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Da Dood: 2018-03-05 05:43:36 am
Da Dood: 2018-03-05 05:42:41 am
Dood Trigger™
Damn, thanks a lot, that is ridiculously useful and detailed <3

Honestly I don't see myself going to NG+ unless after a long break... the game is just too long and the level design is so tedious. But I'll try to use some of those things in NG. It's nice to know how it all works too.

Funny, I've been purposely avoiding Living Weapon to actually force myself to learn these enemies, and now I read that LW is even more broken than it already seems!

I'll continue playing tonight.
Yeah I basically played it like a Souls game first playthrough and found it lacking, and in NG+ I played it on and off like a grindy ARPG with more skill-based combat and it was fun in a kinda mindless way. It's a very strange game in that I think it's pretty good as a whole but it doesn't really work in any particular way, and every change away from the Souls formula was for the worse

I also never used LW or any spells/buffs first playthrough, and for endgame I couldn't be bothered making a dedicated LW build since all the other cheese works just fine
Dood Trigger™
Reached the ice lady boss but didn't have time to continue. I'll fight her later tonight.

Honestly, the game is getting kinda old already... I'm not even halfway through and it feels like every level is the same. Would be different if this was like Ninja Gaiden where the combat is ridiculously fast and chaotic, or like Dark Souls where you can go anywhere and play at your own pace. Every Nioh area so far had a moment where I said screw it and ran past everything to find the path.

I'll finish the game but at this point I'm not sure if I'll bother with NG+. Hopefully it gets better later.
Did you get the +DLC edition?
Dood Trigger™
Nah. And so far not too interested in extending the game...
Do you have access to the longsword and tonfa weapons? I dunno if that was part of the DLC or just patches
Dood Trigger™
I haven't found any so far, but I'm only halfway through, so maybe they appear later?
hahaha Solaire amiibo
ikr?  If someone a few years ago had told me that there would be a dark souls amiibo, I wouldn't have believed it. 
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Da Dood: 2018-03-11 07:54:23 pm
Dood Trigger™
\[ T]/
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Da Dood: 2018-03-11 08:28:49 pm
Dood Trigger™
Finished Nioh. At least I think so... was Queen's Eyes the last mission? Didn't see credits.

I feel bad 'cause I wasn't as into it as I thought I'd be... this is a cool game, don't get me wrong, but as a whole my playthrough felt bloated and tedious.

Good stuff:

- The combat is awesome. Ki, stance, weapons, clearly there's tons to learn. I didn't have a favorite stance because I found them pretty balanced (right?). Sword was my weapon of choice. Never really considered changing it. Is there an equivalent to Bloody Palace in this game where you fight enemies and bosses non-stop? That would be neat

- I enjoyed the boss fights. They all have stuns and weak points and it was fun figuring them out. Some of them got frustrating with the OHKOs (especially when they did it before I had a chance to learn the pattern), but overall they were by far the highlight of each mission. The quick ninja girl and the bird man were two examples of pretty entertaining fights

Didn't like:

- Level design and enemy placement were very uninteresting. Nothing happens in these areas, man. Same drab maze over and over. The game is super long too... I doubt that someone who's putting 300 hours to master the combat would mind if the story was 8 hours long instead of 30. I read complaints about the enemy variety, but I think there's more than enough enemy types. It's the way the enemies are distributed in those samey room layouts that feels so repetitive

- The loot that I found was always kind of vanilla. A sword that's a tiny bit better, generic consumables, etc. New things rarely felt like an upgrade, and enemies get stronger anyway. There was no Crissaegrim in my playthrough, that's for sure... I understand that the optional missions have more rare stuff, and there's a whole weapon forging system I didn't touch, so I'm not necessarily saying this is bad. I just didn't get the satisfaction that they intended with finding loot

Right now I have mixed feelings about the game, but I'm sure it has a lot to offer if you invest time in the combat and all. Finding the motivation to replay this is gonna be a problem for me, though. Unless I start with sub missions or something less draggy than the story mode. Glad I played it, regardless!

RE7 Not A Hero next.
There's loads of endurance-type missions where you fight varying numbers of enemies and bosses without breaks, the longest is in the last DLC
Huh, the DS1 remaster has a lot more graphical changes than I expected. Still no omnidirectional lockon rolling though, which is basically all I wanted
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Serris:
Still no omnidirectional lockon rolling though, which is basically all I wanted

Haha yeah, same. That actually would have gotten me interested.
That First4Figures Sif really needs a Fluffy Edition

Doesn't exactly scream 550 bucks
Remaster adds a bonfire next to Vamos ... what a bizarre change to single out
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I mean getting down there's pretty annoying so it's a nice addition.
You can say that about a bunch of places though

I imagine its main use will be newbs getting stuck down there without the Lordvessel
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Serris:
You can say that about a bunch of places though

Yeah but Vamos is useful and you might want to go there, every other annoying place can be largely ignored once you're done with it.

Like the real change that Dark Souls needs is to have Tomb of Giants, Demon Ruins, Izalith, and Crystal Caves deleted but I settle for making some stuff less annoying.
On a first playthrough you'll probably make the trek to 4 Kings more often than you'll be making fire weapons for the rest of your life

It's just a lonely overworld change listed among general stuff like covenant changing at bonfires and multiplayer so it sticks out
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Yeah that run back is bad but the solution is to kill the Four Kings. Easily solved.

The solution to "I want a fire or chaos weapon" is remembering where Vamos is and realizing you don't really want one, actually. Which sucks.
You still have to make the trek once to get the bonfire which is already asking too much tho

The obvious solution is to move him next to the Zweihander
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Just give a Chaos Zweihander to every starting class imo
Then watch every newb quit the game 5 minutes in because of the I-don't-have-stats animations

Also why am I typing Zweihander when I have an "ä" button

I've let my people down
What's with this backlash against the DS1 Remaster? Is it just people who expected a remake from something called remaster? I've seen it way too much and I'm not even looking for it