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red chamber dream
yeah dude i'd love to go watch a game in la
red chamber dream
clippers have a legit shot this year and i'm not sure the lakers do
One shall stand, one shall ball.
The Lakers are in a weird spot. I don't know basketball well enough to be sure, but it seems like don't really have any depth so one injury and they're boned.

If nothing else all this has me feeling like I'll be watching more basketball this year. The Clippers being legit would be a fun novelty.
Greeting from Las Vegas.  This new house is fantastic.  Should have moved back here a long time ago.  Screw Colorado.
say hi to elvis
I will.  I saw him the other day in the produce section at Smith's on Tropicana Ave
I finally bought a whetstone and I'm sure it'll take a lot of practice to get the most out of it but goddamn it's nice having a sharp 7" knife again
rare gdq gem

think I'm a long time away from needing a whetstone. I hope
heh I just watched one level of that and it looks ridiculous
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ryu: 2019-07-23 08:28:32 am
dj have you ever looked at the memory usage of your game?

apparently my sdl2 test app is taking 900mb and I feel that just can't be right. wondering if my way of checking the memory consumption is wrong
I think mine uses about 512 MB, that's CPU RAM only, not talking about video RAM
Windows task manager says it uses 7.7MB. If you know how to look this up on Linux let me know because surely I'm doing something wrong with pmap (or the underlying api on linux sucks)
ok gnome system monitor says 15mb. guess pmap doesn't do what I thought it would
Dreamt that DJ said nate works for Nintendo Canada

the fuck was that
I wrote a program that runs on mega drive emulators!!! it doesn't do anything but it works!!
One shall stand, one shall ball.
thanks. not sure if this is gonna head anywhere though. will be a lot of work if I can figure it all out
red chamber dream
i miss watching anime

there's no way i can justify the time for it, but i'd love to spend 2 weeks doing nothing but
One shall stand, one shall ball.
That's good because anime is for jerks!
there were times I only watched like one episode per week. sometimes I think I should go back to that habit and spend my time elsewhere. but then it's language exposure I don't want to miss :/
looking for a book on C++ and amazon shows me

"Game programming using Qt5"

red chamber dream
so is brexit going to happen or what? i feel like we're way past the "zomg hard date" where it had to happen

politics are so weird
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I think the final hard date is at the end of October?