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all the things I listed are intransitive
red chamber dream
you can spin me right round

like a record baby
red chamber dream
yeah i can't think of any other intransitive ones
red chamber dream
i spin-dry my laundry, lol
red chamber dream
anyway, time to head back to the gym for spinning round 2 today
a "spinner" in German is of course a spider
spin well
I think one who spins fleece is a Spinnerin? so you don't get to call seamstresses spiders unfortunately
you make my head spin
lol I cycled home drunk
red chamber dream
go drunk spinning!!!
spring cleaning, day 2: bathroom
fuck bathroom cleaning. always kills my back and nothings gets properly clean. the water here is way too hard
yeah the water is really hard here, too
I haven't cleaned my windows once since I moved in here lol. should do that already...
So I went into the bathroom last night because my eye was itchy, washed it out as best as I could and then woke up in the bathtub with my legs hanging over the tub wall. I don't remember getting in the tub. Remind mind to take early signs of sickness seriously next time. Thought I was dying
hope my breakfast stays in
my back is all bruised up so yeah I fell into the tub. head seems to be ok though
now back to bed
just losing consciousness like that isn't good
One shall stand, one shall ball.
Yeah, uh, do go see a doctor about that.
gonna do that after diner. didn't feel well enough to leave my house this morning. it's at least better now though, breakfast didn't come back out although I felt super sick at night
Hey Ryu, are you still alive?