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red chamber dream
in fact, everyone please keep moving here
where is my fuckin' guitar, eastwood

they didn't have the colour I wanted in stock so I've had to wait two weeks so far for them to ship one from the US
it is kind of cool having it to look forward to at least
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DJGrenola: 2019-04-30 12:17:28 pm
in other news I put the first coat of lacquer on the guitar I'm refinishing today

I'm not 100% happy with the stain but I've already stripped and re-applied it twice and I'll never finish the damn thing if I carry on like that
I might re-finish my bass if this is a success because that thing has had a faulty finish since I bought it, it's coming off all over the place
that sounds awful wtf
yeah a few people online have reported the same thing with the same model, I'm not sure why it happens

I assumed it was just a bad batch from the factory or something
I mean it doesn't matter all that much, it's still playable, but a bit disappointing
maybe it doesn't look as bad as I'm imagining but I'm not sure I'd enjoy playing on that.

took me a while but I managed to implement mruby for scripting into my engine and make the damn thing run on windows too. I also have a presentable makefile now lol
nice, gj
fuck this

everything is terrible so I'm going to sit here and get drunk
red chamber dream
drink one (or five) for me, i miss alcohol so much

it's like losing a friend :(
I have the same relationship with my former preferred destructive activities

which is probably a significant part of why I'm getting drunk
red chamber dream
hey as long as you don't stop smoking weed

unless that's one of said activities
red chamber dream
hmm i gotta get grenola's nearest neighbor's number so we can check on him
I tried to get drunk yesterday but my coconut liquer was a) almost empty and b) didn't taste right so I sent it down the drain ;(
Quote from arkarian:
hmm i gotta get grenola's nearest neighbor's number so we can check on him

should we be worried because he had a bad day?
red chamber dream
i dunno, i'm always worried about grenola in general

i'd bet he's fine though

still functional yes
glad to hear
red chamber dream
o hell yeah, denver decriminalized shrooms

still never tried them, but that's pretty cool. first city in the us to do it!
what damage could they probably do compare to guns and junk food lol
well as bill hicks pointed out, the notion of making illegal things that grow naturally in the ground is a little bit weird

at the same time, shrooms probably are quite a bit more dangerous than some other things, I mean they're actually poisonous for a start