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Idkbutlike2: 2019-03-22 09:01:56 pm
So the combat in Sekiro is almost nothing like Souls. You don't have a stamina limit, per se. You just have a stagger meter and health, so you're free to spam attacks whenever the opportunity arises. The catch? You have to block, dodge, and counter way more frequently and aggressively this time around. Don't be surprised if you're chaining successive blocks and counters, cause the game totally expects you to. Enemies also have "perilous attacks", which are unblockable, but can occasionally be interrupted.

Also, I think this game brought back character tendency from Demon's Souls, albeit in a rather bizarre fashion.
I played Sekiro for 4-5 hours and put it down.  There's so much going on that I still don't understand and I just lost patience.  They talk about things and just expect you to know what they're talking about.  I've played through the 6 trainings so many times.  When I do well, I don't understand why because I'm not doing anything differently than when I did poorly.  It just feels like luck.  I'll pull something off, then when I try it again it doesn't work.  And those japanese symbols that flash on the screen for 1 second aren't there long enough for me to study them, so I can't ever recognize them, let alone react accordingly.  Another game that requires a college course to comprehend. I'm too old for this.
And those japanese symbols that flash on the screen for 1 second aren't there long enough for me to study them, so I can't ever recognize them, let alone react accordingly.

Pretty sure it's always the same symbol ("ki" for danger), so you gotta figure out how to react by trial and error. The trick is sneak up to bosses instead so you can half their HP before the fight begins. The red eye guy early on is super weak to fire and a piece of cake with the flamethrower when you can manage a sneak attack.

I'm a few mini bosses in. Got stuck after the second one because I didn't know you could throw porcelain shards from around corners to lure enemies into a stealth kill. Going a lot more smoothly now.
Dood Trigger™
Re-building my Bloodborne character. I lost my file back when my PS4 pseudo died.

Getting the boring stuff out of the way first, mostly the Chalice Dungeons, which are so dang tedious. They could have been 5x shorter and it would still feel repetitive. I've done 5 (of 10 IIRC?), all before fighting Amelia, which is pretty good progress.

Despite being underleveled for most CDs, they weren't too hard. Chalice Rom gave me the most trouble by far. This is one of the weaker fights in Bloodborne IMO... you either deal with all the spiders, which isn't fun at all, or you YOLO Rom and most likely get hit in the process. Meh.

Unfortunately I don't have online anymore, so I can't get all the tier 3 runes and rare gems. Second best gear will have to do for now. I wish the Chalices had more interesting loot in general... you find a big shiny treasure room and all the chests there contain freaking ritual materials. They're nice areas for blood farming, I guess.

After the CDs I finally killed Amelia, which gives you access to a bunch of shortcuts and optional places. Then I cleared Cainhurst Castle and Nightmare Frontier. Cainhurst is incredible as usual, while Frontier is still kind of annoying and visually confusing. I got all major items there so I don't have to go back.

I also have the DLC open, but will probably wait until I'm a little stronger. My Saw Cleaver is at +7 and I'm in the early 30s for VIT, END and STR.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Obvs you should go ruch the DLC for the Whirligig Saw aka the only serrated weapon that is Cool since you're going STR.

I wish I liked the Saw Cleaver/Spear at all since they make like half the game easy mode but I just can't stand the look and short reach of the Cleaver and I hate the Spear mode moveset.
Dood Trigger™
Yeah, I'm just postponing the DLC because of The Rust. But I just did Ailing Loran which is depth 4, so maybe I'm ready. We'll see. Looking forward to Whirlol Saw.

Abhorrent Beast's hitbox... is quite something. Sometimes I get hit by literally nothing. You can tell the Chalice bosses weren't nearly as thoroughly tested as the main game monsters, haha.
Is abhorrent beat the huge one where you have to fight with a minimum of max HP?
Dood Trigger™
That one is Amygdala. Pretty annoying as well on the Chalice...
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Quote from Da Dood:
Yeah, I'm just postponing the DLC because of The Rust. But I just did Ailing Loran which is depth 4, so maybe I'm ready. We'll see. Looking forward to Whirlol Saw.

I mean you don't even have to fight anything for the Saw, the run can be tricky in sports, but they're all pretty close to a lamp so it's pretty manageable even if you're bad like me! Go get that good good saw!

Quote from Da Dood:
Abhorrent Beast's hitbox... is quite something. Sometimes I get hit by literally nothing. You can tell the Chalice bosses weren't nearly as thoroughly tested as the main game monsters, haha.

Honestly that's not out of line with From's monster enemies in general. Ask me anything about getting fucked up by Rats in DS1 lol. I guess to be fair Bloodborne was a bit better about that than the other games, since it didn't come up as often as I feared. But that optional boss in the DLC, Laurence, I think? There's too many L names in this game, had some interesting ideas about shapes in his second phase.
Dood Trigger™
Made good progress this morning. The final bosses are ready and almost everything optional is done. All I have to do now is:

- Defiled Chalice Dungeon
- Great Isz Chalice Dungeon
- Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Dungeon
- Final bosses

Unseen Village is so good. I like Nightmare of Mensis a lot too, except for Micolash (more like Micotrash). Took me a while to remember how to drop the brain eye monster thing. I ran through that part a bunch of times with healing spam and frenzy cures, haha.

I bought Ludwig’s Holy Blade to try it out because it’s pretty popular. I dunno, the move set is cool, but the Saw Cleaver just does everything better. Maybe I’ll keep Luddy as my secondary weapon to see if I get more used to it. Looking forward to Whirly as well, but this one I actually like a lot.

I want to finish at least one of those remaining objectives tomorrow. I’m trying to explore areas thoroughly, so it’s taking a little longer than normal.
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I think Ludwig's gets a damage bonus against some obscure enemy type, Saw Cleaver is pretty much strictly better because serrated weapons get a bonus against most enemies in the game. On the other hand thrust damage is really good against Brainsuckers and their ilk. The main advantage Ludwig's holds is that the basic straight sword form still has good reach and has that good straight sword move set and more importantly it doesn't look like absolute shit.

Kirkhammer is objectively cooler than both of course.
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I imagine Ludwig's Holy Blade is primarily here for the Dark Souls crowd that kind of just wants an Ultra Greatsword.

So me, basically.

I imagine the Hunter Axe becomes a Halberd for similar reasons. And thank god for that because it's the only starter weapon I like for that exact reason. :v
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I think also Ludwig's gem slots make it really good for elemental gems? I remember seeing a lot of "Stick a Bolt Crescent Gem in that sucker, it rules" back when I was looking up how to make Arcane builds work.

Also I highly recommend a Strength/Arcane Build if you haven't done one. There are several points where having spells makes the game feel so much better.
Quote from Da Dood:
That one is Amygdala. Pretty annoying as well on the Chalice...

That's the one with many limbs right? I was referring to a huge werewolf boss in the chalice dungeons that gave me a lot of trouble.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
That's, like, half the Chalice Bosses lol. But I think any boss can be fought with a modifier that reduces your HP you just have to be in the Cursed version of the dungeon.

This guy looks pretty dumb, though:
crap even looking at the bosses on the wiki I can't tell which one I'm thinking of lol
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Da Dood: 2019-07-14 10:54:20 am
Dood Trigger™
The bosses you fight in the Defiled dungeon (half HP) are the Keeper (humanoid hat guy), Watchdog and Amygdala. But as tbob said, it is possible to fight any boss in half HP with the Cursed modifier.

Finished Defiled. It was actually... pretty fun? You have half HP, yeah, but the level design and enemy placement aren't as obnoxious as in some other Chalices. No red spiders, for one. I don't think I even died outside of the bosses.

Amy is the hardest part, but thankfully she was cooperating today. The only tough attack she has is the jump stomp, which is fairly simple to dodge with good timing. It's even possible to just stand still and avoid it, but I've died a couple times to that, so I prefer to just roll.

Will do Great Isz later.
Dood Trigger™
All Chalice Dungeons done. For the second time in my life. Yay...?

Great Isz was legit. The bosses are free (literally a Brainsucker? LOL, thanks game) and the layers aren't that complex. Funny how the deepest CDs don't have as many BS staples like the summoners. This place looks so nice too. Shiny.

I did Ihyll right after Isz, so you can imagine how OLD this place got in the first, like, 3 minutes of exploration. Didn't help that the first boss was Pthumerian Descendant who I basically tanked in the previous fight. I had to learn him proper in the worst possible scenario. Long live pistol parries. Bloodletting Beast was easy enough, and Yharnam isn't too bad knowing about the baby's cry. Phew. Super glad I don't have to do these ever again.

I would start the DLC tonight, but the thought of fighting Ludwig after 6 consecutive hours of gameplay doesn't sound too enticing. My character is OP and all (50 VIT, 40 END, 50 STR, 37 SKL) so I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing ends tomorrow.
Dood Trigger™
Finished Bloodborne. All bosses, fixed Chalices and DLC.

I got every item from the DLC, so technically I never have to go back there with this character... but that place is so fun that I'll probably do it again anyway, haha. Bosses were easy to tank, but that doesn't mean I didn't get my ass handed to me. I just had enough health to survive hits and heal.

Still an amazing game. The combat is so addicting with the parries and stuff.
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Do DS2 dual wield only. Double greatswords do it. :v
Well done! I'm not not sure I'll ever do a second round of the Chalices.

Kind of want to replay the game though. Unlike the Souls series I've only played this "once" in the firstfew months after getting a PS4. Haven't played it since early 2016, and yet it feels like I only played it recently. My time perception is fucked up somehow lol. It also feels like it hasn't been that long since Dark Souls II, and yet that one I haven't played since 2014 or 2015 counting SotFS. Tried playing Dark Souls III just the other week and lost interest after a couple of hours, despite not having played that in more than a year.

Am I getting old or what. :/
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Da Dood: 2019-07-16 07:30:53 am
Da Dood: 2019-07-16 07:30:42 am
Dood Trigger™
I feel the same sometimes ryu. DS2 feels like yesterday, maybe because I was so into the hype.

I kinda want to replay DS3 but I bet it's gonna take forever with my (in)experience. I had a great time with Bloodborne though, made me excited for more Souls. I'll think of something.

One thing I'm excited to do is level up my main characters in Demon's Souls and DS1... I still have them at online level range (SL120-ish), but I never go online, and those games are dead anyway, haha. It'll be fun having ridiculous HP and strength.

Quote from tomatobob:
Do DS2 dual wield only. Double greatswords do it. :v

I did it with dual daggers! It was fun. Maybe I'll try 2x Greatswords. What's the earliest point you can grab those again? Head vendor in the woods?
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I know in Scholar there's a Greatsword in No Man's Wharf, otherwise yeah I think Vengarl's your best bet. I was talking more about the weapon class than the specific weapon though, which I realize can be confusing. I was running around with Claymore/Bastard Sword combo for a bit until I got the stats to Powerstance the Claymore with an off hand Zweihander on this run I've been doing recently. The Powerstance L1 comes out surprisingly fast, it's a hoot. I just like to take opportunities to tell people to play DS2 wherever I can, honestly. I am committed to die on the "DS2 Good" hill.

It's a real shame you can't do this kind of dumb nonsense in 3. I know Ringed City gave the Ring Knight Ultra Greatswords but it's just not the same as being able to dual wield whatever goof ass combo your heart desires. I firmly believe DS3 is the best Souls but 2 is my favorite because it lets me be Real Dumb and also lets me Fashion with cool realistic-ish armor like the Royal Swordsman set that appeals to my history nerd ass.
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Opium: 2019-08-20 11:37:43 pm

I've played through this game like 5 times, but this time I cannot figure out how to open the iron door that goes out to the area where LG is.  Every video I have watched (and they're all long as fuck) shows the player getting to that door after it's already been opened.  I've combed the entire area for 2 days now.  HOW HOW HOW???

And may I say that Earthen Peak is a shit area.  Never complained about shrine of amana, or some of the other areas that people hate.  But Earthen Peal almost ruins this game for me.  It's just full of bullshit deaths that you would never know were coming unless you already knew.  And lighting the windmill axle?  If you're not playing online and see a message, then you could play this game for 100 years and not figure that shit out.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
From the bonfire, go up the stairs then up the ladder once you've dealt with the enemies. Turn right, thee should be an enemy down the hall go past him and there's a room with a large hole and a Sorceress on the opposite end shoot her, drop onto the hole there's another enemy down there so be careful, use a bomb or something to break the pots and there's the elevator room, you will be ambushed by two enemies in there.

Alternatively, and I don't know if this is an option for you at this point, but if you haul ass you can get through the gate before the enemy that closes it and never have to deal with that nonsense.