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carlmmii: 2009-03-10 11:04:50 pm
Yeah, and I'll be running the first segment pretty soon. All depends on how soon I can get my new compy built. Cool stuff.

Been practicing the first segment for a month straight, pretty much. Got it all down pat, not much room for improvement. The only thing that it really depends on is the missile drops. The main problem I have is this:

The big time waster I want to get rid of is the missile reload in ruins 3. The one that requires you to drop down to the very bottom of the big open area outside the ruins, then to the jump back up to the top. I figured out that you can do a spring-speed-double-bomb-spring-jump from the ledge onto the space-jump building (the top ledge, not just the bottom one), cutting maybe 15-20 seconds off of the normal way of getting the missile refill. But, the problem is that you have to have enough missile to actually get through the entire bottom of ruins 3.

The real problem with skipping the missile refill is the actual fact of skipping the refill. In order to have enough missiles to last until the next refill, some things need to fall in to place. For one, a few of the missile usages needed to be cut in the earlier sections (namely, using 3-shots instead of 1 missile for floaters going to the 1st metroid under ruins 1). AND, the metroid fights under ruins 3 need to be extra precise due to the lack of seemingly infinite missiles from the previous route (which included the missile refill). That means that the first segment leading up to this one needs to have enough missile to support the attempts for the 2nd section, which will require multiple recorded attempts for the first run.

SO! The plan I've got is to do this all in 3 sections. Section 1: everything up until the metroids below ruins 3. Section 2: from there until ruins 4. Section 3: everything else. So basically, from my any% run, shift segment 1 ahead until below ruins 3, and everything else is the same.

Only thing is, I've been going through and optimizing every single thing for an actual run. Not quite TAS-style. It's great to figure out the optimal way to do every room. Problem is, you're limited to what you can actually do with a controller, AND what luck you're likely to get. Some things you can account for with practice, other things you just can't. So, it's an interesting compromise. So far, most of what I've planned I can do every time. But, that's not what I need. So, I still need to practice. Practice, practice, practice. Thankfully, now that I'm back in port, I can actually record all the runs I do, instead of just practicing for the sake of practicing. Plus, now I've got 3 cartridges to work on instead of just one. Score.
welcome back to speedrunning!

if you're planning on submitting stuff to sda (and why wouldn't you? ;) then please check out the rules and submission info. there have been a lot of changes there since we last saw you that you may want to know about in advance. i'm here to answer any questions you may have, and if i can't answer them then i'll forward them to mike and/or enhasa. thanks.
Would it be possible to make a sticky thread in the rules board dedicated to this? I've searched everywhere I can think of in there but can't find where the submission rules are actually discussed.

Biggest question I've got right now -- what are the approved formats for submissions now? If possible, I'd like to just record the video directly from my gamecube to my computer, then do whatever approved compression method to get it web-friendly (low/mid/high/insane quality).
this should cover everything:
Excellent, so really, the only major change has been that Nate won't do VHS transfer, correct?
sticky made.

quality standards are a lot higher. before i say more i'll need to know what your capture device is like (can you capture in 640x480 or 720x480?) and whether you're running os x or windows (or if you're not running windows, whether you have access to windows). i still encode stuff for people but there's probably no reason you can't do it yourself; i'd just need to write up some instructions if you don't have access to windows (and therefore can't run anri at the present time).

let me know.
No need for any instructions, and I'll probably just skip using anri-chan anyway. I just like having full control over the entire process. The only real question I have is what cropping and dimensions the final product should be -- should it be cropped to show just the playable area, and should it stay at the 2x resolution (320x288)?

I'll be capturing through a dedicated video capture card. I can't say for sure how well it'll capture yet -- I should be getting all my stuff in today, so the earliest I'll be able to do actual testing is in a few days. But, it will be at 640x480 with S-video in, all capture processing handled within virtualdub, with the initial capture in lossless quality.
ok cool. this is game boy player right? in that case, you'll need to use my retard_bob_2() avisynth function to undo the anti-aliasing (or "deflickering") on the image after separating fields (for full framerate). also check out nate_gb() for a cropping suggestion. let me know if you have any questions.
Awesome, thanks. Yeah, this is the GBP.
Quality Check. Weird that it doesn't play in-browser in safari... oh well, if needed I can just re-encode the entire thing with quicktime.
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Quality seems ok. I can smoothly play it with VLC, no errors or desyncs.
sorry for the delay in responding.

looks ok, but still seems to have quite a bit of deflickering going on (can go frame by frame and look at the tops and bottoms of the characters in the bottom bar). is this with retard_bob_2() applied?

also, h.264 mp4 is our required format now. we will host divx avi if you submit it, but it's not required.
Haven't applied retard_bob_2 yet, not quite up to par with avisynth yet, and still trying to get used to the whole 64-bit thing with windows. I definitely see what you're talking about though.

h.264 mp4 is no problem either. Cool, thanks.
Hmm. Why Metroid 2 return of the Samus SDA runs is timed with real time rules.

WR 100%: 1.09.23 (1.06 ingame time)

Unlike other metroid games. SDA are using ingame time rules for example
Super Metroid 0.31
Prime 1.03
Fusion 0.48

I don,t know why metroid 2 is only expect where is used real time rules, even you will see your completion time after staff rolls like every metroids games.
What'd you say?
That is a great question, you should bring that up with SDA and see if you could change that. Mr. Green

But I believe the real reason is: If you save the game at let's say: 1:22:59, when you reload the game the timer will be changed to 1:22:00; long story shot, whenever you save on ROS is cuts off all the seconds, so you could effectively lower your time that way.
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That M2k2 guy
Yeah I think using a glitch you can technically get a :01 completion time. In like several hundred segments.
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Quote from tyjet66:
That is a great question, you should bring that up with SDA and see if you could change that. Mr. Green

no you shouldn't lol. ros is timed like that for the very reason tyjet66 said. the ruling makes perfect sense.
What'd you say?
Quote from arkarian:
Quote from tyjet66:
That is a great question, you should bring that up with SDA and see if you could change that. Mr. Green

no you shouldn't lol. ros is timed like that for the very reason tyjet66 said. the ruling makes perfect sense.

That quote was from my post lol. I kinda condradicted myself in that one.
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That M2k2 guy
I assumed it had been needlessly mean sarcasm. It kind of bothered me.
What'd you say?
It was supposed to be needless sarcasm, but when I typed it up I guess I didn't realize it was in a mean way sorry master-88.
Carlmmii, you still working on this run? 'Cause I am. Although it's hard to make solid progress for me, and although my time is still no-where near yours, I'm still trying. I'm looking forward to seeing your new and improved run.
Been kind of distracted with other things, but yeah, it's still on. I'll be able to actually do recording starting next week, once the crunch is off for one of my other projects (roommate moving out, trying to get him as much stuff as I can before he goes).

I'm probably going to end up using my GBA SP as the controller instead of the Hori this time. The Hori just feels too mushy after using the SP for so long.
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This rocks.  I had hoped at one point that I could provide some competition for carlmmii, but I didn't have the time to put into it.  One of these days I may come back to it -- but I'm thrilled that we've now got someone else's hat in the ring.  And the possibility of carlmmii improving his run just sweetens the pot.  (He said, mixing his metaphors.)
defrag in progress
Any news or updates in the meantime? I`d love to see another M2 run!
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I'm interested to see an any% run of this game. All i see is 100% runs for it. I did a 100% speed run myself a couple of years ago and got 1:10 which was half decent i supppose. But my personal favourite type of runs are any%