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One shall stand, one shall ball.
We all dead.
oh no it's tomatoghost
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Board's haunted.
I think I'm finally done.

Was discussing a few days ago with nate what to do with the forum from here. Not sure if anyone else has any thoughts.
metroid prime 4 will presumably happen sooner or later, and there won't be anyone here to deal with it as far as I can tell.
taiga is pretty nasty on mobile, even in the unlikely event that there was a sudden surge in interest.

I don't think there'd be anyone left to recruit new staff even if people started posting again.
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ryu: 2019-11-27 02:55:27 pm
ryu: 2019-11-27 02:55:12 pm
I didn't even know anyone was still in contact with nate.

been worrying over the fact that not even the old regulars are posting much these days so I didn't think much of what happens when mp4 comes out. although at this rate I doubt there will be much interest since all the speedrunners have their own communities elsewhere, and because people won't be eager to register for a forum where all the boards haven't seen activity in months or years
I check in with nate occasionally, although not very often these days. I find it harder and harder to sit in front of a computer typing messages to people.
not sure I understand you there. I seriously miss when I had someone to chat up at all times :/
btw how's nate doing and what did he say about the forum?
he's doing ok I think. busy in the real world. he's run a few companies doing various things. bought a house a few years ago.
not sure what he thinks about the forum.
so what did he say about what to do with it moderation wise?
or was your opinion from earlier your common consensus?
no, well he didn't really give an opinion, I just told him what I thought

now I'm asking what other people think
oh ok

yeah the site and forum would both need major overhauls. the speedrunning community left because of taiga's functionality and considering people use discord today (which should be even worse to archive ideas) there may be room for forum's still.

but it's a lot of unpaid work for something that may result in nothing /shrus
although even if taiga was mobile friendly I'm not sure mobile users are the audience for forums anyways
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Yeah, unfortunately it seems like m2k2 has run its course. The original use kinda moved elsewhere and those of us left have largely seemed to move on at this point. :/
I like turtles.
A Discord server is best for just chatting vs. a forum, while actual content you would want to archive could be maintained in a less discussion-oriented place, no?