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yeah doing fine. doc said nothing to worry about

sorry if I made anyone worry by not posting
nah, I assumed you were ok but thought maybe I'd ask

I wouldn't hold it against anyone for not wanting to post in this shithole
red chamber dream
ooh bad luck climate change hippies blocking traffic in london

you picked the same day that notre dame burned down

no column inches for you
it's pretty stupid if you ask me

britain's contribution to the problem has to be fairly minimal

what are we now, about 67m people? india has like 1.3bn or something
go to china and protest there, hippies

good luck with that
red chamber dream

that notre dame fire though, damn
red chamber dream
wonder what started it
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DJGrenola: 2019-04-15 08:11:55 pm
yeah I think reports said it was something construction related, but paris hasn't been famous for its political stability these last few months heh, so who knows
macron was being a dick about brexit a few weeks ago and I'm sitting there thinking yeah you're only saying that because your own country is utterly fucked and you want to shit on someone else
I mean maybe we deserve it but that's not the point, it was an attempt at populism that wasn't even popular with anyone
you'd hope rioters would have the sense not to torch their own fucking cathedral though
red chamber dream
i was thinking, seems weird that it's construction related, but i don't know anything about french politics lol
no, I still don't actually know what the gilets jaunes want
red chamber dream
i don't even know what that is
oh, the yellow jacket rioters in paris that were smashing the place up for months on end (not sure if they're still smashing it up)
red chamber dream
ahh ok i've heard of them at least, didn't know the name
I guess some of them hate macron, maybe 1/3 of the country wanted marine le pen instead, apparently there was something to do with increased tax on fuel as well iirc?
red chamber dream
i'm like 1000% happier now that i read very little news in general

there's no good reason to do it
I know what you mean
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arkarian: 2019-04-15 08:21:28 pm
red chamber dream
like if it's really something that impacts me, people would talk about it at work
hah I remember poision saying the same thing and you chewed him out for it
red chamber dream
ah well now i get it
but yeah I've gone through periods of ignoring the news

in the 00s when the media were trying to convince the public that death from terrorism was almost an inevitability I had to tune out
it's kind of hard to ignore it right now though with all this brexit nonsense going on because it might be necessary to make snap purchasing decisions and that kind of thing so yeah