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Samus Lauren
Nah, not when MP4 right around the corner. The forum will live on, like a cockroach
red chamber dream
oh yeah i often forget this is allegedly a metroid forum

still haven't finished samus returns lol
you're not missing out
red chamber dream

i really liked what i played of it!
I like turtles.
I thought it was fine. Not mind-blowing but well above average.

If you quit somewhere in Area 3, it's worth persisting, because it picks up in a big way after that.
red chamber dream
i think i stopped somewhere in area 4 or 5. no particular reason, i was playing it while on vacation and never got back to it

actually if i recall, i last played it on the train ride to machu picchu. machu picchu is fucking epic 
Samus Lauren
samus returns is actually insanely great, who here is hating on that game? >:C
red chamber dream
i agree with you, dunno why it seemed to be negatively received by this community
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arkarian: 2019-05-28 02:49:08 pm
red chamber dream
my guess though is "it's not exactly what i expected and am used to from metroid"

that's always the reason, right? if people like super metroid so much, they can go play super metroid again
red chamber dream
i do think the art and music are super lazy though. it does feel like a "b tier" metroid game. just needed a bigger budget
red chamber dream
but hey, huge improvement over the original metroid ii
I like turtles.
I'd say the art also improves more with time. SR gave us the best Gravity Suit since Prime. Even the music isn't terrible but with so much lifted wholesale from Prime it's hard to give full marks.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Fuckin weird to look at Twitter and see the local mall trending. Of course it was because of an active shooter. Expalins all the sirens I head a bit ago.

Fucking sweet ass country to live in.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Apparently only one person was hit and they're expected to survive so that's good.

But, like, someone can still just walk into a very public place just a couple miles away from me with a rifle, blast a guy, and leave and the reaction wasn't "Oh, shit!" it was a sigh of continued disappointment in this dumb country full of dumb morons.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
If only there had been a Good Guy With A Gun there to psychically detect intent to kill and no scope headshot the shooter before he fired and stop the Bad Guy!

The only answer is to give out guns to everyone who enters the mall, just in case.
you just need paul blart
One shall stand, one shall ball.
We keep issuing segways to our mall cops in hopes of luring him but, alas, no luck.

I feel like people should do this for twitter arguments and then people might start to realise how ridiculous they have become
twitter isn't even suited for direct back and forth communication
the only thing twitter is suited for is ending civilisation as we know it
Moving sucks, but the ridiculous cost of housing in Colorado sucks even more.

We're headed for Sin City - Las Vegas NV. 

Total cost of move is over $6000, but we'll save twice that much in rent in a year.  And the houses are lower enough in price that we can buy one in the springtime and finally stop throwing our money away to landlords.  I really screwed up by not buying a house in CO a long time ago.
best of luck with it