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Dood Trigger™
Thanks for the tip. I'll try it later!

Not sure how far into Ariandel I am, but I explored the village, library, most of the mountain, bug chapel. It's hard to tell... I'm not particularly crazy about these open areas where everything looks the same (everything that isn't a building, anyway). So maybe I'm not appreciating just how massive they made this thing. It is a beautiful place.

The humanoid enemies in this DLC are really interesting, I gotta say. Some of them have suspiciously high stamina and recovery, but still, they're fun to figure out. Those big axe guys with their own FP Skill moves, holy crap, they are fast. I was laughing at the bugs until they worm shower'd me with a super fast building blood poison. You guys won that one.

Also I'm disappointed when I get Large Titanite and Chunk drops now, which is ironic considering how hungry I was for those not even 2 days ago, haha.

I'll continue tomorrow.
Dood Trigger™
Sister Friede, LOL. As if DS3 doesn't have enough two-phase bosses, now we gotta fight three phases!

That was fun, though. At first her attacks were impossible to dodge, and I admit I got a little salty... but you start noticing things here and there about her behavior. The only attack I still haven't figured out 100% is the one where she disappears. Sure didn't help that I had the Zwei, which barely has time to hit before she jumps out of the way.

I wish they were separate bosses so I wouldn't do phase 3 in full hand sweat mode. That is one cool fight.

The other boss was pretty lame, honestly. Just a weak NPC and a big wolf that I already fought a lot in this area. Clearly all their effort went into Sister Threede.

Drag Heap later.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
When she turns invisible you can typically see where she goes by the dust cloud when she jumps, you can run in the appropriate direction, she'll reappear when you get close and you can bop her on the head. You can misjudge he landing spot and still get smacked now and then but I found that move one of the more reliable ways to get attacks in. It's harder to trak the initial landing spot in phase 3 but she's easier to find.

But yeah being three phases is widely considered unnecessarily rude. And phase 2 in particular to be an annoying waste of time. Phase three is such a blast that slogging through the second phase every time she kills you is extra annoying.
Dood Trigger™
Oh yeah, I know she leaves a trail with the dash, but sometimes it's more of an upward trail and I can't figure out where she'll appear. Phase 3 is easier in this IMO... even if I can't find her in time to attack, the ground beam thing is super easy to dodge.
Dood Trigger™
Dreg Heap was meh. I don't know how to appreciate areas like this when you're constantly targeted by a laser gatling gun. Maybe there's a trick to it or I should've just used a bow. Demon Prince wasn't bad, but the multi-phase fights are getting kinda old.

Ringed City, though... Jesus Christ. This place is colossal. People got their money's worth with this expansion. I must've spent 10 minutes admiring the view from the first bonfire, haha. I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Got to the big church and beat Halflight (another NPC boss... yay).

Stopped when the world... transformed. Hopefully this isn't merely an ashen version of Frigid Outskirts. I'll play some more later.
Halflight may be another player when you play online
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Da Dood:
Oh yeah, I know she leaves a trail with the dash, but sometimes it's more of an upward trail and I can't figure out where she'll appear.

When that happens she just jumps behind you. If you turn around relatively quickly you can see exactly where she landed. I think it's always in a direct line from where she jumped.

Quote from Da Dood:
Dreg Heap was meh. I don't know how to appreciate areas like this when you're constantly targeted by a laser gatling gun. Maybe there's a trick to it or I should've just used a bow.

The trick is, as you probably gathered, really is just find the guys that control the angels and kill them. One of them is kind of tricky to get to but you can generally deal with them quickly enough. It sort of becomes a thing where you do a quick sprint through of the area to track the jerk down and then explore the area. I didn't mind it, was a neat change of pace.

You shoulda seen it back in the day when the angels were mean and people who couldn't figure out how to stand behind a rock for a couple seconds whined so hard From nerfed 'em. Back in my day those laser angels were real not these wimps floating around the Dreg Heap these days. :v

I really liked the Ringed City DLC, except for the bosses. Demon Prince was Ornstein and Smough done wrong. Halflight is usualy player when playing online and PVP is supremely not my thing so making it part of a required boss wasn't my favorite decision From's made. Gots tuck there for A Bit. The last boss is pretty fun though, if, again, a little long. I have words for the optional boss but I'll leave that until you've dealt with it.
Dood Trigger™
Thanks, guys.

I think I have a new favorite boss in Dark Souls 3. Gael was awesome. I was expecting him to be much harder (even counting all the AI changes). His attacks are fairly predictable, you have a ton of space to run, the presentation is amazing, and it didn't take long for me to figure out a couple of punishes in each phase.

Midir was also cool. Your standard big dragon fight with ridiculous AoE. I enjoyed him better than Sinh because at least he spends most of the time on the ground. Dude had a ton of health... I can only imagine the horror of fighting this guy in NG+max.

Overall Ringed City was really sweet. I thought it would be bigger from what I could see at first. I got the same impression of Anor Londo when I arrived there via Winged Demon Airlines.

So, anything else of importance I can do in these DLCs? I don't care about character quests, at least not right now. I won't jump into NG+ just yet. Will probably take a break from DS3, then come back to explore post-game again for items/sections I missed. Then I'll start NG+.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Well I'm glad you liked Midir, because I fucking hate him, lol. Based largely on him having entirely too much goddamn health. Even once you figured him out and you're able to keep in front of him to hit his head it takes forever and you have very little room to make mistakes because of his absurd damage. I don't bother with NG+ in these games because I don't want to deal with the wildly inflated health totals and here they just shove a NG+ boss right in my face. It's annoying.

Gael on the other hand is great. It's way faster, you can make mistakes, he's not so big as to make the camera a pain.

As for any important stuff left to do... eh, I don't think so. You've probably done Lapp's quest just by going through the DLC, since iirc all it takes i talking to him when you see him. Even if you haven't the last bit is kind of obtuse, if you go into the swamp area and use a White Branch or the Chameleon spell you have a chance of becoming a Humanity ghost thing like in the DS1 DLC, if you are in that form you can head to the nearby bonfire and somewhere around there is a ladder that will drop only if you are in that form there's some stuff up there, Once you've explored that you can talk to Lapp and that should result in a scene in the Catacombs like area that concludes his quest.

You can go back to big ash wasteland area where Gael was and look around, there might be an invasion by the person who tells you about Midir, don't know for sure since Gael is dead. Then you can go back to the building where you met her and get some stuff since you'll be able to get in the door.

Man I don't remember the specifics of any of this as well as I thought I did lol.
Dood Trigger™
Yeah, a lot of bosses in the Souls series would be like 100x more fun if they had less health, no doubt.

I honestly had more trouble with the camera vs. Demon Bros. and the second phase (OUT OF THREE we should always mention this) of Friede. I eventually found that being under/behind Midir is a bad idea, so I gradually stopped having camera issues there. At least you can always react to his attacks when you're in his face.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Da Dood:
At least you can always react to his attacks when you're in his face.

Then you mist time your response once near the end and that's a whole 20 minutes down the drain! :v

But yeah Demon Prince has a similar problem where you get close and good luck seeing what he's doing. Without the benefit of be thwarted by just rolling backwards like Midir. He just does slightly less damage so it's not as bad to me. Still bad though.

It was a weird experience going through that DLC for the first time because while exploring the area I was loving it, then I'd hit a boss and I hated it. Then I beat the boss and got to explore new stuff and I loved it and then I hit a boss, etc. It's better on revists because I know whatI'm doing and don't have the learning period with the bosses but then they become a chore I have to put up with to get to the stuff I like. It's odd because outside this DLC DS3 has largely excellent bosses that I love fighting.
Dood Trigger™
Were you getting 1-shot by all of Midir's attacks? The only one that OHKO'd me was the laser beam. Everything else I could get hit by a few times, IIRC, or it was an easy attack to heal after (tail swipe which I never saw much again after I started to fight him in his face). SL100.

Honestly, I felt that outside of the health problem (which is a ginormous problem) he's a pretty fair fight. I don't know how to dodge the air flame strike, though. I'd just block it and eat the 40% damage like an idiot, haha.
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One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Da Dood:
Were you getting 1-shot by all of Midir's attacks?

Nah just most hits took off more than one estus could heal. Lloyd's Shield Ring did help with that though, I think. It's just a fight the drags on and wears me down leaving me either out of heals or too sick of this shit and fucking up the timing on one his combos and welp bye. But he also has his Shin Godzilla laser light show move that if you aren't able to get in by his left leg immediately you are pretty well near fucked. The explosion from his beam attacks is a one shot, I think, and while he's flinging it around like that it's hard to keep track of where not to be so if the beam clips you you are done. His damage is high enough that I think no matter how much health you have you get one mistake unless that mistake comes against the wrong attack in which case it becomes two mistakes and you're starting over. I'd be fine with it if the fight was shorter, really. His laser show move is typically a late in the fight move and getting caught out too far away to get to safety is really aggravating.

The airstrike, iirc, can be beaten by just running diagonally forward left, you'll pass right in front of him and be fine, surprisingly enough. It's a bit counterintuitive.

The worst thing about Midir though is that as bad as his fight is it's still easily the best dragon fight in the series lol.
One shall stand, one shall ball.

Bad End
F tbob

I ordered the Switch version of the remaster. Can't wait to replay the original on a handheld :D
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Decided to boot up Bloodborne again because it feels nicely October-y, and figured to get maximum Bloodtober I'd try out an Arcane build. It's, uh, a little rough focusing on a stat that doesn't do a ton for you early, but a +3 Flamesprayer with 30 ARC really does a number on Blood Starved Beast. It's kind of annoying how the game kinda doesn't want you level ARC early, it'd be nice to have a ranged attack.

Quote from ryu:
I ordered the Switch version of the remaster. Can't wait to replay the original on a handheld :D

I hope it's good. The Switch version is the only interesting version of the remaster, it'd be a shame if it ran like the original PC version lol.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Also Eileen stepped in front of one of my bullets and got combo'd to death by Henryk so now he's just this unkillable shit wall in Gascoigne's old house because like a fool I chose not to use the Kirkhammer this run.
that never happened to me

I love this kind of random shit occuring in these games lol
doesn't look like it's gonna arrive in time for the weekend :(
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Welp Henryk got stuck behind a gate so I beat him to death with Ludwiug's Holy Blade.

Tonitrus is a cool weapon and it's nice to be able to use that Arcane stat for something.

+4 Flamesprayer does a number on Paarl.

Don't think I can put off dealing with Amelia any longer at this point. Flamesprayer will probably do the trick provided I can take a hit lol. I think 20 VIT is ok.
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I absolutely hate the O&S fight.  I'm on NG+++ and this is literally the only part of the game that I have any problem with.  Summons are worthless because every single time I summon people, they kill ornstein first, which is exactly what I DON'T want to do. Most of the time I can kill myself on purpose before that happens, but the first 3 playthroughs I ended up not being able to do it fast enough. I wish the darksign actually worked.  What is its purpose?  So I have been trying to do it by myself since wednesday.  I kill Smough, but when you fight big ornstein alone it only takes him hitting you once before it's over.  I can get him 3/4 of his health gone, but that's as close as I can get.  He ends up jumping back and attacking me from a distance, and that knocks me down. Once you're knocked down, it's not possible to get back up because he times his next hit for the very frame that you get on your feet so you cannot dodge or block.  If he hits me when I'm near him, then I can heal.  But if there's any distance at all, one hit is all he needs because he doesn't let you get back up.  So frustrating!  EDIT: jesus I thought I'd try it with summons again and they fucking killed smough two seconds before I could kill myself.  Forget it, I will never get the ornstein soul.
I'm honestly not sure I ever beat big Ornstein by myself
One shall stand, one shall ball.
He's the one I always go for, myself lol. You can solve most of his attacks by rolling forward and his armor's cooler.

Most of the reason I don't like NG+ in these games is it just kinda devolves into "never get hit" cause any combo is just gonna kill you. It's lame.

Bloodtober update: +4 Flamesprayer continues to Do Work. Took Amelia out hilariously fast.

Got Ludwig's Blade up high enough to slap a fire gem in it so I can do melee damage now without managing Tonitrus's buff. Also I learned you can parry Tonitrus's buff animation against the NPC Hunter off the Grand Cathedral. That was a freebie.

Also learned the Wooden Shield actually works pretty well against bullets, that and Beast Roar made the Rifle Spear guy hanging out with the Tonitrus guy less of a pain. He's still a fucker, though.

Did a Fun Run for the Whirligig Saw. Don't know if I'll use it, but it's nice to have a serrated weapon I don't hate if I feel the need for one. Then ran around to grab my spells, finally. Augur of Ebritas and Executioner's Gloves acquired, so now I should have answers for things now. Really don't know why this game makes you wait so long to fuck around with magic. The only thing that makes use of your Arcane stat for a good while is Molotovs, which are kind of expensive because this game's economy is fucked. But I can tentacle slap fools now so it's all worth it.
All I remember from my arcane playthrough is that I didn't feel any satisfaction from it lol
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Oh it's definitely a waste of time. I've spent a ton of time running around and prepping for later when I can actually do the stuff I came to do. Magic builds in Souls let you start with the ability to use ya dang stats so your investment never feels wasted, Soul Arrow's got your back. Here all you got is Molotovs and Flamesprayer until you can fully gem up a weapon. The Beast bosses will take a bit longer on a normal melee build but that's kinda it lol. Gloves and Call Beyond apparently fuck up bosses something real, though. Augur seems pretty alright so far, too.