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One shall stand, one shall ball.
The unfortunate thing is, the Dark Hand she sells is a really good melee weapon for Pyros since Dark damage scales the same way as Fire.

Pyro's a fun build though. You get a nice mix of Fire, Dark, and Faith spells, you can use Dorhys's Gnawing to fuck up enemies that are weak to bleed (read: Dancer) and you can do some Real Mean shit with the Onyx Blade. It's a good generalist character.
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Opium: 2018-11-03 08:58:26 pm
ooh thanks for the tip.  I gave her ashes to the old woman so I can probably still buy it.

I really loved the Onyx Blade on my last playthrough.  It's fun to buff that thing and just shred the crap out of everything.  I discovered it's usefulness when I farmed for PoCK's for hours to get the Darkmoon Blade.  Buffed Onyx Blade backstab would take them out in one shot.  It's looks really cool too.
Onyx blade os one of my favs too.

Still playing the remaster. I'm completely stuck in the crystal cave lol
I have it memorized so I just run right through it in like 2 minuntes.  Unless I'm go after the blue slab.  That takes me a while because I have to use prism stones.
I forgot where to find the last invisible bridge on the way to Seath and had to look it up on youtube lol
Almost done with Ringed City.  I'm really picking up on the lore and symbols a lot more this playthrough.  I've gotten to the point in this game where I'm not worried about dying any more, so it's a much more relaxing experience.  I'm doing a lot more pvp now, mostly helping people. I don't get nervous at the bosses any more.  I think Sister Friede is my favorite boss.  Such a blast! 

I focused more on pyromancy this playthrough but it only made a big difference in the beginning.  As I got later in the game, it just seemed too slow for many of the enemies so I ended up going back to melee. 

I'm trying out more kinds of weapons, spells, items this time.  Before, I just stuck with the same stuff pretty much because I didn't feel safe experimenting.  Now I'm much more relaxed. 
Eternally stuck on Midir again.  Dozens of attempts in the past couple of days. Solo, with 1 summon, with multiple summons - and still haven't seen his health get past the halfway mark even once.  I watch videos and everyone goes by his head and just hangs out there and hits him, but I haven't been able to get anywhere near his head. I hit it once one time, died instantly.  Even with my strongest armor and rings, most of his attacks kill me instantly.  If I could figure out the secret of being able to get near him and stay there then I think I would be golden.

Also - I have no idea how the wiki says to use pestilent mist.  When I manage to get close enough to him, I don't have long enough to cast it before he completely destroys me.  It takes at least 3 seconds to cast, and I don't have that long. 

He's the only boss I've never killed on my own, and only managed to see him killed one time when I summoned some dude who seemed to just be immune to his attacks somehow.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Staying near his head is mostly about learning his moves and putting yourself in reach of where he will be after each attack so you can pop him in the head in the short time it's open for attack. For the most part that just means rolling backwards then running back in. Otherwise, rolling sideways when he charges and when he flies up and breathes fire down running diagonally toward him and in the direction he's flying. It something you have to get a feel for, ultimately, but even when you do it takes too goddamn long and he still does too much damage if you mess up. It's a bad fight.

Lloyd's Shield Ring can be a big help, it very noticeably reduces the damage when your health is full and makes healing back up to the its health threshold much less costly.

Never tried the Mercury strat, personally but it seems to be largely the same as melee fighting, staying just out of reach and getting him to walk toward you into it. If there's any way to boost cast speed on Sorcery that might help.

Don't feel too bad about not soloing him, he fucking sucks.
The one time I beat him was with the help of summons too. He went down faster than I expected with two other players around - apparently his HP bonus for additional players is not as high as one might expect
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Probably because his HP is already NG++ high to start with lol
thing is, everyone online said he was impossible with summons because of an insanely high hp pool. I felt like I was playing a different game than everyone else lol
One shall stand, one shall ball.
lol yeah.  People had a lot of wrong things to say about Ringed City, turns out. :v
Ok guys I need help with a question.

What is going to be the best item to use to cast lightning miracles?

I thought that all I needed to look at was Spell Buff, but apparently it's more complicated than that? 

I have 45 Faith, 30 Int.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Spell Buff is mostly what matters. For lightning miracles talismans are preferred over chimes because their skill gives you poise so you can use that to make sure you get your spell off since most lightning spells are better up close. I think Sunlight Talisman's skill gives the best poise.
The crystal chime gives me the highest damage with sunlight spear.  I thought that yorshka's, sunless, or saints would have been better but no.  I guess it's the scaling with int + fai that makes it better?  It also does sorceries too so I don't need to use up another slot if I want to use a sorcery. 
Ding Dong Midir is dead!  I summoned some dude who was wearing no armor and thought 'OK, this one's the badass I've been looking for.'  As soon as he arrived, he began flogging himself with rose of ariandel to lower his health for the tearstone boost and I knew he was the right one.  I think I was responsible for about 10% of Midir's health going down lol.  He took him out super fast!  Hung out by his head and riposted him to death. 

Too bad you don't get shit for killing him.  The boss weapons seem useless.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Opium:
The crystal chime gives me the highest damage with sunlight spear.  I thought that yorshka's, sunless, or saints would have been better but no.  I guess it's the scaling with int + fai that makes it better?

Crystal Chime giving the best buff sounds right for a character investing in both spell casting stats, weird that it wouldn't be showing the highest Spell Buff, though.

Quote from Opium:
Too bad you don't get shit for killing him.  The boss weapons seem useless.

The katana's pretty good, iirc. Or at least fun to play around with.
Just when I was thinking of starting NG+ on my character with the sword to get some use out of it :)
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Opium: 2018-11-22 12:27:35 pm
Opium: 2018-11-22 12:21:51 pm
I'll check it out.  I haven't leveled much in Dex this time so I'm not even sure I could use it w/o respecing.

The crystal chime actually does show this highest spell buff.  I have all of the aforementioned items leveled up to either +4 (twinkling) or +9 (regular) but am reserving the slab for the best one.

I'm still confused about these things because the wiki says some casting items are better for buffing weapons, while others are better for offensive miracles.  How do I know which is which? 

And it sound like sunless will have by far the highest buff if I level up int some more
yeah the way spell mediators work got really confusing in dks2 and they just made it worse in the last game. in dks3 i didn't even bother much trying to figure out which was best for a specific use case and just used what I liked
anyone else getting sekirou? my copy is expected to arrive in 2 or 3 weeks lol
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I'll probably get it eventually. Looks pretty cool.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
My understanding is that it is very much not a Souls game which is bad news for me, the bad at action games guy.
Play Tenchu on an emulator while you wait for a sale. The best way to prepare for it.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
lol saw someone complaining about the hitbox on an enemy's grab. Yup, it's From game alright.