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Opium: 2017-09-02 08:07:01 am
I killed Patches a long time ago and got his loot, but for some reason I went up to his location today and his loot was on the ground again.
I'm dying a lot more in NG than I did the first playthrough despite the fact that I'm more powerful than my enemies this time.  It's almost like I totally forgot how to play :(
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Quote from Serris:
Not that I know of. Also pretty sure if you kill Horace and tell Anri about Horace she becomes a hostile hollow in the same place where hostile Horace was

I've never had that happen. But I don't talk to Anri again until Irithyll after Horace is dead so maybe it doesn't matter once you get there? Far as I know Anri should only go hostile if they encounter Hollow Horace or you kill the assassin and complete Anri's questline.

Quote from Opium:
The ones I'm reading tell you that you have to do things before this boss, or after that boss, etc. 

I think you have to Draw Out True Strength enough to get Yuria to show up before killing Abyss Watchers, ohterwise they guy will just die and Yuria won't appear. Otherwise Quests aren't too dependent on specific bosses. Orbeck needs to be given a scroll before you kill three bosses but that could be any three bosses after you recruit him, and there are two scrolls in Farron Keep. So to be safe just head down there before going to the Catherdral and grab those if nothing else.

The other tricky one is the Greirat-Seigward interaction. You have to make sure you've rescued Siggy from the well outside the Cathedral and that event only triggers once you've opened the main door to the graveyard, then you have to make sure not to go to Irithyll Dungeon until you've sent Greirat to pillage and killed a boss to bring him back.

But you can also avoid some of that by saving the Demon King boss until after you poke your head into Irithyll to get Greirat to ask to go raid the place, send him off, Kill the Demon king and Greirat will pop back in Firelink having been saved by Siggy and you'll have never reached the point where there's a risk of screwing up that quest aside from forgetting to give Siggy his armor back.

Also just make sure to not offer anything to Rosaria until you've finished Sirris's quest, you can safely join the covenant, but don't do anything else, that one's a little restrictive and easy to fuck up as a result.
Thanks.  I got my 5 dark sigils, then spoke with Yuria.  Next I just have to talk to Anri when I get to the gate to Farron. 

I also found the Mound Maker covenant for the first time.  I messed that up on previous playthroughs.  I'm going to end up having to farm vertebrae shackles at some point.  Ugh.  I farmed them a little previously and I it took me an hour to get TWO of them. 
If I had to choose between making a new gaming friend and gifting them a PS4 and DS3 so I can farm Shackles with them, and farming Shackles off Skeletons again ... I'd have to think about it for a moment
Maybe one of you guys can do the farming trick with me
I gave Midir another couple of shots yesterday. Second try I had him at roughly 60%.

The problem for me seems to be that the fight doesn't excite me. When I hit him I feel nothing. When I dodge his atatcks I feel nothing. When he hits me I feel slightly annoyed. Fighting him is constant bore.

Way to lock me out of content From...
The ultimate Souls challenge is getting past a boss you don't care about fighting. Miyazaki is a genius.
That's a great way to put it
I noticed that with the latest DS3 patch they changed the name of Pestilent Mercury to Pestilent Mist.  No change to the spell, just the name.  Anyone know the story behind the reason?
Nope, but let us know if you find out
Someone finally found a way to have fun with Midir!

One shall stand, one shall ball.
They traded laser shots, fight delivers.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Also Midir looks pretty cool when the camera is zoomed out enough to let you actually see the son of a bitch.
Dood Trigger™
Bloodborne NG+ progress:

I'm pacing myself and trying to get accustomed to the level design, which IMO is still kinda confusing. Would be nice if parts of the old timey streets had something standing out visually, because they often look the same. Right now I'm in the forest, and to be fair it didn't take long to get there, but it's hard to tell when gates open and specific paths to take and stuff. That's the weirdest thing about Bloodborne for me, that the way forward is linear but at the same time the level design is super mazey.

But the game is incredible, holy moly. The gameplay is truly the most fluid and polished Souls has ever been (haven't played DS3, though). Visceral Attacks are the coolest. I'm not very good at them yet but I look forward to learning as many counters as I can.

I also like how early you can access the DLC. Even in a fresh file there's gotta be some useful stuff there to incorporate into the route. In DS2 you can access the Sunken City 15 minutes into the game and get Flynn's Ring plus a bunch of other goodies.

I wasn't expecting NG+ to be a huge difficulty spike because I've done all the Chalice Dungeons on my first playthrough, but I didn't think I'd be sailing through the game with this little trouble. Not complaining though, this is way nicer than DS2 where the first few cycles are tweaked just enough to be an obstacle again. I'm going fast enough, so maybe I'll do all bosses.

By the way, two playthroughs in and countless speedruns watched, I still don't understand how you get the password for the forest area. This time I just went there and they opened the door. What was the requirement?
You watch the skull cutscene in Amelia's room
Dood Trigger™
Haven't had a ton of time to play, but I did a little Bloodborne NG+ yesterday:

First time I ever entered the Anor Londo'd Unseen Village via Snatcher death. Pretty cool. I wish there was more to do there, but it's a nice little teaser. I killed Darkbeast Paarl and uh, Pinwheela or whatever the cloning witch is called.

Thanks for the info, Serris. That's pretty straight forward.
I wasn't expecting NG+ to be a huge difficulty spike because I've done all the Chalice Dungeons on my first playthrough, but I didn't think I'd be sailing through the game with this little trouble.

When you're doing the chalice dungeons you're pretty much getting ready for NG+7 or so. The gems from deep down make a huge difference.
Dood Trigger™
Yeah, and I read somewhere that the deeper Chalices have NG+X values, right?
That's probably true. At least the chalices don't scale with Ng+
Dood Trigger™
Just defeated Rom.

Still haven't died to a boss, but that doesn't mean I never got close... Shadows of Yharnam are tricky. I thought I had an idea of when to finish each guy (got them all around 35% health), but they still transformed and used the scary snakes. Maybe I did something wrong or maybe they're programmed to always do that.

I read later that you can make them attack each other with the Shaman Bone Blade. Gotta try it next time. At least they didn't kill me, because I did that whole forest in one trip and I still don't remember how to backtrack to the boss.

Having a blast. I left the clinic and the snowy area untouched on purpose so I can do them later tonight. Won't be able to play much this weekend, so I'll probably do Unseen + Nightmare + DLC next week.
Dood Trigger™
Bloodborne NG+ first boss death: Martyr Logarius. :\

Cool fight, though. I'm not very confident about parrying bosses yet, but Loga swings his weapon so slowly, it's not that hard to stun him. I also used the Loch Shield (!) to block his magic. I died because I panicked when he got too close. In these moments the lock-on sticks like freaking gum on your shoe. I couldn't hit R3 fast enough to get out of the way. Oh well, he's done!

Next week:
- Unseen tombstone
- Nightmare tombstone
- Remaining optional areas (Upper Cathedral, Nightmare Frontier)

Still a lot of stuff to do.
Dood Trigger™
Bloodborne NG+ progress:

I went online and got some rare gems for my weapons. Now I have a bunch of 27.2% gems and a Heavy Abyssal. Feeling pretty OP right now. The Chalice Dungeon I was using to farm the Abyssal was sooo fun... the lever was always close, the loot was great, enemy placement wasn't ridiculous despite being a Cursed Depth 5 dungeon, and I always walked out of there with like 1 million echoes. Definitely keeping this tombstone active in case I need cash.

Unseen Village Whose Name I Never Recall is done. This area is smaller than I remembered. Really cool place, though. All those frozen people blending with the walls and buildings. I noticed the Snatcher dead bodies for the first time... cool detail.

- Tonight: Lecture Building and Nightmare of Mensis
- Wednesday hates me, no time to play
- Thursday: remaining optional areas (Upper Cathedral, Nightmare Frontier)
- Friday: DLC

Killer 7 is kind of creepy and I wanna play the GC version I got recently, so I may do it after Bloodborne. \o/ Shouldn't take more than a week to beat K7 again, right? Then at least a fun run of RE7 'cause I haven't tried any unlockables.
Dood Trigger™
Nightmare of Mensis done!

Lecture Building is so nice and cozy, too bad it lasts like 30 seconds. I would've loved this as a bigger area.

I was better prepared for Mensis this time. Equipped all my Frenzy resists, killed the Brain (most goddamn gross thing ever) and got the final Moon rune. Didn't forget the Blood Rock either! Got 6 of those now. No idea what to upgrade, but at least I have the stones.

Micolash is so boring. Why would they think a boss constantly running from you in a maze is fun. Bleh. At least he's easy. Wet Nurse was a piece of cake too, she didn't even clone herself.

I thought I'd have a harder time with those bosses, finished tonight's session really soon. I wasn't feeling like starting a new area, though (plus not a big fan of Nightmare Frontier...), so I'll continue next time.
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ryu: 2017-10-19 03:27:45 am
The last Dark Souls III DLC is a real pain shieldless. I ended up just running past everything.

At least it doesn't make a difference against Midir lol