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One shall stand, one shall ball.
Less dangerous than opiates and we hand those out like candy, lol.

If nothing else, decriminalizing shrooms makes it that much harder for cops to bullshit their way into an arrest. Hopefully more places will follow suit.
probably fair
I'm all for decrim on the shrooms. They really help some people, and there's really no point in arresting people who do shrooms.

I just worry that some people are wanting this to be a stepping stone towards making shrooms legal like weed.  That wouldn't be good.

what's the difference between legalization and decriminalization? you just have to pay a fine if you get caught?
I think it just means that the police don't bother to waste time and money investigating it any more?
red chamber dream
yes to both
red chamber dream
effectively it means it's legal to possess and use, since cops wouldn't bother investigating to the point where they could fine you. but i think it's still possible to be fined, like if you walk up to a cop and start eating shrooms lol
Quote from ryu:
what's the difference between legalization and decriminalization? you just have to pay a fine if you get caught?

When I was in Amsterdam, they had shrooms in the stores for sale.  They were packaged like the normal mushrooms you buy in the produce section.  Every block in the party district had at least one person who took a whole bunch of shrooms and was having a psychotic episode. I saw a guy laying in an alley with his pants down rolling back and forth.  I saw some dude speaking in tongues who had pissed himself.  I don't want that happening here.  I think Amsterdam has since changed the law so you can't buy them like that any more.
to be fair, most of those people were probably tourists who didn't know what they were dealing with

it only takes one experience like that for you to realise you have to be careful
I agree, and if shrooms suddenly show up on shelves here, we're going to get a lot of curious people who have never done them before going into the shops and buying them.  We're going to have people driving here from WY, NM, AZ, KS, and NE to have a weekend of tripping in denver.  They already do that with weed.
yeah I suppose if it's only one state then you might get that problem
red chamber dream
i guess i don't see the problem. they're not bothering me, so it's none of my business
Samus Lauren
Hello all I'm making my semi-annual appearance here to check and make sure you're all behaving yourselves.

Also I just turned 30. I was 13 when i first landed here. 2003 was a wild time.
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Welcome to the old club!
red chamber dream
hey bags! what's new with you?
Samus Lauren
ayyeee not much, the usual, i was thinking of yall because i found that old ass birthday comic from who knows when, 2004 probably. good times! Mostly I'm busy with art things and freelancing full time, and my ceiling collapsed in february and flooded my apt so i had to move, that was fun.

red chamber dream
yikes well i hope your thirties don't contain any falling ceilings
Samus Lauren
Only in my dreams. C:

And the important thing is the dogs are okay. I was home when it happened so aside from my lingering panic dealing with ceilings everyone is just fine! Plus insurance was great which means we just might get a house out of all this tragedy. :finger guns:
I just want to say that rolling the beehive up the hill in Okami is the most frustrating thing in the history of video games
hi cbags

glad you're a bit older and wiser now, I used to worry a little bit about you hanging round this den of iniquity
also very cool that you're still doing art
I have also had to deal with one partial ceiling cave-in in my lifetime
Samus Lauren
Yeah, i wish it was partial. The flooding part was the worst. also, insulation everywhere.

And for a wee teen who hung around this forum, this place was probably the LEAST of my worrying influences growing up. Perhaps thats why I feel the pull to come back and visit every now and then.
not sure if that's good or bad :p
red chamber dream
yeah probably a good idea not to revisit. tdk finally kicked the habit, i should really be next