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I don't understand Retro/Nintendo removing Sequence Breaking from later versions of Metroid Games. I can understand if it's a major game-breaking (and possibly destructive to the cartridge (I'm looking at you, Space/Time Beam)), but... I don't understand why they remove most SBs.

It's like they don't know that Sequence breaking is a Metroid tradition; except we know that Nintendo knows because of the built-in sequence breaking in MZM (which I really like).

If fans really like SBing, why not keep it in later versions of the games?
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we're unlikely to receive an official answer from retro or nintendo. anything else is pure speculation.
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It's likely because those that are into speedrunning or sequence breaking their games are a tiny minority, and they would rather have the rest of the players not run into bugs that may see players end up outside a room, and would have them experience what they intended.
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Making broken games doesn't sound like a tradition worth celebrating or preserving.
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glitches are bad. they must be fixed.

that's my theory anyway
While it's annoying to us speedrunners that they fix glitches...

If you programmed a game, and you found out there were bugs and glitches, wouldn't you want to fix them? As an experienced programmer, I'd want to fix every unintended thing in the game, whether it enhances speedrunning or not. So from that point of view, it's completely understandable.

Now, what I DONT understand is why they left BSJs in mp1 trilogy when it's literally exactly the same code and glitch in the other two games... <_<
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fixing it would probably take too much effort or break something else.

that's my theory anyway
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Opium: 2013-01-18 09:20:35 pm
I think the designers see the breaks in the prime games as mistakes or oversights, which they kinda are. 
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it's interesting though that at least some of them were known by the devs before release (though obviously bugs, not intentional), and i believe even some of those weren't fixed until the pc version
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they're incompetent either way because they still failed to fix some dumb glitches.
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well like i've always said, retro has never been a very good developer
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I can understand fixing bugs and glitches, but given the series' history on focusing on exploration, then suddenly removing that aspect to merely tell a story...it gives me the impression that they're not really so much interested in making video games as they are interested in other forms of entertainment, and just using video games to convey it because that's their job.

Honestly, I think the Metroid team is really talented. Fusion is damn near airtight for reasons outside of plot devices, and traveling through the sectors in the end-game is as fluid as you can get. Zero Mission came along and preserved the layout of the original, and still managed to carve in that same fluidity. If Team Ninja taught them 3-D design on Other M, they could theoretically make a game as impressive as Super Metroid in a more modern format.

The problem is, the creator is likely gonna try to make it primarily a movie, and the oldschool "quit relying on verbal directions and explore for yourself" feel of games isn't coming back for a long time. Super has long since proven a game could be scripted and still be open-ended. Subtlety is beautiful. Zero Mission came close, but it had primarily been a retelling of the original, so it still felt limited to an extent.
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The problem is, the creator is likely gonna try to make it primarily a movie, and the oldschool "quit relying on verbal directions and explore for yourself" feel of games isn't coming back for a long time.
this feels like the reason why games these days are sucking
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nice 2.5 year bump. that's gotta be in the top 5.
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i mean, yeah