edit: Dude, in the second ruins area (not the one with ice/spider, the next one), in the bottom left, with the 2 alphas and 2 gammas...killing all the metroids in one go is HARD huh?

Hell. Yes. :P But after all the practice from botched runs before, it was a moot issue. 2nd try after getting full missiles. I think the one that gave me the most trouble this time was the metroid up in the cave, since hitting it with the second and third missiles is pretty much luck due to how much open space there is.

I had actually gotten a complete run of that ruins before without ice, but had totally neglected to do any planning for after I had killed that last gamma. So, I stupidly went straight out and saved at the first save point, instead of getting full health, taking some insurance missiles from the spikey along the way, and saving at the second one, as I did this time.

Now I've got 12 hours of watch to plan everything out after that... since I know the 3rd ruins needs it with only 30 missiles to work with, and an out of the way refill.

Hey, could anyone do me a favor a bit later? On my first section, somehow the video got delayed halfway through, so it's out of sync by a few seconds. Should be an easy fix in virtualdub, I just don't have the means through quicktime pro. :(
Here's the 1st section if anyone can fix it. Just use direct stream copy for both video and audio, and start the video on the keyframe starting last "clear game" screen, ending a half second after the save. Thanks a bunch to whoever helps out. :)

edit: disregard, fixed myself