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red chamber dream
lol yeah i guess for me it was trump

i literally know nothing about his presidency except that it hasn't changed anything in my life, it never will, and it'll be a minor blip on the radar
red chamber dream
i can understand where you're coming from heh, it's like how i paid very much attention to the news during our election
yeah I dunno about trump really, I've not followed him closely at all because I've had to prioritise the shitshow taking place in europe but I can't think of anything he's actually done either

he a) wants to build a big wall b) is a massive troll c) was cleared of collusion with russia

that's about all I know
hey he hasn't started any wars so there's that at least

unlike a democrat or two I could mention >_>
iraq was bush wasn't it ... meh fuck it I'll stop lol
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tomatobob: 2019-04-15 09:18:51 pm
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Like, Trump's overseen a few crimes against humanity but, I mean, name a US President that hasn't, really.

They all just varying degrees of trash.
red chamber dream
i just think no one takes him seriously, and that's the reasonable thing to do, so it's fine
One shall stand, one shall ball.
I dunno, I have family that hang on his every fucking word, lol.
wtf there's a series called Pokemon XY&Z. Guess they had at least plans for that game
red chamber dream
bruh they're way past xy&z now
red chamber dream
Quote from tomatobob:
I dunno, I have family that hang on his every fucking word, lol.

i mean people who actually matter in this context, like foreign politicians
I know. Just went through the list because I was curious what they named all the parts. That one stood out because Pokemon Z never existed as a game
red chamber dream
ah yeah it was strongly hinted at in xy though, i think they originally planned on z but then scrapped it
I like turtles.
I remember thinking I was gonna be savvy with Gen 5, and wait for the "third" version to come out, because of how much better I liked Emerald and Platinum. I kind of wish they hadn't abandoned the concept.

But then I also stopped liking Pokemon around the same time anyway.
red chamber dream
you missed the best gen ;(
Aren't B&W2 kinda the third game?
I mean the "story" is a continuation but who cares about that
I like turtles.
But you still have to choose between two versions. I had formerly enjoyed the fact that there was just one title that combined most aspects of both of the others, and tightened up the mechanics somewhat.
red chamber dream

fascinating read

so glad i completely cut all use of facebook nearly a decade ago ... FUCK THAT SHIT lol
red chamber dream
like, is it the worst company that has ever existed? i don't think it would be an exaggeration to say so
red chamber dream
at least oil companies make us go fast
red chamber dream
facebook is just SHIT
the thing about them asking for people's email account passwords was gobsmacking
inb4 they ask for your national insurance details and birth certificate so they can just impersonate you routinely to "make your life easier"
I get a kick out of the idea that people probably try to find me on the internet from time to time and just come up totally blank