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but what if i dont have a gamecube, wii or anything?
PS also how do u tape on a DS?
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Beats me. Just buy a 'Cube and a GBP.
would it work on a wii?
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To my knowledge, no.  It attaches directly to the bottom of a 'Cube, so the only way right now would be modding it (and I'm not even sure if that would work).  Oh, here's to hoping Nintendo shows some love for the shot-down Game Boy (as well as some way to watch DS gameplay on the TV)...
Yeah, in order to officially record your run, the only accepted method is by using the gameboy player. The super gameboy used to be acceptable, but it was discovered that the super gameboy doesn't run at the same speed as the gameboy or gameboy player, so it's no longer allowed for official times.

For DS games, runs recorded using a video camera are accepted because that's the only way to record them (that's available to the general public). However, this doesn't mean that a GBA game played on the DS and recorded using a video camera would be accepted, because it's possible to get a much better recording. Not to mention, the DS can't even play original gameboy games, so that option is completely out of the question for metroid II.
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Rofz: 2008-02-14 12:53:31 am
k, thnx. ill just have to use my friend's gamecube.
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Please don't spam the forum (your last three lines). If you want to post about more casual stuff you can do so in the social topic.
ok sorry i wont do it again. ill just talk about metroid speed run stuff
*bumpity bump* soz but the sr isn't coming along well, i keep using too much missles on the higher form of metroids. i guess ill probably use an emu. Not that i have one. just in my head. carlmii, can u send so help w/ metroid attack patterns. is there a pattern, or are their attack random?
You do know that an emu run won't count as a legitimate run, right?

Also, I couldn't understand what you said.
i was meaning to PRACTICE on an emu (which i don't have btw) and do the real thing on a GC. what i meant to ask was do you know any attack patterns of metroids. eg do they come in at a lower hight depending where you are relative to them. The reason i wanted this is because I'm bad at conserving missiles when fighting gamma, zeta and omega metroids. Any help would be appreciated highly.
P.S is it just illegal to have a ROM or is it also illegal to have an emu? also i heard somewhere that if you own the real cartridge it is legal to have a ROM. is this a myth or real?
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Having a ROM of any kind that you didn't dump yourself is illegal under every circumstance. Emulators are never illegal.
talking in the us, anyway.
k thnx. but don't worry, i definitely don't have a ROM, i was just speaking from a purely hypothetical P.O.V.

P.S. Nate, how long has m2k2 been up? and what happened to the emu rape that ekarderiff started but never finished in metroid ZM?
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Metroid 2002 has around since August 2003, I believe.

As for Ekarderif, he caught what Sess caught when he tried the Fusion run on the sight. Doing Low% runs to be hosted on M2K2 are, in fact, the leading cause of toe cancer among gamers.
wat has gaming got to do w/ toe cancer. and if its a joke its not funny to joke about cancer. it kills tons of people all teh time.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Yes, it was a joke, and I'm aware that cancer causes deaths. That would be why I chose toe cancer instead of a more widely known form of it, toe cancer is funnier that stomach cancer for example.

If you really want to reprimand me for my tasteless humor, let's keep it out of this topic and use PMs.
deal. and its alright i dont mind cancer jokes, its just that there are a lot of people who would.
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This is an internet forum. Said people shouldn't be on here in the first place.
Quote from Rofz:
do you know any attack patterns of metroids. eg do they come in at a lower hight depending where you are relative to them. The reason i wanted this is because I'm bad at conserving missiles when fighting gamma, zeta and omega metroids. Any help would be appreciated highly.

I could probably go much more in depth and make a whole new thread for this, but I'll just go over a few major tips here.

Alpha: when activated, it will move diagonally toward you depending on your relative height. When it moves, it does so in short bursts, so the "sweet spot" to attack it is a bit outside its single-movement range. That way you can read its movement and time a missile to go off right when it stops at its destination. The missiles knock it back, so the only way to get hit this way is if you miss. There's also a trick to alphas, where you get underneath to attack. The kick-back the alpha gets upward is limited to the top of the screen, so the overall movement is limited, requiring less movement and allows for a *much* quicker attack cycle.

Gamma: when activated, it does not move for a short while, allowing a single well-timed missile to start off the fight. Unlike the alpha, its movement pattern is somewhat random, but the timing of the lightning is constant. Time the attacks around the lightning. The under-attack method also works on gammas, but gammas have a tendency to move back quickly when they recover, and when they get back, they immediately use a lightning attack. The quickest way to kill one is to trap it in a corner -- this eliminates the randomness of movement, allowing a full barrage of missiles before it can recover and use lightning to break the flow.

Zeta: when activated, it will swoop down toward you, then back up to a height slightly above your head. When it's not getting hit, it will continually spit fireballs at you until you move out of range. When it gets hit with a missile, it will pause for half a second, then make the fireball/move decision (if you're in range, it will spit fireballs -- if out of range, it will do the swooping). The best way to take these guys out is to let it swoop toward you, then just when it's at your height right in front of you, shoot it with a missile, and keep shooting. It will go up by 1 pixel each time it's shot, so you need to hit it while it's low in order to kill it in one go, otherwise you have to trap it again. It's best to fight zetas in an area that you can freely move horizontally. The only place this isn't really possible is right below the screw attack, but the hallway with the metroid shell is the best place to trap it.

Omega: when activated, it will stay stationary and shoot two fireballs, at which point it will go into its chase sequence. In order to get it out of the chase sequence, you have to jump over it (I believe -- I still haven't figured out exactly what makes it stop). At this point, it will wait (I believe) 2 seconds, then it will turn to face you, shoot two fireballs, and repeat. The trick to this is the period where it waits before turning -- it's this section where you can fire on its back, which counts 3 times more than regular shots. Also, when you shoot it during this period, it pauses the timer, so if you can fire missiles at exactly the right timing so that they all hit right when the omega becomes "hitable" again (when it gets hit, it becomes temporarily invincible, making missiles pass straight through), you can actually take it down in one round. The fastest way to take one down is with 4 missiles initially, and then 12 missiles to the back with perfect timing. The hardest part about getting the timing right is being at the right height to fire. If you're too low, then your jumps will take too long and you'll miss the timing.
wow is all i can say. u should start a thread on this, it would get tonnes of replies. btw carlmii, if you're expecting something big to come out of my speed run (which u shouldn't) then don't, because it will likely take me ages (possibly even years at the rate im going) because this game isn't really high on my priority list for recreational things to do. so u can pretty much think of this speed run as dead, but it's not dead, it's just moving so slowly that most people will think it is.
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Indefinate hibernation?
Quote from TJF588:
Indefinate hibernation?

ya, thats exactly what i meant. but i dont have a large vocab (thats probably why the english teacher doesnt really like me) so yeah, i only really play once every fortnight lets say, and all i do is see how far i can get without saving, and then i just leave it and watch random stuff on youtube. but i am working on it, so you can expect something by the time you grow a long and wistful white beard.
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Wistful?  No, and thus no "long" about it (even if I wanted, given my current growth).  *sigh*  Mostly of my facial hair's on my neck, and it's thick in follical count and focal girth, making it horribly itchy.  I have to shave every few days, around the time it goes from looking like "manly gruff" to "bum scruff".
wow, i just love hearing biological field notes about other people. what happened to discussing runs? i guess nobody else is stupid enough to try improving a run on this game. oh well. theres not much left in this game is there? arent there anymore glitches or anything that can help improve the speed of the game? i guess im just rambling. ill try pick up the pace with this, but i don't really think people are that interested in a new run of this. back to work.....